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Hisa Matsuko

Name Hisa Ryo Matsuko

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Basic Information

Date of Birth 2361
Age 28
Place of Birth New Tokyo
Gender Female
Species Human, Japanese descent

Physical Appearance

Height 5'2
Weight 120 lbs
Hair Color black
Eye Color black
Physical Description Japanese, long black hair, black eyes, ivory skin. Petite, almond shaped eyes
Distinguishing Characteristics none

Personality & Traits

General Overview While she used to be easy to get along with, has become quiet, withdrawn. Generally prefers to keep to herself, especially after resigning her commission in Starfleet.
Strengths & Weaknesses Quiet, shy, but has a temper when it gets the best of her. Keeps to herself, makes few friends and prefers to keep it that way


Romantic Relationships (AT)Alex Brash, T'Ella and Nathanial Maverick (RT-Alex Brash (MIA))
Children Alex Hachi Matsuko-Brash (daughter, 4, born 2385, RT)
Father Kaori Matsuko-age 54
Mother Hachi Matsuko-age 53
Brother(s) Kaemon-age 28(twin brother-) Security/Tactical DS9, Kazuo-age 23, Kiyoshi-age 17, Makoto-age 15
Sister(s) none
Family Details Ami Chikara-Matsuko[age 24]sister-in-law

Personal History

Personal History The story starts with Kaori and Hachi Matsuko. Kaori left Japan for San Francisco at the age of 17. His goal was to enter Starfleet. He enrolled at the Academy, specializing in Medical and Counseling. However, during his fourth year, a scandal at the Academy involving theft of holographic emitters surfaced. Kaori was blamed as the scapegoat, leaving a bad impression of the Fleet in general. In that same year, Kaori's father passed away of a lingering illness. Being the only child he returned home to Tokyo to take over the family business. Hachi was a trained opera singer, travelling all over the Alpha and Beta quadrants. On a stint at the Tokyo Opera House, Hachi met Kaori. They soon fell in love, but the opera career made it hard. Once they were married, Hachi quit opera, intending on giving her first-born daughter training.

Kaemon and Hisa were born in 2361. Hisa was the second born twin by twelve minutes. Almost as soon as she could talk, Hisa was trained by only the best singers. Although Kaemon and Hisa were as different as apples and oranges, they were never seen apart all throughout thier childhood. By the age of twelve, Hisa was already performing all over Earth. However, on a school trip to Starfleet HQ, Hisa began dreaming of the life she could serving aboard a starship. She made her decision known to her parents, who were outright furious. At first, she continued her opera training, but everything she took in middle school and highschool would take her to Starfleet. She enrolled when she was 17, completely dropped her opera and Kaemon followed suit. She took classes in Warp Core Schematics and Maintenance, Propulsion and Matter/Energy Systems. Kaemon took classes in Security/Tactical, and Operations. They both graduated in 2382. Kaemon was immediatly posted to DS9 as Security Officer. Hisa returned home to Tokyo for several weeks, before being assigned to a vessel heading to the Beta Quadrant. She served for 2 1/2 years as part of a special project team before being assigned as part of an Embassy operation. Was reassigned to USS Relentless under Commander Alexander Brash after recovery mission.

A romantic relationship was begun with Alexander shortly after she was assigned to the Relentless.

[The following is classified under the Temporal Directive, Closed File #TL-9184:

Alternate Timeline, post-Great Swarm Attack

Decorated at the Great Swarm Attack where the Relentless was destroyed just a few months later. (2385)

Returned home to Tokyo to recover from a near fatal wound to her abdomen. During the week after the surgery, found out both parents were killed while en route from Risa. During the same week, found out that Kaemon was also killed. Became the legal guardian for her two youngest brothers. Very nearly resigned her commission in Starfleet before being assigned to the USS Able Danger as Ops Chief.

Hisa served on the Able Danger for only a matter of months under the command of Commander Alexander Brash. Hisa and Alex were married in this timeline along with two others in a strange Andorian ceremony prior to an Andorian battle-to-the-death. This was to ensure that the battle could end in a draw, saving the life of Alex. After spending months rebuilding the Federation, the crew of the Able Danger discovered an Iconian Gateway, within a temple. Realizing that the last few months could be altered, they drew power from several ships in the area in order to open it. It was Hisa that stepped inside, as they saw it as a way to keep both her and the baby she carried alive. With the power of the Gateway, was teleported back months to the bridge of the Relentless, the original timeline restored. These are recorded from the ship files downloaded from the computer of the Able Danger and brought back to the original timeline by Hisa, as a memory of what occurred, or could have happened.

Restored Timeline, circa 2385

Hisa is back on the Relentless, resumes her relationship with Alexander Brash, marries in secret. She delivers the files to the Department of Temporal Investigations. Hisa is debriefed and placed on leave of absence pending an investigation. She returns home to Tokyo and her family in the meantime, the timeline having been corrected. While she is on leave, Commander Brash is sent on a deep-space mission. His shuttlecraft disappears and he is declared MIA. She gives birth to a daughter, named Alex; conceived in the future but born in the past. Hisa is informed, but refuses to believe he is gone.

A year goes by, and Hisa returned to active duty, leaving Alex in the care of her grandparents. She was posted to the USS Einstein as Chief Engineering Officer and granted the rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Einstein was a deep-space science vessel that was conducting scans of anomalies near the sector of the last known location of the missing shuttlecraft. She used the opportunity to search for the whereabouts of her missing husband. Hisa found what she hoped to be the trail after a couple of months but when the Einstein was assigned back to the Sol sector pending a retrofit, she disobeyed the orders of her commanding officer and stole one of the ship's shuttles. After a game of cat-and-mouse, she took the shuttle through an ion storm. After the shuttle is very nearly destroyed, she manages to crash land on a planet. Hisa was apprehended and brought back to the Einstein, secured in the brig where she remained for the rest of the journey back to Earth.

Back at Starfleet HQ, Hisa Matsuko was court-martialed over the course of a few weeks and discharged from Starfleet after a psychological evaluation determined that at the time she was mentally unfit. She returned home once again to Tokyo, subject to psychological evaluations for the foreseeable future.

After three years on Earth, Hisa's last psych evaluation by the counselor working her case proved that her state of mental well-being had improved. The counselor, working out of Starfleet Medical, suggested that a new life elsewhere in the galaxy would be beneficial and suggested that the Rimward Iniatitive would be a good place to start. After getting approval from Starfleet Medical, Hisa packed up her daughter and took a passenger ship to Golovin.

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Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Education and Training 2378-2382: Starfleet Academy. Classes include, Warp Core Schematics and Maintenance, Propulsion, Matter/Energy Systems, Bridge Training and Operations, Ship Operations.
Language Proficiency Federation standard, Japanese
Reprimands 2386: Court-martialed and dismissed from Starfleet, mentally and emotionally unstable.