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Ensign Kendra Kyle

Name Kendra Olivia Kyle

Position Fighter Pilot

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Call Sign Rebel
Date of Birth June 1, 2366
Age 23
Place of Birth USS Osiris
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 155cm
Weight 49kg
Hair Color Dyes her hair, generally blonde or brown.
Eye Color Blue

Personality & Traits

General Overview Outgoing, Determined, Opinionated, and Rebellious are all traits that could be used to describe Kendra throughout her life. Always opinionated and rebellious as a child she detests sitting still and loves being in space. Kendra required the help of her mother and aunt to keep her out of trouble and giving her something to be determined about accomplishing. Determined to accomplish her dream of being a pilot in Starfleet she was able to set aside the life she was living and focus on nothing but becoming a Starfleet Academy graduate.


Romantic Relationships LT MJ Arnyson
Father Tara Kyle
Mother Jason Kyle

Personal History

Personal History Kendra Olivia Kyle was born aboard the USS Osiris both of her parents serving in Starfleet. She spent her childhood moving from assignment to assignment her parents managing to get cohabitating assignments. It wasn’t until her mother was assigned Commander of the USS Valhalla which was part of Starfleet Counter Intelligence Task Force in the Fourth Fleet that she returned to earth to live with her grandparent’s on her father’s side.

On Earth, she longed to get back into the stars and was having trouble adjusting to life on the surface of a planet. When she got into high school she fell into the wrong crowd and would often end up in the Sol System in shuttles, going to Luna, and eventually getting stopped by a Starfleet patrol and detained.

After throwing around the name of her parents and her “Aunt” Allison Reyes they were able to make contact with them and she was released. At the request of her mother, Tara, she was spoken to face to face by Allison who straightened her out.

After realizing that her only chance to really get back to the stars was serving in Starfleet her goal in life was to go to the academy and become an officer. She managed to keep herself out of trouble and keep her school work up and was admitted into the academy.

Her time at the academy was a breeze academically she had decided that she wanted to be a pilot. She had been able to get summer cruises on small ships and became qualified as a helmsman on a Wallace class during the summer between sophomore and junior year. During the summer of her junior year, she went through testing to try and get advanced standing in Fighter Pilot training and was able to successfully complete the program.

Her senior year saw a small drop academically as he became distracted by a fellow cadet she became romantically involved with. Fortunately, when she realized that she was slipping she ended the relationship and moved on with her life in the academy. She graduated with a GPA just good enough to be given honors and was commissioned as an Ensign.

Flight School was her first assignment and she arrived gun-ho and ready to learn to be a pilot. The training was a lot more physically demanding then she imagined it would be. She was generally fit but still had not prepared herself for the rigors of becoming a pilot. Thankfully as the training moved on over the course of a year it became easier physically.

Socially her time in flight school was also very difficult for her she was one of the very few females in the training program. She also didn’t really fit the fighter jock look or mentality and so it caused her to be picked on quite a bit. At the one attempt at having a romantic relationship during leave, it became a spectacle within her unit after she was seen out with a local civilian by one of her classmates.

Kendra once again sacrificed her personal interests and social relationships wanting to focus on just getting through flight school. She continued to work hard physically and to work her way into the social circle of the core of her class. By the time she graduated she was one of the element leaders and held the respect of most of her classmates although some minds were difficult to impossible to change about her just based on her looks and personality.

Despite graduating near the top of her class and gaining her wings she couldn’t help but feel disappointed about the sacrifices she made in order to get through the class. Prior to leaving for her first assignment, she spent her leave time with family as well as getting to know the young man she’d sacrificed during class.

After gaining her wings, gaining her commission, and many social/romantic firsts during her leave she is off and ready to serve at her first assignment. The USS Proteus as part of ASTRA and under the command of her aunt, Admiral Reyes.

When sent on a Search and Rescue Mission along with other members of the Proteus crew Kendra became reassigned to the USS Shanghai.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2384-2388 – Starfleet Academy
2388-2389 – Tactical Spacecraft Flight School
2389–2389 – USS Proteus, Acting Commander Air Group
2389-Current – USS Shanghai, Fighter Pilot
Language Proficiency Federation Standard, English