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Lieutenant Aurelia de Luna

Name Aurelia de Luna

Position Extended Leave

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Date of Birth Stardate 34253.2 (Earth-date 3 Apr 2357)
Age 32
Place of Birth USS Axion (Mizar Sector)
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 1.73m (5’ 8”)
Weight 58 kg (128 lbs.)
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Aurelia might be her mother’s daughter, but she inherited her father’s looks. She’s neither sure of nor interested in her heritage—a mix of Lunar-Italian and Chinese-American perhaps? For her, at least, the latter seems most evident, if not most relevant. She’s relatively tall and slender, and works hard to maintain her youthful appearance and figure. On-duty she prefers simply styled hair with light cosmetics, and favors the one-piece uniform jumpsuit, which always tends to fit rather snugly. It is a matter of debate (even to her) as to whether this is simply for the attention it garners, or a stubborn refusal to retreat to a larger size. Either way it boils down to pure vanity. Once off-duty, Aurelia immediately ditches the uncomfortable uniform and surrenders to a cozy t-shirt and pair of leggings. Off-ship for anything beyond a few hours, Aurelia drops any and all pretense at sophistication, and dresses like she’s twenty years old. Dyed hair, bad makeup, uncomfortable shoes and cheap vintage clothing all feature into her usual shore leave themes.
Distinguishing Characteristics A small beauty mark just above the left-hand corner of her lips.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aurelia is the person who shows up to a party already knowing who’s going to be there. This is not because she’s the life of the party. It isn’t because she the host of the party, either. Aurelia is the party. Or rather, the purpose behind having it in the first place. She’s an electrochemical synapse on the interplanetary scale, seeking to connect the disparate parts of the Milky Way, in hopes that they may function as a singular mind of progress and reason, fueled by beating hearts of peace, tolerance and understanding. She’s also the Federation’s avatar in the flesh. Does there need to be any more to her beyond this? The job bellows a no, while Aurelia tries to whisper yes. Guess which voice gets lost in the din.
Strengths & Weaknesses Professionally, years of far-ranging service in the Diplomatic Corps have made Aurelia a cool customer and all-around smooth operator. She’s intelligent and confident in her abilities, but she’s never been one to assume that she’s the smartest person in the room. She prefers the fellowship of gentle souls, but she’s very much results-oriented, and is willing to put up with arrogance, abrasiveness, and other unpleasant personality traits so long as the job gets done to her satisfaction. In fact, she tends to expect at least a small measure of adversarialism as a catalyst for progress, and she’s mistrustful of easy-come social harmony. Few of her career accomplishments were ever made without struggle or compromise.

Personally, Aurelia is a mess. Her castaway upbringing as the orphan daughter of two parents KIA has left her with deep-rooted abandonment issues that continue to plague her adult life, despite years of counseling to remedy them. Added to that, the knowledge that she’s the last of a once-great bloodline has given her delusions of destiny, and the belief that she must carry the torch of her ancestors above all else, and go down with the sinking ship of a family legacy she’s inherited. She believes that her career in Starfleet is the only way to do this, which is a glaring, and alarming Achillies’ Heel that she would be hard-pressed to downplay or overcome. She may be adept at fixing the galaxy’s problems, but she’s absolute rubbish at dealing with her own.

Aurelia tries her best to keep her life compartmentalized, so that her personal baggage doesn’t negatively affect her professional life. Say a prayer that the levee never breaks…
Ambitions Aurelia has always placed her career above everything else in her life. Her focus has mainly been on achievement, however, that and the mastery of her trade. The singular pursuit of opportunities for advancement has never held as much appeal. Many of her peers have risen through the ranks more quickly, but few are as capable or seasoned. Aurelia doesn’t have any long-term goals or plans aside from her service within Starfleet, and though she aims to always do her part to help bring her fellow crew home safe, she fully expects to one day meet her maker out in the depths of space.
Hobbies & Interests Some would say that Aurelia is too focused for hobbies. Life is distraction enough. She avoids devoting time and energy into things she can’t drop at a moment’s notice, and she seems unwilling to realize how much she’s missed out on because of that. Friendships are different and Aurelia does value them, but sometimes she lacks… substance, and the catalyst of shared interests to foster them. Aside from collecting vintage clothes and a fitness routine involving running and yoga, Aurelia doesn’t have much to recommend her.


