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Lieutenant Commander Wale Scholl

Name Wale Scholl Ph.D.

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Basic Information

Date of Birth 2362
Age 38
Place of Birth Nautolan IV
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 1.75 m
Weight 80 kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Of average height, very lean, with a swimmer’s build. He is not shy about his body. He keeps his blonde hair short, according to Starfleet regulations, and maintains a short stubble, within regulation.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Easy and outgoing, he loves being among friends, and is a very social person. He has very hedonistic traits. Not at all shy, and very upfront with everyone. Very tactile, he never pulls away from physical contact. Pansexual and polyamorous, and sexually very active. He is scientifically very curious and highly observant, and can spend days searching for an explanation to a trivial new phenomenon.

He has no concept of personal bashfulness, and prefers to swim naked, unless special equipment is required, or the water temperature carries risks of hypothermia.
Strengths & Weaknesses He has a keen scientific mind and is extremely curious, and interested in everything related to science, especially oceanography and marine biology. He believes that the wonders hidden in a world's oceans are just as mysterious and wonderful as those in space.

He is a very fast and apt swimmer, and can hold his breath under water for extensive periods of time.
Ambitions Uncovering the mysteries hidden in a world's oceans is very high on his list of priorities.
Hobbies & Interests Swimming, paddle boarding, snorkeling, jogging, reading, cooking. Anything related to the sea will interest him.


Romantic Relationships Jiang Ying Yue, deceased.
Children None
Father Connor Scholl, 72 years old; marine biologist, Nautolan IV
Mother Sophie Duchesne, deceased
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) 1 younger sister, deceased
Other Family None

Personal History

Personal History Born and raised on Nautolan IV, a human colony based on a water planet. He grew up in the capital city, where his father worked as a marine biologist for the local government. The family often spent time at sea, and Wale loves the water. He believes that as a child, he spent more time in the water, than out of it. As a result, he is an excellent swimmer, and has tremendous lung capacity, able to hold his breath for up to ten minutes. However an incident occurred when he was 10. His 7-year-old sister, Alicia, drowned during a family outing. The consequences of the accident led to the family spending far less time near the water, something that Wale resented. His mother went into a deep depression after her daughter’s death, and eventually committed suicide when Wale was 12 years old.

Wale’s love of the sea was too strong however, and he returned to open waters as soon as he could. He majored in biology, and earned a Ph.D. in marine biology at the Vulcan Science Academy, before entering Starfleet Academy to become an officer.

His career on the Shanghai was exemplary. The ship's attachment to Golovin allowed him the use of a beachfront cabin on Shune Bay, which overlooked the crash site of an Andorian cruiser, right in the middle of the Bay. His experience in oceanography allowed him to fully document the extent of the contamination to the Bay's marine ecosystems, and he developed a complete plan to remove the crashed cruiser, decontaminate the environment, and restore the Bay to its natural habitat.

He requested a one-year sabbatical from Starfleet to head the restoration project, backed by the Federation Science Council. Starfleet granted the request. Wale relocated from the Shanghai to Golovin, along with a small team of scientists and engineers from the ship, who supported him through various stages of the project, including Jiang Ying Yue, who was his lover at the time.

Halfway through the restoration, Starfleet abandoned the Golovin Sector, and the colony and all personnel still planetside were stranded there, with no means of support or communication with the Federation. With the Shune Bay restoration project complete, Wale was elected to the Colony leadership council.

In 2393, two years after Starfleet pulled out of the Raeyan sector, a plague of unknown origin swept through the colony, killing 1200 colonists, and leaving over 400 others with permanent disabilities. It was determined that if the colonists had had access to a moden medical facility, such as that of a Starship's Sickbay, over eighty percent of those cases would have been avoided.

Among the victims was Jiang, who was eight months pregnant with Wale's child.

Personnel Data

Duty Shift Alpha Shift

Starfleet Records

Education and Training 2382 – 2385 Vulcan Science Academy, Doctorate in Marine Biology, Junior Professor at Vulcan Science Academy
2379 – 2382 Vulcan Science Academy, Undergraduate in Biology, Concurrent with Starfleet Academy Training
2372 – Mother’s death
2371 – Sister’s death
2362 – Born on Nautolan IV
Service Record 2385 - 2387: USS Melbourne, Science Officer
2387 – 2388 USS Faragut, Science Officer
2388 - 2391: USS Shanghai, Chief Science Officer
2391 - 2392: Golovin Colony, Head of the Shune Bay Restoration Project
2392 - 2399: Leave of Absence
2399 - Present: USS Shanghai, Chief Science Officer, Second Officer.
Language Proficiency English, French, Vulcan, Romulan, basic Klingon