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Lieutenant Kay'tel "Kay" Berok

Name Kay'tel "Kay" Berok

Position Chief Diplomatic Officer

Second Position Mission Advisor

Rank Lieutenant

Basic Information

Age 39
Gender Male
Species Cardassian

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 212 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black/Brown
Physical Description Kay'tel is well groomed, and has an heir of arristocracy about him. He has his hair slicked back and kept obsessively neat. He is of average height, but has an abnormally straight spine, which increases his height further. He would be classed as attractive towards Cardassians, and some other humanoid species, including Humans, Orions and a few Klingons.

Personality & Traits

General Overview He has a fiery personality, and a short fuse to match. He has in past, picked fights with Klingons and the like, for the most minor of things, from the insulting of his cranal ridge, to spilling his drink.

His fiery, agressive personality has a counterbalance. An aristocratic, gentlemanly, compassionate side. Which is rarely ever shown, apart from people that Kay'tel thinks are loyal to be his friends. Kay'tel doesn't allow anyone at all into his personal life, even his own family.
Strengths & Weaknesses His strengths lay in his ability to analyse the situation at hand, and acknowledge the outcome rather than just the obvious. Kay'tel pulls his strength by his honed physical and mental abilities as well, from years of training under the Obsidian Order.

His most dominating weakness is for women; He has a soft spot for women the size of a red giant. When a female speaks to him he cant help but turn into a gelatonous puddle. There have been rare occasions where Kay'tel has resisted this, but only on the very rare occasion.
Ambitions He wishes to make the remainder of his family proud. And to live a full and happy life. His ambition when he was young was always to be a Legate, and to become recognised as a great leader and feared adversary in his time.
Hobbies & Interests He has no real hobbies as such, just his perpetual training and practising. He never stops. He wants to be the best, and was told by his father that the best never eat, sleep or die until they get the job done.


Romantic Relationships -
Children -
Father Gul J'trey Berok - KIA
Mother Gilnn Melot Berok - KIA
Brother(s) -
Sister(s) -
Other Family Vi'kar Gul Delet Loker, High ranking Cardassian official - 33

Personal History

Personal History Kay'tel was born in the year 2350, in his family's aristocratic house, laden with trophies, photos, and distinctive shelfs, stacked with flowers. Kay'tel grew up in this house quite quickly, having more of a privaliged life in the Cardassian society. He was always a bright and gifted student at school, but always excelled himself and the others around him, often finding it hard to make friends, or even finding a suitable challenge for his work.

He had gone through school like any other normal Cardassian, but always seemed to excel expenentially in his grades and reports. Kay'tel was brought up in his family's time honoured military tradition as well. He was often encouraged to tag along to ceremonies with his mother and father, watching his father give out medals, and his mother stand there with an exagerated look of joy on her face.

Kay'tel was also brought up in the way of war. He would often sit with his father and mother and discuss the inner workings of Cardassian technology and ships. Kay'tel enjoyed this very much, for two reasons; He found that he loved the inner workings of things, and he rarely got to spend much time with his parents, for they were both part of Cardassian military. His father was a Gul, the Cardassian equivalent to a Captain, and his mother was his Gilnn, the same as an Executive officer or Commander.

His parents went off one day in the 2360's, during Kay'tel's early teens. Kay'tel was used to this, being left with his Cousin, Vi'kar Gul Delet Loker during their absence. But this time was different. His mother and father had gone off to keep the foothold the Cardassians had at a far off world. Kay'tel still to this day doesn't know the name of the planet. Kay'tel's parents had arrived and were ambushed. By several Pirate ships. His mother and father died that day, massacred by the Pirate swine. Nothing organic was left after they had finished, apart from the blood stains on the bulkhead.

From that moment on Kay'tel was educated, protected and brought up by his cousin, Vi'kar Gul Delet Loker. Kay'tel vowed to avenge his parents some day, and has since gone into a life of military training, intelligence training and diplomatic training.

By the age of 18 he was already the rank of Gilnn, and was exceptionally good at what he did. Which happened to be Warfare, tactics and diplomacy. He was given comendations from several high ranking Cardassian officials. one of which, was Gul Dukat.

Kay'tel had been in the Cardassian military for several years, all of which was justified by his various awards and comendations. He was aproached on a day in the 2370's by a tall, dark and somewhat mysterious character. He proposed Kay'tel with an offer; to join The Obsidian Order.

Kay'tel was shocked with the proposition, but not at all surprised. He accepted, and the next day, he found himself standing in the centre of The Obsidian Order's HQ. He was adressed by an agent there. Kay'tel questioned the agent as to why he was chosen to be part of the Order. The agent just replied 'Because, your good at what you do.'

Kay'tel then spent the remainder of his teenage and some of his adult life working and training for The Order. He never gave up in his training, non stop, he just kept on training and training. always wanting to be the best he could be. Thinking of the memory of his mother and father in his head as he was.

He had finished his training completely by the year 2380. He has since then embarked on numerous missions. From sabotaging a Romulan station, to gathering basic intel on the Federation. Once he had completed his missions he went back into training after failing one mission, he has completed his training, and has yet again, been asked to complete a mission for the Order; Sabotage the Starfleet Academy.

He accepted his assignment, and on the next day, was on the first ship headed for Earth. Something that would break a Cardassians heart happened as soon as he arrived though; He had just recieved news from his cousin that the Obsidian Order, were no more. Kay'tel had only ever been heartbreakingly sad once in his life before this event; When his parents had died. This was completely new to him. To know that he spent most of his life in the Order, to find it destroyed by Dominion forces.

Knowing there was nothing left for him anymore, and that he was already at Starfleet. He thought it best to request a position in the Federation. He was reluctantly accepted, on the grounds that he would take Starfleet academy first, which made Kay'tel slightly annoyed. He still however, took the Academy.

His first year was how he expected it to be; Violence, discrimination and all round hatred, just for what he is and was. It was a long, painful, but abrupt first year, seeming to finish rather quickly.

His second year though, turned out to be completely different to the first; He started to make some friends, all of which of different races and cultures, which gave Kay'tel some confidence in the year that followed.

The third year was completely different to what Kay'tel had imagined it to be; people were used to him, and didn't give him the hassle that he had recieved in the first year. He flied by the third year with ease, now that the pressure from the people around him had eased off.

His fourth year he had found surprising; he enjoyed it. He actually enjoyed being around people he was assigned to kill. He had even made friend with some of them. He had finished the year with a major in diplomatic and command training. He then went on to find himself applying for numerous ships, which he found himself being declined multiple times for his 'colourful' history. He applied for a ship once more, aboard the USS Shanghai, and will hope to be accepted...

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record -2345: Born
-2340's - 2350's: Education at public school
-2350's - 2360's:Trained in Cardassian military. Promoted to following ranks;

:Demoted back to Gil
:Promoted back to Glinn

-2360's: Approached by The Obsidian Order
-2360 - 2370: Embarked on 7 missions under The Obsidian Orders command;

:Gathered intel on Federation Starbase 42
:Sabotaged Romulan station 21
:Assasinated Commander Mo'rkel (Mining ship CO)
:Sabotaged Klingon starship IKV Firebrand
:Attempted sabotage of Romulan shipyard (Failed mission)
:Gathered intel on Numerous Starfleet CO's
:Gathered intel on Numerous Romulan CO's
:Assigned to sabotage Starfleet Academy; Failed

-2380: Joined Starfleet Academy;

-2381: First year Cadet
-2382: Second year Cadet
-2383: Third year Cadet
-2385: Fourth year Cadet & Graduation

-2386: Applied aboard ship "USS Shanghai

Language Proficiency Cardassian, Federation English