Romantic Relationships Katherine de Luna (nee Gracie) (wife, age 20), LCDR Marco Espinoza (ex-husband, age 37), Henry Munro (ex-husband, age 45)
Father LTJG Shao Kun (KIA, 2357)
Mother LCDR Amelia de Luna (KIA, 2375)
Other Family Aurelia has no known living relatives.

Personal History

Personal History The sole remaining scion of a once great clan of spacefarers, Aurelia de Luna never knew a time when she didn’t feel like a prisoner of fate. Her forebears—the de Lunas—accomplished much in setting Earth’s moon and pioneering the great beyond. A long tradition of service in Starfleet that spanned centuries took its toll, however. Attrition through war and all manner of interstellar mishaps made any sort of quiet retirement a statistical improbability for anyone bearing the de Luna name. By 2375, Aurelia was the last one left, following her mother’s death during the Battle of Cardassia… the final battle of the Dominion War. Her father, also a Starfleet officer, died before Aurelia was even born, during the Federation-Cardassian Wars.

Though Aurelia had nearly reached adulthood when her mother died, it felt like she’d been orphaned many times before; the Dominion War had not been the first time her mother had been forced to leave her in a safe harbor with only a tearful goodbye, but it had been the last. Starfleet’s juvenile services division had been a dutiful, if impersonal caretaker during those chaotic interludes, ensuring that she always had a thorough education, or at least its interpretation of one. The various boarding schools Aurelia attended throughout her childhood spanned the Federation core. She was a child of Vulcan, and Betazed, Andoria and Tellar as well. Those places taught her many important, and oftentimes contradictory things, such as the balancing act of cool logic versus empathic understanding, as well as the importance of tradition and duty, pitted against the belief that nothing is sacred or should ever be closed to change or debate. Such a diverse education left Aurelia well prepared for her future, but bereft of any true sense of identity or belonging. She was the last de Luna, but she had no idea what that really meant.

One thing Aurelia did understand was that her future would be written out among the stars, and that her destiny suited her. She had no family, very few friends, no place she called home and no set preconceptions about how she was to live her life. In short, she was the perfect candidate for a long-term career in Starfleet. Already well prepared for the academy entrance examinations due to her Starfleet-sponsored education, Aurelia had no trouble gaining acceptance into Starfleet Academy.

At the academy Aurelia may not have ranked among the elite cadets, but she did develop a reputation for being competent, focused and mature. She tended to avoid the social and competitive aspects of academy life, which she saw as distractions to her career preparations. As a result she steered clear of a lot of unnecessary drama and rivalries, but her interpersonal skills suffered as a consequence. As she progressed Aurelia was initially directed toward training in flight control, something she tested favorably in, but she requested placement on a mathematics and social sciences track instead. Her academy advisors informed her that the decision could hinder her future career potential, but they ultimately approved her request. She excelled in her preferred course of studies, and graduated from the academy with degrees in mathematics and political science, with specializations in game theory and interstellar relations.

Coincidentally, Aurelia’s first posting after graduation was to a ship sharing her namesake—the USS Luna. To this day Aurelia insists that someone in Starfleet’s personnel department decided to play a cosmic prank in assigning her name to that particular manifest: Ensign de Luna of the USS Luna. It never got any less awkward saying it, and during her first posting Aurelia got to say it a lot. The first of its class, the prototypical Luna had not been sent out to chart unknown space. Rather, it had been sent out to re-chart known space instead. Much of that space, however, hadn’t seen another Federation vessel pass through in decades, and in some cases, near a century, when it had originally been explored. In that time, three of the twenty-two planets previously classified as having pre-warp civilizations had achieved interstellar travel, and two of the eight civilizations that did have warp drive technology had progressed enough to become eligible applicants for entry into the UFP. Much had changed, and as a junior science officer specializing in the social sciences, Aurelia played a big part in documenting it.

By the time the Luna had completed its four-year mission, it had made three peaceful first-contact encounters, and returned with six ambassadors from three worlds intent upon joining the Federation. In addition, one new element—Trijarium—had been discovered. The captain of the Luna also reported that not once had her ship resorted to using its armaments as weapons in anything other than a training role. Having played an active role in much of the Luna’s diplomatic endeavors, it came as no surprise when Aurelia was recruited by Starfleet’s Diplomatic Corps, who saw in her a promising emissary. She was quickly assigned to the USS Trident, a Diligent-class Frigate with no diplomatic department to speak of, but enough facilities to conduct small scale-negotiations.

