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Lieutenant Gavin Ross

Name Gavin J. Ross

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Full Name Gavin J. Ross
Nickname "Doc"
Call Sign "Doc"
Date of Birth 04-24-2352
Age 37
Place of Birth Calgary, AB
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 182 lbs.
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Blue - Grey
Physical Description Doctor Ross is 37 years old. Independently reviewed Medical Records indicate that Mr. Ross is in top health. Both physically and mentally. He carries his strength around in musculature, and not afraid to use it.

Gavin presents with trimmed dark hair when left, can grow shaggy long. He shaves almost every day. He is often left with a 5 O’clock shadow at the end of a grueling eight-hour shift.
Distinguishing Characteristics Gavin has a no tattoos. He has a long scar behind his left ankle from a camping accident when he was a child.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Gavin is large, tall with sizeable muscle mass. Many find once you get past his gruff outer exterior, controlling, perfectionist, and stubborn ways, he is a reliable friend and fun buddy.

His personality is guarded with a touch of easy-going nature.

When the Doctor is off shift, he still can be found checking up on Patients in the Sick Bay regardless.

A trip to the holodeck with blazing sun-drenched beach, waves and a lot of alcohol usually are needed to destress Doctor Ross at least once a month.

Mr. Ross cares. He pays attention to his coworkers and their expressed concerns or needs. He will not tolerate incompetence as it can cost lives in the Surgical Ward.

As always, the Ross Family has participated in professional sports. He loves a brutish game of Hockey and has participated and won a few Federation Cups in previous seasons.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Mr. Ross brings extensive Federation Academy education and experience in areas of medical, languages, training, and technical abilities.

Having served numerous assignments, Ross developed communication and people skills, analytical problem solving, and defence skills.

Doctor Ross has unique qualities attributed, such as dependable, flexible, friendly, hard working, expressive, formal, punctual, and being a team player.


Gavin can be impatient. He believes in teamwork, and that teamwork should flow smoothly, this should be steadfast and efficient. He will not tolerate delays.

Sometimes he can let his emotions show such as anger, annoyance, or anxiety over a situation.
Ambitions Mr. Ross has considerable ambitions in life.

Having had completed his bucket list so far he has rock climbed, camped in the Arctic to see the Northern Lights, learned to play the classical guitar, and become a cook.

He will want to find a potential wife and have a son he can teach all sorts of things together.
Hobbies & Interests It comes as no surprise that Ross's interests lie in the Medical Sciences. When he is not on Shanghai medical shifts, Gavin is in his quarters strumming over his guitar to computer-guided lessons. He has been hugely successful and soon, looks forward to writing his first own song.

Gavin is passionate about keeping his body healthy and is in the Gym early at 0500 Hours every morning before his shift.


Romantic Relationships None
Children None
Father Dane Ross
Mother Lindsay Ross
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family None in Contact
Family Details Gavin was born April the 14th in the year 2352. His parents are Dane and Lindsay Ross. Gavin spent most of his childhood on Earth, Calgary, AB. He spent much time in the nature and wilderness around him. He has a passion for mountain biking and camping.

The Ross Family is a tight-knit bunch and often get together whenever they can. They have a cottage back on Earth in the wilderness. Every time Gavin has shore leave, he spends it at the cabin. There, Ross flies fishes and lets his Golden Retriever "Spartacus" chase squirrels.

Having completed general Starfleet Academy training programs in the Security stream, Gavin graduated in the year 2372 with full honors.

Personal History

Personal History Gavin was raised on Earth. Most of Gavin’s experience off-world has been through Starfleet ventures and assignments. As a child, Mr. Ross was a talented individual in the areas of medical sciences, biology, and sports.

Once at Starfleet, Gavin studied the biology of the Northern Elk, living in herds at the Earth's Arctic pole. Studying Elk's calves, Gavin developed a keen interest in becoming a Medical Physician for Starfleet.
A bold, outgoing student in Starfleet, Mr. Ross never shied from becoming involved in sports, special events and arts. Gavin learned an appreciation of Art and the Fine Arts while studying Federation cultures.

While on Earth, a terrorist incident occurred at one of Starfleet’s satellite teaching facilities. While this occurred, Gavin helped to release hostages held by a few rebel fighters.

Gavin has plans, many plans, he would say. To live life and experience off worlds to their fullest. As the only Federation Officer in his Family, Gavin respects Starfleet putting his life on the line to serve.
Having completed general Starfleet Academy training programs in the Security stream, Gavin graduated in the year 2372 with full honors.

2389 - USS Shanghai, Chief Medical Officer
Medical History Mr. Ross is 27 years old. Medical Records indicate that Ross is in top health both physically and mentally. He has a more significant than average percentage of muscle deposits on his 6’1” frame.

Personnel Data

Service Number JX-396-679-YYZ
Clearance Level CL-SEC-01
Duty Shift ALPHA
Quarters Deck 02 - Executive Officer's Quarters

Starfleet Records

Education and Training Course Commendations of Note;
- Tactical Warfare
- Hand to Hand Combat Technique
- Mixed Martial Art Training
- Advanced Energy Weapon Ballistics
- Wilderness Survival Training
- Security Methods

Medical Methods
- Tri Phasic Laproscopy
- Sensory Resonance Healing
- Cryogenic Restoration/Isolation
- Quantum DNA Re-Triglyceride Therapy
- Critical Survival Methods
- Emergency Management Methods
- Evacuation Methods, Planetary, Ship to Ship,
- Outbreak Containment, Onboard Outbreaks
- Security Methods of Data Analysis
Service Record USS Rabin NCC-63574 - 2372 – 2375 - Ensign - Medical Assistant
USS Musashi NCC-71809 - 2375 - 2379 – Medical Assistant
USS Bellerophon NCC-74705 – 2379 - 2384 - Assistant to the Chief of Medical
USS Kincaid NCC-74507 - 2384 – 2389 - Assistant to the Chief of Medical
USS Shanghai NCC - 82941 – 2389 – Current - Chief of Medical
Language Proficiency English
Commendations *Saved the lives of 3, 6, and 8 Year Old Bajoran Orphans. The breakout of the Greyca Plague was thwarted due to Dr. Ross isolating a circulating protein on the planet Keltos II.