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Lieutenant Magnus Arynson

Name Magnus Aristotle Arynson Jr

Position Chief Security Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Nickname MJ
Date of Birth 7/14/2359
Age 29
Place of Birth Betazed
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'3"
Weight 265 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description MJ is a physically imposing man with raven black hair, brown eyes, and a solid build from many hours of working out, training, and pushing his limits. He has a full sleeve Samoan tattoo on his right arm that extends from his right pectoral muscle down to his right wrist. He had a mustache and goatee that he keeps trimmed and he is often seen wearing BDU's and a black muscle t-shirt when he is not on duty.

Distinguishing Characteristics Samoan sleeve tattoo on right arm/chest

Personality & Traits

General Overview MJ is a hard-nose, no-nonsense man who kicks ass and takes names. He is willing to wade into any situation if it means saving the lives of people. He ignores danger because he knows that he can only live once, but he does not go blindly into a situation.

Strengths & Weaknesses + Dedicated
+ Loyal
+ Incorruptible
+ Iron Will

- Quick Temper
- Takes Risks
- Challenges Authority when they haven't got a clue
Ambitions To wipe out the forces that oppose the Federation

Hobbies & Interests Ancient, Modern and Alien Firearms
Ancient, Modern and Alien Bladed Weapons
Working Out
Holographic Tactical and Strategic Operations programs
Electric Guitar


Romantic Relationships Kendra Kyle
Children N/A
Father Magnus Arynson Sr
Mother Landon Arynson
Brother(s) Shaitan, Sebastian, Lucas, and Jagger

Sister(s) Aristella, Anastasia, Morgan, Harlow, Harley, Jade, and Jayce

Other Family A ton of cousins, nieces and nephews, and in-laws

Personal History

Personal History MJ was raised in a family that believed firmly in training for dangerous situations. From the time he was eight, he was trained in martial arts, firearms, blades, escape and evasion, and more as he got older. When he was eighteen, he entered Starfleet and Chose Security and Tactical as his major.

Medical History MJ has a medical file full of weapons-related injuries, broken bones, major surgeries, and poisoning.

Personnel Data

Service Number SF-714-417-DTF
Duty Shift Alpha

Starfleet Records

Education and Training SAR Training

Search and Rescue Preparatory Course (2 weeks) – Located in San Antonio, Texas on the former site of Lackland Air Force Base, this course provides physical training under the oversight of sports physiologists and swimming trainers to familiarize and teach the trainees the required skills to succeed in the Indoctrination Course.

SAR Indoctrination Course or ‘Indoc’ (10 weeks) – Also located in San Antonio. At this school, participants undergo extensive physical conditioning with swimming, running, weight training and calisthenics. This course helps prepare students for the rigors of training and the demands of Search and Rescue. Other training includes physiological, obstacle courses, rucksack marches, diving physics, dive tables, metric manipulations, medical terminology, dive terminology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, weapons qualifications, history of Search and Rescue, and the leadership reaction course. Graduation of this course is the “ticket to ride the pipeline” and begin learning the special skills that make Search and Rescue Operatives very highly regarded.

Combat Water Survival Course (six weeks) – Located in Key West, Florida. The course is divided into four blocks of instruction: (1) Diving Theory, (2) Infiltration/Exfiltration Methods, (3) Open Circuit Diving Operations, and (4) Closed Circuit Diving Operations. The primary focus of CWSC is to develop total comfort in aquatic environments. Primarily it is to prepare candidates for zero-gravity training for the aerospace operations phases of training. A typical day at this school would start with a morning run at 0530 and swimming three to eight thousand meters, followed by what can be described as near drowning experiences. Buddy breathing with a snorkel under constant harassment by instructors(called ‘Sharking’) and the ‘Object Retrievals’ (retrieving items such as phaser rifles, equipment canisters, weights, etc) follows shortly thereafter. The object is to create calm where terror of drowning once existed. This phase is responsible for almost half the attrition of a class, although the Indoctrination course is responsible for the majority of drops.

Aerospace Insertion Training (three weeks) – Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida. Students learn every method of inserting onto the surface of a planet ranging from shuttlecraft landings to orbital skydiving.

Zero Gravity and Spaceborne Operations (five weeks) – Located at Earth Spacedock, this course teaches basic operations in Zero G and starship environments.

Starfleet Basic Survival School (two and a half weeks) – Located in various locations throughout Earth, ranging from the Brecon Beacons of the British Isles to the wilderness of Alaska on the North American continent. This course teaches basic survival techniques for remote areas using minimal equipment. This includes instruction of principles, procedures, equipment and techniques that help individuals to survive, regardless of climatic conditions or unfriendly environments, and return home.

Search and Rescue EMT Training (twenty two weeks) – Located in Bindoon, Australia. This course teaches how to manage trauma patients prior to evacuation and provide emergency medical treatment. Phase I is five weeks of emergency medical technician basic (EMT-B) training. Phase II lasts 17 weeks and provides instruction in minor field surgery, pharmacology, combat trauma management, advanced airway management and military evacuation procedures. Field Exercises are typically executed on the terrain of the Australian Outback. Graduates of this course are awarded their Level II Emergency Medical Certifications.

Search and Rescue Specialist Course (twenty four weeks) – Also located in Bindoon, with training exercises taking place on other locations on Earth to simulate various terrains for Class M planets, this course qualifies Starfleet personnel of all ranks as SAR Operatives for assignment to any SAR unit in Federation space. Training includes field medical care and tactics, mountaineering, combat tactics, transporter operations, and starship operations. It is here that candidates are assigned their respective squadrons and learn which flight they are to be assigned.
Service Record 2376 2380 Cadet Freshman Grade Security Cadet Starfleet Academy
2381 2385 Ensign Security Officer USS Daedalus

MJ cut his teeth on the Daedalus when the ship was sent to patrol The Borderlands. With the Nausicaans close by and the Klingons even closer, it was a constant state of red alert.
During his second year, he quickly learned the strengths and weaknesses of a number of enemy ships and became an expert at one-shot-one-kill when it came to disabling enemy ships.
His third year on the ship, MJ had to take command of the entire Tactical department when the Chief was killed, but he was never officially promoted to the position of Chief of Security/Tactical.

2386 2388 Lieutenant Junior Grade Assistant Chief of Security Starbase 198

Even though he only served a year on the remote starbase, MJ saw more action there than most people saw in a lifetime. The bad had came under attack by a rogue scientist and killed many people there with a deadly disease. During the chaos, MJ organized Security to handle both the starbase personnel, other Federation personnel that had came in to help, and coordinated with Captains of multiple vessels.

2389 Lieutenant Chief of Security USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency English, Spanish, German, Russian, Federation Standard, Klingon, Romulan, Cardassian, and Bajoran