On screen the Trident’s mission was simple: travel to the Voranti Cluster and put an end to the hostilities that had arisen over a series of disputes over mining rights. The disputes had gotten heated enough to disrupt nearby shipping lanes, thus attracting the Federation’s notice. In practice, the mission was a pipe dream. Extensive research into the various affiliated factions uncovered ancient feuds, labyrinthine claims processes, and a bunch of mining groups that seemed more interested in settling old scores, than in actually doing any mining. After many fruitless negotiations and several skirmishes, the mission changed from peaceful negotiation, to the imposition and enforcement of a Moratorium on all mining activities in the cluster.

“You won’t always win.” Aurelia had been told during her debriefing, after her superiors suggested that she might have taken the mission’s outcome a bit too personally. It had been a hard lesson, learning that sometimes, people just aren’t ready for peace. She was promptly sent off with a new mission to resolve a border dispute between the Vy’ashan and Akavir. That time, she did win. For the next four years, Aurelia (and the Trident) became Starfleet’s go-to mediator for a range covering three sectors.

After proving herself as a capable ‘fixer’ with a number of localized issues, Starfleet decided to entrust her with missions on a much larger scale. She was transferred to the USS Century, a Sovereign-class ship headed towards the Romulan Neutral Zone. There were reports of the Romulan Empire in turmoil, following the Hobus Supernova event, which had destroyed a number of inhabited systems, including that of the Romulan homeworld. By the time the Century reached the neutral zone, a handful of captains and admirals had gone rogue, proclaiming themselves warlords, in defiance of a weakening chain of command that could no longer be trusted or confirmed. One of those warlords, Captain Valdran, had decided to start raiding into the neutral zone, threatening conflict with the Federation. Added to that, no less than three Romulan delegations wanted to meet over the issue, each with claims that they (and only they) spoke with the authority of the Empire. It was a mess.

Aurelia later came under fire for her tactics and motives during those talks. She broke from protocol by not identifying herself as the leader of the delegation, choosing instead to divide it and let her subordinates skirmish with the various factions, and act as a screening force while she observed in the background. She feared that the same tactic was being used against her, and in that she’d been correct. In the end she bluffed and held fast to threats of an armed incursion into the neutral zone, if Valdran wasn’t brought to heel within one Solar day. Not a peep was heard from him again, and Aurelia was able to confirm to her superiors that yes, the Romulan Empire was still a strong and unified force to be reckoned with. Among the Romulan government she is called ‘shadow queen,’ but Starfleet was less than impressed.

Aurelia wasn’t actually demoted following the incident, but in many ways it felt like she had. She was kept in debriefing for weeks, and a couple of years passed before she was given any problems to solve that were of any real importance. She knew in her heart, however, that if she remained patient and true, Starfleet would one day look to her again. With that in mind she put her name in the transfer pool, hoping for a fresh start.
Medical History Aurelia's medical history is a surprisingly light read. There are no injuries, illnesses or allergies of note, just a list of visits for routine ailments.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Education and Training Bachelor of Science (Mathematics)
Bachelor of Arts (Political Science)
Master of Arts (Political Science)
Doctorate (Political Science)
Service Record Starfleet Academy (2375-79)
2375: First-year Cadet
2376: Second-year Cadet
2377: Third-year Cadet
2378: Fourth-year Cadet

First Posting (2379-82)
USS Luna (NX-80101), Luna-class Explorer
2388: Science Officer

Second Posting (2382-87)
USS Trident (NCC-81832), Diligent-class Frigate
2382: Diplomatic Officer
2384: Diplomatic Officer / Mission Advisor

Third Posting (2387-89)
USS Century (NCC-79499), Sovereign-class Explorer
2387: Chief Diplomatic Officer

Fourth Posting (2389-Present)
USS Shanghai (NCC-82941), Vesta-class Explorer
2389: Chief Diplomatic Officer
Language Proficiency Federation Standard (fluent)
Universal Sign (fluent)
Vulcan (fluent)
Betazoid (fluent)
Andorii (advanced)
Tellarite (advanced)
Klingon (advanced)
Rihannsu (advanced)
Vy'ashan (basic)
Akaviri (basic)
Sunanten (basic)
Commendations Tour of Duty Medal (Beta Quadrant) with Silver Star cluster
Tour of Duty Medal (Alpha Quadrant) with Bronze Star cluster
Good Conduct Medal
Epurian Star
Mikan's Valor
Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations
Reprimands No known reprimands on file.