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Lieutenant Limmi Ovim

Name Limmi Ovim

Position Chief Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Date of Birth September 16, 2357
Age 32
Place of Birth Garah, Kharazad Provice, Betazed
Gender Female
Species Betazoid

Physical Appearance

Height 175 cm (5'9")
Weight 85 kg (188 lbs)
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Limmi's slightly taller-than-average stature is backed by a substantial frame that can murk her femininity. Though curvaceous, it isn't often someone else is tall and broad enough to make her appear diminutive. Her figure is toned and her physical carriage adroit, subtle preludes to a robust athleticism that can make her a challenge to all but the most exceptional athletes

She wears the uniform fastidiously and favors jaunty rather than sensual fashion off-duty.
Distinguishing Characteristics A point of distinction for Limmi that also deviates from the Betazoid norm are that she has a distinct eye color despite possessing the full known spectrum of her race’s extrasensory abilities. Attributed to genetics imported by alien paternal ancestors, it’s nonetheless a rare trait that has had a dichotomous effect on her life. On one hand, it has and still tends to obscure her abilities to those who aren't read on her. Alternatively, it attracted an unwelcome scientific study during her early service years that consequently imparted Limmi with a wariness of doctors.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Since deciding as a child that she wanted to help protect the Federation, Limmi has developed a rational, principle-centric outlook geared toward creating and maintaining the order and structure she believes is crucial to its prosperity. She doesn't aspire to command presently, yet settles into leadership roles because she possesses a sound general vision for achieving those values and the willpower to carry it out. Both permit her to exude a composure and conviction that can attract confidence and trust from others, which she sustains through a diligent, dependable work ethic and a sense of awareness enhanced by her extrasensory perception.

That isn't to say she leverages her telepathy indiscriminately. Doing so can be exhausting, tantamount to impropriety or even criminality, and not to mention dangerous. Rather, Limmi passively gleans her immediate surroundings, which has and continues to aid the growth of her understanding and principles. She holds herself and others to high standards, however, her capacity for perceiving beyond herself affords some flexibility in coping with differing perspectives so long as they aren't underwritten by dishonesty or malevolence. Both are among the grossest affronts one can inflict upon her, and she's not the sort to offer offenders repeat opportunities.

Politely self-contained by default, Limmi can be a bright social epicenter upon acclimating to her shipmates. She strongly believes in the power of community and thus invests significant effort into manifesting and maintaining camaraderie. Her commitment to safeguarding her community somewhat blunts her ability to cut completely loose for fun's sake yet ensures she's among the first to notice and act upon someone or something going amiss. If hers isn't the most entertaining company to have along, she's steadfast and considerate, one that can be counted on to ground and support others through most any circumstance.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Driven by a sense of duty rather than any expectation of reciprocation or gain
+ Strives to create effective, fair, yet unconditional principles to live by
+ Methodical

- Can be judgmental of those who don't align with her principles
- Holds grudges against gross transgressions against her
- Can be temperamental in the face of incompetence, inefficiency, or disarray
Hobbies & Interests Holonovels, tourism, spending time with her daughter


Children Delilah Ovim
Father Daanid Ovim
Mother Reda Ovim
Sister(s) Jiaxa Dulo (adopted)
Other Family Captain Samson Prisk

Personal History

Personal History The sole child of a Betazoid family comprised of a nascent biologist father and a mother whose disownment for refusing to marry her bond mate motivated her to develop a similar situate as a civil planner, Limmi enjoyed a well-traveled childhood that didn’t demand as much separation of her family as one might expect due to her parents’ professions possessing complementing capacities. Her interest in Starfleet arose in the same way it had for countless hopefuls before her: exposure via the logistical, scientific, and defensive support it provided for many of the projects in which her parents partook. Seeing the sacrifices they made to better society helped spark her desire to protect others, especially after a fringe group of Cardassian operatives abducted a colonization survey team that included her father shortly after the starship Phoenix's rogue incursion into Cardassian territory in 2367.

