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Ensign Siniphous FireRaven

Name Siniphous Diaz FireRaven

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Age 21
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Red/brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Siniphous FireRaven is a single Caucasian human male, taller and thinner than the norm. His fine but plentiful hair, worn slightly longer than Starfleet standard, always seems to revert to a recently towel-dried mop, no matter how much effort he devotes to the contrary. His eyes always appear to have a far-off look, leading some to assume that is less intelligent or perceptive than is actually the case - a misconception he deliberately cultivates. In a physical confrontation, his movements are faster and more fluid than his size would seem to indicate, and illustrate an economy of movement and use of force. His lopsided grin can be disarming. His fingers are long and thin, and his physique is that of a long-distance runner; thin, but with arms and legs like cordwood.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Friendly and smart. Siniphous enjoys learning and has a strong sense of justice. If he did not aspire to one day be captain then he would be down in the bowels of the ship, tinkering around with the warp core.
Political views:
Very open sometimes and others very closed minded to other peoples ideas, he believes strongly in the federation.
Hobbies & Interests Martial arts, Football, wrestling, cooking, eating, books, classical music (in keeping with the time, "classical" would refer to todays music...I mean really, when would you ever hear a Starfleet officer listening to Linkin Park?), ancient cultures, ancient fighting styles, ect...


Father Thomas FireRaven {Dead}
Mother Elaine FireRaven
Brother(s) Stefan FireRaven {Dead}
Sister(s) Carol FireRaven, Elizabeth FireRaven
Other Family Erik FireRaven (Uncle)

Personal History

Personal History Born in Jacksonville, Florida. Siniphous' earliest years were spent with his father's older sister, Carol. His parents were a freighter captain and first officer, and the vagabond lifestyle that this required led Thomas and Elaine FireRaven to entrust Carol with their younger children for a number of years growing up.

His first memories of anything Starfleet are the occasional visits to Earth of his father's oldest brother, (then) Captain Erik FireRaven. When Siniphous was 3, Captain FireRaven spent several months stationed on Earth, while his ship the USS Pegasus, was undergoing an overhaul at Utopia Planitia. During that time, Erik adopted a fatherly role for young Siniphous, who mannerisms are based in no small part upon those gleaned from his uncle during this time. While Siniphous' parents and sisters had an unspoken distaste for Erik, and, to a certain extent, Starfleet in general, Siniphous and his older brother Stefan followed Erik's footsteps through the doors of Starfleet Academy.

By age 11, Siniphous was aboard his parents' freighter, the Rocheville. Life aboard the ship, along with two of his sisters (his brother was, by this time, already in his first year at Starfleet Academy), suited Siniphous' unquenchable desire to learn new things. His cabin aboard the aged Rocheville was littered with scale models and PADDs of every conceivable Starfleet vessel, and he would sit for hours listening to stories from the other freighter captains and crews that the Rocheville often sailed with. When Siniphous was 14, his brother was killed in an accident aboard a training vessel while at Starfleet Academy. Thomas FireRaven, until his death when Siniphous was 19, blamed Erik for his son's death, but would never explain his reasons for feeling that Captain FireRaven was involved. When Siniphous was 16, then Admiral FireRaven was court-martialed for events that had taken place during his command of the USS Pegasus, the details of which were never made public.

With Thomas FireRaven's death, Siniphous left his first year of Starfleet Academy to take on the role of first officer and navigator aboard the Rocheville. After four years aboard the Rocheville, Siniphous grew restless, and could no longer hide his desire to return to Starfleet Academy. Elaine FireRaven gave her blessing, and sent her son back to the Academy after this prolonged absence, knowing that only there would be be truly happy. Being older than the majority of the human cadets at the Academy was often hard, but he persevered, and emerged as a better man for it.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Current duty station: U.S.S. Shanghai as CDO
Language Proficiency English