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Ensign Vladimire Renchoiski

Name Vladimire Renchoiski

Position Chief Intelligence Officer

Rank Ensign

Basic Information

Age 25
Gender Male
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 1"
Weight 220 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Tall musclar squre chin broard shoulders short brown hair brwon percring eyes harly ever smiles pale complextion

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is untrusting and very serective around non-soviet/Russians he can fake intrest in a cinvestaion and does so so that shipmates do begin to pry he is a Hardline Soviet as father before and so for genertions.
Strengths & Weaknesses He is one of the best intelligence officers in starfleet and one of the few who to the range of intelligence from cyptopghy to counterintellignce does suppurb feild work with the help of a device that elimaates his Russian accent he speak seval langues, he is strong, deciate and and will take the serrects he knows to the grave it keep them from falling into emeny hand. His weakness is his lack of trust for non Soviets/russians and an even deeper distrust for non-humans as well as distain for them thta distain has lessened snice the academy but there are still hints if it in his interactions.
Ambitions Snice the KGB was disbaned he aspires to one be head of starfleet intelligence he also secertly desires to lead the Soviets back to their fromer glory and rebuild the Soviet Union his immateate goal is reatin his rank as Major of in the naval term Lt.Cmd.
Hobbies & Interests he speend time on th holodeck in booth spynovel programs that remind of the good old days when he was a Major in the KGB he also has a number of marksmanship, and marterial arts programs, he also enjoys ouzzles of all kinds and he is a vodka consuire.


Romantic Relationships none
Children none
Father Vladimire Rensoski
Mother Eleania Glastrokof
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) none
Other Family Urie Valdnof (uncle)

Personal History

Personal History Born 5 miles outside of Moscow his parents work for the KGB has his family had done for countless generation and the toght him the trade and like all members of his faily he particluar suited to and did excetional well he rose to rank of Major in the KGB before it was finally disbanded along with all other state intelligence angencyies under feradtion accord 357 most of the angents including himself join stafleet intelligence, at starfleet academy he did well with academicds but not so much at the more social aspects for he a great distrust for non Russian/soviets and as there were few of either in his class hestuggled to fit for the frist two years in his third year based on the the recomandion of one his instuctoers Marco Gunski he use his great talent of faking relationships and like unbknownist to his classmates he graduated 2nd in class with his specity beeing intelligence he was so good at it that rumers started to circulate that he was a member of Section 31 although ther no proof of this. Rumor if this gain some legiticy in the dominoian war as his service record for that time is classifed Ultra secert only the highest ranking admerlty in starfleet have access no one knows why for usaly section 31 does go thorugh such elbrate mesures they simple the opertions ever happened snice the officaly don't exsit it lead some to belive that what he did the federation was trying to hind it even from themselves. Actually he and few aother were placed undercover in the Obsidian order to spead prpaganda and complete conter intelligence oberations wich they did with some sucess until they were exposed he wnd one other were the only ones that surrived.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Classifed TOP SECERCT eyes only

2372- Federation Acord 257 disbands all state intelligence angencies

2373- Enroled in Starfleet Academy

2374- Placed on temperay active Duty for Skills

2374-75 Classifed

2376- Removed from tempory active duty

2376-79 returned to Star fleet Academy

2379- Graduated star fleet academy with a specility in intelligence

2380- assigned as Chief intelligence Officer abord USS Sanghai

Language Proficiency he speaks fluent russian, with his accent inhibtor he also soeaks fluent fedaration standard, Cardaa