Claiming that Starfleet was developing a delusive standoff weapon intended to weaken the Cardassians' position during treaty talks, the abductors were instead playing into a ruse set by furtive elements within the Federation seeking to revive Captain Maxwell’s suppressed accusations of Cardassian rearmament. Embarrassed by the survey team’s loss during their attachment to his ship, a determined Captain Damon Prisk led the Whittle’s eventual apprehension of the operatives and successive rescue of the surveyors. Limmi was a passenger during the ordeal, during which she was befriended and consoled by Captain Prisk’s son, Samson. The pair forged a deep affinity for the other catalyzed in part by the manifestation of her telepathy, which in addition to aiding with the rescue, set their future as lovers and spouses into motion.

Uneasy with their children’s closeness prior to that, their fathers nonetheless remained cordial given the instigating circumstances. However, Limmi’s Starfleet ambition warmed her somewhat to Damon, who submitted an endorsement that helped her obtain one-shot entry into the academy when she became of age. The state of galactic affairs at the time made it a more frequent occurrence; mounting tensions with and between numerous foreign powers inclined the Federation Council to increase admissions. Still, Damon promoted into the admiralty in the interim, his repute further bolstered by the rescue having funneled him into an integral role in resetting Federation-Cardassian relations.

Limmi chose to major in tactical studies, quenching her childhood inclination as well as intrigue aroused by the Starfleet Tactical representative’s assertion during orientation that a good tactical officer’s acumen transcended weapons when faced with combat. There was no circumventing the Dominion War however, which erupted later that year and quickly culminated in her worst fear when Betazed fell the next. With rumors of Starfleet possibly accelerating the curriculum to address its manpower deficit abound, the prospect of partaking in liberating her home world goaded Limmi into an academic performance that attracted the notice of the reformed Red Squad.

Fresh from its transfer from Reserve Operations to the Fleet Education and Training Command due to incidents such as the Leyton coup and the USS Valiant's demise stirring operational integrity concerns, Red Squad’s capacity for field placements was greatly diminished. Yet its elite status persevered through continuing to offer advanced coursework in addition to reporting directly to the Chief of Fleet Education and Training, the latter of which sustained Limmi's perception of the unit as her best avenue for expedited involvement in the war because that individual was none other than Damon Prisk. Between knowing that he supported the incoming Zife Administration’s agenda of strengthening Starfleet’s martial capability and his connectedness within Fleet Operations, she suspected that Red Squad's lost privileges would prove token formalities.

Limmi suspected correctly. The covert action that helped freed Betazed was well beyond her purview, but an advanced field training post aboard the Renaissance-class Nandaka fulfilled her longing to return. With the Romulans having recently joined the war against the Dominion, Starfleet was able to reassign it and several other assets from Beta Quadrant operations to recovery and refortification efforts. Much of their crews were reassigned to stem casualties along the Dominion front, and Fleet Operations approved replacing junior officer and enlistee billets with senior trainees. She was only the Relief Tactical Officer, yet Limmi was motivated by the prospect of seeing her family again. . .until she arrived to find that only her maternal side—from which she was still estranged—had survivors. Worse, her mother had fallen catatonic from participating in the Betazed Resistance’s psionic assault on Dominion forces, inciting her first-ever meeting with her maternal grandmother.

Bristling with resentment for why she disowned her mother in the first place, the younger woman became enraged when her perceptions gleaned that her maternal elder not only doubled-down on the disavowal during the occupation, but did so to preserve a collaboration with the Dominion meant to advance her family's sociopolitical standing. Limmi consequently spurned her reunion overture and used her mother's stripped birthright to legally push her out of their lives. She became her mother's steward in doing so, a responsibility she strongly considered dropping out of the academy to fulfill until confronted by an orphaned young woman who credited her mother for looking after her during the occupation. Jiaxa Dulo would ask Limmi to stay in Starfleet, insisting that her mother would've wanted it. To that end, she also convinced Limmi to let her tend to her. Jiaxa felt obliged, and it corresponded with her decision to study telepathic medicine.

Limmi concluded her training aboard the Steamrunner-class USS Kodiak, one of many vessels assigned to perimeter security on the former Dominion warfront. Mostly comprised of keeping opportunistic smugglers and pirates from running rampant in the space lanes, Limmi demonstrated resourcefulness and restraint in achieving the Kodiak's tactical objectives that didn't endear her to some of her more seasoned departmental colleagues, but impressed her commanding officer into noting that she was already thinking like a deep-space tactical officer in that she wasn't depleting the weapons stores in every single patrol confrontation. This in turn allowed her to bypass the customary menial constabulary post for tactical graduates; she was instead selected to become the Assistant Chief Tactical Officer aboard the Concord.

