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Lieutenant JG Kilren

Name Kilren

Position Chief Strategic Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 73
Gender Male
Species Orion

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 9"
Weight 230 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Yellow
Physical Description A very sturdy fellow, standing at an intimidating 6'9" weighting in at 230 pounds. 73 years old, still considered extremely young for Orion's tradition. It is clear though that his weight has nothing to do with fatness, huge muscles bulge underneath his body armor that he never seems to take off. A noticeable scar runs straight down his left cheek from forehead to jaw line, passing right over his eye. Either Skill or luck saved his eyesight for there is no damage done.

He has the skin color of a typical Orion, a pasty green. Looking as smooth as silk. His hair is shortly kept, very well trimmed and clean shaven face.

Armed to the teeth (literally with filed teeth to sharp points), with a Qutluch and a Disruptor both strapped to his waist, finishing it off with a ceremonial hand and a half sword strapped just above the hip.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Very highly esteemed, with a very sarcastic sense of humor, considerably knowledged with a very cruel mean streak when needed.

Yet once you get to know him, you learn that he has a very soft spot, not a brute as thought of when thinking towards Orions. Considers himself in every way a gentleman. He stays in his armor, not for offense, but for defense.

Not much is known about Kilren, and for the most part, he keeps his dark past to himself. It is known that he is very well traveled, seeing many culture and afflictions. Also known that he has a very prestigious education and is constantly studying battle formations and strategies as well as well as diplomatic measurements, peaceful and sometimes even hostile.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
Not your average brute (even though you do not want to cross blades with him)
Very intelligent with prestigious education as well as what is considered street smarts
Still humble even with knowledge of his position, not all about procedures and officialism when it applies only to him self. (Does not need to be saluted and called by Executive Officer, except for when the conditions require)

Does not always follow the rules to the "T". Often adapting to the circumstances.
Has a soft spot for females, generally to lenient towards them.
Can be seen as rude and painfully straightforward, possible insulting others.
Ambitions Kilren rarely shares his thoughts with others, of his ambitions. His goals, his dreams...

Almost as if he hides behind a mask, a simple man... so as it is seen, but very complicated and deep thinker underneath it all.
Hobbies & Interests When not in stressful situations, and his position does not call to him, Kilren can be found "bothering" the civilian chef. Often cooking with him, and when not being watched, sneaking food into his mouth.

The brute also loves to be reading, and can often be found in his quarters, with a book in hand.


Father Jolokia Tulany (Deceased)
Mother Naga Tulany (Deseased)
Sister(s) Solanales Tulany (Unknown)

Personal History

Personal History Kilren Tulany's childhood is considered by most to be no less than a tragedy. His mother, Naga Tulany, soon died after Kilren's birth due to uncontrollable blood loss. Jolokia, Kilren's father, devastated with grief had to leave Kilren in Solanales' care, his older sister. Later it was learned that Jolokia died an honorable death during a Vulcan raid, though unknown where or exactly when.

("This might possible be my last entry,
We are holed up, the three of us. However
time has not permitted for me to learn the
others names. The Vulcan are pressing on
all flanks, and ammo is low while fatigue
is considerably high.

My last wish is to tell my two children, Kilren
and Solanales, that I did not mean to abandon
them, that I was frightened, and I want them
to know that all I wish of them, and for them,
is to lead an honorable life."
-Jolokia, Last entry in journal, undated)

Solanales tried her best to raise the rowdy and mischievous Kilren, putting him through schooling and teaching him high morals and expectations, but she was still just a girl herself. She fared well, and received help from decent folks around her. But alas, tragedy striked again.

On a dark stormy night, after going to bed, Kilren heard a thump thump thump of armored boots. A noise to him, never heard before. As he rose and started looking around for his Disruptor that his father had left behind, he heard a scream from the room next to his and immediately thought of Solanales! As he was running to his door, he heard a low rumbling just before his door exploded. Sent flying back, the back of his head smacked the wall in a sickening thud, Kilren saw a rouge Vulcan running out of the hall way with Solanales, before falling unconscious. Hours later, possibly even days, Kilren awoke with a horrible headache and slightly dizzy. Immediately he ran into his sister's room to confirm her abduction by the intruders, and found no signs of her or her kidnappers. After being considerably depressed, and even thinking of ending it all there with his disruptor, he thought of those that he saw and ran back into the hall way that connected the doorways of the two rooms. On the ground, Kilren found a dead male pressed against the other side of the wall, opposite of his door frame, with what Kilren concluded a prematurely detonated, nearly unrecognizable, Demolition's Charge in hand.

