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Lieutenant Alexander Kolokotronis

Name Alexander Nikolaos Kolokotronis

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Full Name Alexander Nikoloas Kolokotronis
Nickname Alexander
Call Sign Odysseus
Date of Birth 7/30/62
Age 28
Place of Birth Kastri, Greece
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1"
Weight 180
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kolokotronis is a tall, muscular human being. He has broad shoulders and a wide upper body. His left arm is covered in a sleeve of tattoos, mostly religion based, Koloktronis being an Eastern Orthodox Christian. He has a sharp jawline and short black hair. His face has burns that are a result of a console explosion when he was a younger officer.
Distinguishing Characteristics His tattoos cover his entire left arm, and he is very muscular. He's taller than most of his fellow crew, and his sharp jawline is also quite noticeable on sight. He has big hands, and wears multiple rings.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Alexander Koloktronis is a Starfleet officer who was born in Kastri, Greece, a small village 45 minutes outside of Athens. His parents both served in the military, his mother a JAG officer in the Hellenic Armed Forces, his father a combat officer posted at the Starfleet base in Athens. He grew up in an old village, and worked as a lumberjack and carpenter while growing up. He studied and graduated from the University of Athens, a brief stint in the Hellenic Tactical Air Force, and then immediately applied to Starfleet Academy. He graduated and then served multiple exploration mission aboard multiple ships, in command and operation positions. He was, over time, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.
Strengths & Weaknesses Kolokotronis is a very intelligent officer and strong, both mentally and physically. He is known to do extremely well under pressure. He is strategic and observant, as noted previously multiple times by his former commanding officers. He also incredibly physically fit, notably due to his upbringing, and was used to incredibly physically demanding situations. Therefore, he often was a primary landing party officer on his previous missions, being both a fantastic fighter and marksman. He is also a natural leader, and silently demands the respect of his comrades, leading in a strong and encouraging way. Kolokotronis is also an adequate engineer and was often posted as a supplementary engineer on previous postings.
Kolokotronis's main weakness is his stubbornness. He has been disciplined for disobeying orders he morally disagreed with on two separate occasions.
He does suffer from some mental health issues after a console explosion and his wife was killed in 2386, the two incidents left him with higher anxiety and off and on bouts of depression. The explosion also left him with permanent facial scars.
Additionally, he can tend to be arrogant at times. It is not ill-intended, but it does sometimes cause issues with fellow officers in high-pressure situations. Some of his arrogance comes from his upbringing, some come from his experience.
Ambitions Kolokotronis loves command, and wishes to commandeer his owns starship one day. He has experience on the conn and commanding a starship, but hasn't to the extent that a captain has. He hopes to serve in Starfleet for as long as possible, and hold the position of a Starfleet captain for as long as possible. He loves to serve firsthand, and has no wishes to be an admiral.
Hobbies & Interests Alexander enjoys many sports, especially basketball, soccer, and volleyball, three popular sports in Greece. He also enjoys automotive engineering, cars, the history of cars, and auto tech and cars in general. He loves movies, television, and the arts and can play multiple instruments. In his spare time he gives music lessons in trumpet, piano, and French horn.


Romantic Relationships Hailey Celina Kolokotronis (spouse, deceased)
Children NA
Father Nikolaos Kolokotronis
Mother Maria Sofina Kolokotronis
Brother(s) George Stefanos Kolokotronis (aged 25)
Iaonnis Constantinos Kolokotronis (aged 32)
Sister(s) NA
Other Family Cmdr. Demetrios Alexander Kolokotronis (54)
Family Details Family is very military and intellectual. History of Starfleet officers, military officers, professors, scientists and doctors. A very well known family in Greece.

Personal History

Personal History Alexander Kolokotronis was born in Kastri, Greece, to Ioannis and Sofina Kolokotronis, both military officers. Due to his limits in the village, he took up carpentry while in high school in order to pay for university. He applied to and studied at the University of Athens, where he got degrees in both Political Science and Military Studies. He then attended Starfleet and graduated while focusing on command. He then served for 14 years on 3 different ships, serving as an Operations Officer. He was promoted to Lieutenant in his last year aboard the USS Perseus.
During his time in Starfleet, he has earned the Star Cross, the Legion of Honor, the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry, and Starfleet Award of Valor.
Medical History Kolokotronis was shot with a phaser during his second year at Starfleet Academy by a mentally-ill Cadet. He was shot in the leg, and needed a split bone to be completely reattached. He took 4 months of physical therapy to return to his normal physical demeanor.
A bridge console explosion left Kolokotronis with thick facial scars, 3 years prior to the current star date, 2386.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Education and Training The University of Athens - Military Studies and Political Science
Starfleet OCS
Starfleet Academy

Service Record -Operations Officer, USS McKinley, 3 year posting.
Ensign-Lieutenant JG

-Operations Officer, USS Indianapolis, 2 year posting
Lieutenant JG

-Operations Officer, USS Perseus - - cut short, ship was lost.
Language Proficiency English, Greek, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Polish
Commendations Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry
Starfleet Award of Valor

Personal commendations from previous CO's.
Reprimands No reprimands on record.