An Excelsior-class cruiser might've been considered an equally wanting first assignment, however Concord was a late-build Type-II with extensive technological retrofitting beneath her archaic lines. The ship's unheralded capability and frequent reception of critical assignments on account of the venerable Captain Kawimak's command encouraged Limmi to stay the course until new fleet technology initiatives and subsequently resurgent ship production finally shut Concord's window of service. Moved into the reserves, she was succeeded by the Badawi, one of the initial Insignia-class cruisers. Limmi's department lead accepted a promotion during the changeover, elevating her to Chief Tactical Officer.

It was in the thereabouts of this time that she reunited with Samson Prisk. He'd entered the academy not long after they met aboard the Whittle and became one of Starfleet's preeminent command prospects. He transferred to the Badawi for the Night Shift Lead position to further his command track bid, converging his and Limmi's lives long enough to build upon what had started when they were adolescents. His seeking her out for insights on gaining acceptance from the crew gradually became a mutual realization of their feelings for one another, and the pair entered a relationship that quickly progressed into marriage.

Theirs quickly proved another case of the lead-up being easier than the union. A frank tête-à-tête between Samson and Captain Kawimak dampened the news of Limmi's pregnancy; the former was informed that he wouldn't be considered for the Executive Officer vacancy. Despite valuing Samson and Limmi, Kawimak felt that having both on the senior staff in complementary positions represented too much of a potential compromise to its integrity. Conscious of how much more her husband had on the line, Limmi approached Kawimak about the situation and asked him to reconsider snubbing Samson in exchange for her transferring following an extended leave. He accepted.

During her leave, Limmi gave birth to Delilah and 'adopted' a still-true Jiaxa Dulo into her family. With her mother's condition improving, her life seemed set upon an agreeable path. . .at least until Samson asked her to resign. The idea didn't sit well with her despite him pitching it for her and Delilah's sake, not when she viewed her career as commemorative of her parents' memory or the strife during her lifetime as evidence that civilianhood was no guarantee of safety or stability. The divergence of their perspectives only intensified as Limmi attempted to return to a ship posting. Repeatedly refused, it'd become irkingly evident by the time she trained her efforts onto the Nova-class Cassini that she was being sabotaged.

Fortunately, the machinations of an admiral's son failed to intimidate Min Seong, Cassini's commanding officer. Shrewd administrative maneuvering of her own compelled Samson's support base to muzzle him, and he only just dodged disciplinary action through the efforts of his JAG representative. Limmi capitalized on his curtailing to reestablish herself, though her next opportunity emerged from the same source. After Commander Seong accepted an uprate in the form of the Gamma Quadrant-domiciled Luna-class Oberon, she asked Limmi and others from the Cassini to join her. Despite it taking her further from home and potentially widening the rift between Samson and she, Limmi was seduced by the timeless romance of exploration. She also felt obliged to Min and other members of the Cassini crew for their support.

The sentiment became tremendously beneficial to the Oberon two years later. Her extrasensory abilities helped thwart a mutiny incited by sleeper agents during the Consortium crisis, during which she also helped devise and perpetuate a ruse intended to diverge some of the Consortium’s forces. In a series of deliberately compromised transmissions with Starbase Unity, Oberon not only reported the failed mutiny, but claimed to have discovered an alternative means of communicating with Starfleet Command. Knowledge of Voyager’s long-range communication successes during its Delta Quadrant journey convinced ranking Starfleet turncoats within the Consortium to take the bait. Yet the head-start afforded by Oberon's original deep-space mission and the crew's savvy ensured that the vessels dispatched to apprehend them only succeeded at missing the skirmishes that brought about the Consortium’s demise.

Starfleet bestowed several accolades upon the Oberon's crew in addition to granting them extended leave. Unfortunately for Limmi, hers was punctuated by divorce proceedings instigated by Samson. A compulsory transfer didn't help her morale, though it soon became apparent that the Oberon's exploits had the bittersweet effect of making much of the senior staff prime candidates for critical vacancies throughout the fleet. In her case, the Vesta-class Shanghai needed a tactical lead. . .

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