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Lieutenant JG Isabelle Veran

Name Isabelle Veran PhD

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Full Name Isabelle Veran
Date of Birth 19/05/2366
Age 25
Place of Birth Betazed
Gender Female
Species Trill/Betazoid

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 6"
Weight 126 lbs
Hair Color Mousey blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Isabelle is an attractive young woman. Even though she's half Trill she still has the full range of Trill spots that go from head to toe.
Distinguishing Characteristics Isabelle has severe scarring all over her back from a fire she was caught in that almost killed her. She had had several operations but still has a lot of work to be done before her skin is anywhere near perfect again.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Isabelle is a bright, cheery young woman with a bubbly personality. She always willing to help others, as a victim of a sexual assault whilst at University she feels more able to understand the trauma others have gone through in their lives. She's still working on overcoming her fear of fire but she's progressing slowly. She works well as part of a team or alone. She's also the first ever half Trill to be joined, taking on the Veran symbiont.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths - Telepathic and Empathic
- Strong Willed
- Wise beyond her years thanks to being joined.

Weaknesses - Afraid of fire
- Still getting used to bring joined.
Ambitions All Isabelle has ever wanted is to make her family proud of her. She hopes that she will make her parents proud by serving as a Federation Officer. She would also like to have a family of her own one day.
Hobbies & Interests Isabelle loves to read (real books), she enjoys time in the Holodeck relaxing in her favourite romantic spots, she also loves a movie night (complete with popcorn) and has loads of hobbies besides.


Children None (yet!)
Father Jorel Verne (Trill)
Mother Deanna Verne (Betazoid)
Brother(s) Kala Verne (older brother)
Other Family Various aunts, uncles and extended family.
Family Details Isabelle's parents are both Starfleet Officers. Her father is an Admiral by rank and commands his own ship. Her mother also serves aboard the same ship as Chief Counsellor, preferring to remain with her husband rather than be assigned elsewhere.

Personal History

Personal History Born on Betazed in 2366, Isabelle spent much of her early years travelling back and forth between starships, starbases and Betazed especially when it was realised that she had developed her Betazoid abilities extremely early. She spent a lot of years training to control her abilities, attending specialised schools as she grew up.

At the age of sixteen Isabelle was involved in a serious fire at the Betazed University campus. The fire, was set to cover up any traces left by an assailant who had raped her shortly beforehand. She and another student were critically wounded but after a long period of recovery and several operations Isabelle eventually returned to her normal life. Her assailant was, unfortunately, never found.

By the time she reached the age of eighteen she had already decided that she wanted to join the Federation and with her father's endorsement she was accepted into the Academy. She was a well liked student but suffered from bouts of stress due to her Betazoid abilities, she plowed on nonetheless and graduated four years later with honours.

It was during her early career aboard the USS Kirk that she volunteered to be a host for a symbiont that would not have otherwise survived. Being the first ever half Trill host, the symbiosis committee on Trill were uncertain whether a proper blending would ever take place or that the symbiont or Isabelle would survive. Both have flourished and become a scientific curiosity to both the Trill and Starfleet.

The two previous Veran hosts were both Starfleet officers. Lyta Veran lived to the grand old age of ninety and worked her way from Operations to the Admiralty. Jules Veran had a much more jaded past, he died at the age of fifty after thirty years in Starfleet but his death was considered to be under suspicious circumstances.
Medical History Isabelle has scarring from burns to 90% of the skin on her back, this can become sore and inflamed from time to time requiring medical treatment to sort. She still needs further operations on her back to help with the recovery of her skin.

She also carries the Veran symbiont, she is currently the third host. The previous two hosts were female and male so she foes have the symbionts perspective and memories on what it is to be both female and male.

Personnel Data

Service Number IV-230-219-BZT
Duty Shift Alpha/On Call
Quarters Deck 4

Starfleet Records

Education and Training Primary and Secondary - Remote learning and classes aboard Federation starships and starbases, plus classes on Betazed.

University of Betazed - Attended classes in Psychology (Major in counselling and minor in behavioural therapy)

2384 - Enrolled at Starfleet Academy. Specialising in Counselling but also taking classes in Operations Management.
Service Record 2388 - Graduated Starfleet Academy (Honours in Psychology and Operations Management)
2388-2389 USS Kirk
2389-2391 USS Saratoga
2391 - Assigned to USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency Earth Standard and Betazoid.
Commendations Commendation for bravery in the face of the unknown at the decision to take on the Veran symbiont whilst serving aboard the USS Kirk.