Kilren spent the next two years investigating his sister's abduction. Homeless, unsheltered, and unwanted, Kilren again nearly lost all hope and contemplated suicide. Never had he felt so alone. His mother dead that he never knew, his father murdered by Vulcan, and now his sister missing with no lead. In this time, he no longer accepted his last name, considering it a bad omen, a force that was destined to wipe the entire family line, for reasons he did not know.

He soon realized that he was getting no wheres, and had to do something. He found passage way to Earth, where he planned to enroll in Harvard for criminal investigation. Kilren doubted his acceptance into Harvard, with no money and no family he was going to surely get nowhere. However, much to his surprise, he was accepted and enrolled in the fall of 2332. Kilren spent the next eight years earning a Doctor's degree in Criminal Investigations and Latin. Latin was an unforeseen hobby Kilren picked up, after gaining a new roommate in his third year that stayed with him until they both graduated with flying colors in 2340, Kilren second in class.

With much surprise, his roommate was a Vulcan, the race that murdered Kilren's father and kidnapped his sister. Tensions were considerably high that first month, but with that passing of time, Kilren learned to love his roommate like a brother, and even came to peace with the Vulcans. It was his roommate that kept Kilren from running off in search of Solanales through the years.

From 2341 to 2370 nearly nothing is known of Kilren, he simply seemed to drop off all charts. All that is known is that these thirty years was spent searching for his sister.

In 2371, Kilren returned to Earth, and soon was into so much trouble; he could barely breath. He appeared in court, and trials were to commence for this perfect murder. A Vulcan was tortured until his death. Investigations had absolutely no leads whatsoever; there was no trace of DNA, fingerprint, or witnesses, the entire nine yards. Only a murder that could be pulled off by someone who knew what they were doing. However, Kilren was innocent until proven guilty, and was released from all charges. Many expected his involvement though.

(To be continued)

Searing lights
Blue skies
Lush green grass

Look at the children
Adults talking
Sense the love around them
Feel the joy of that world

Look back into your dark room
You feel an ominous presence
Leave your dark room
To enter a dark hall

Look for your master
Ask him to leave the dark hall
And come to your dark room
Ask him to look at that world

But instead he cowers in fear
Ask nicely if you can visit that world
He says no, so very hastily
Ask and demand why

He gives you no reply
And closes the window
Sits you down
Tells you to never go there again

You grow unhappy
Yell at him and say what you want
He just simply says "never again"
With more anger and hate

You can't resist that world
Run out your dark room
Into the dark hall
And open those huge doors

The sun
The sky
The people


You feel as if death just met you
You burn everywhere
You bleed from every inch of skin
You are finished in a happy place

Your master watches you die
The slaves ask what to do
Your master tells them to close the doors
And he shows you no pity
As the doors close

-Kilren, Prophecy of a Lone Survivor.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2312 - Born (Location Unknown)
2326 - Age 14 - Told his father was killed in a raid, given father's last journal entry
2329 - Age 17 - Sister kidnapped by party unknown
2332 - Age 20 - Enrollment in Harvard
2340 - Age 28 - Graduated with Doctor's degree in Criminal Investigations and Latin. Second in class.
2354 - Age 42 - Prophecy of Lone Survivor given to Kilren from his sister during a dream.
2371 - Age 59 - Kilren given death sentence for murder, not sufficient evidence to announce guilty
2379 - Age 67 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy
2383 - Age 71 - Graduated Starfleet Academy with flying colors, leaving with rank of Ensign
2384 - Age 72 - Investigations lead Kilren to Commodore Parkilov and unofficial and undocumented service to USS Andoria
2385 - Age 73 - Served during the 'Bunker Hill Incident'
2385 - Age 73 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (LTJG)
2385 - Age 73 - Witnessed Trials of Commodore Parkilov and crew, Requested transfer to USS Shanghai, NCC-63384
2385 - Age 73 - Assigned to Executive Officer aboard the USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency Standard English, Latin, Sheliaks, Tamarian.