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Lieutenant JG Jessica Ryan

Name Jessica Louise Ryan

Position Chief Flight Control Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 24
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 0"
Weight 128 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Jessica is tall and slim. She has long black hair which she ties into a ponytail when she is on duty but often wears it down when she is not on duty. She has light brown eyes which complement her light features. She is described by others as petty a fact she knows only too well. She has no scars or any other marks on her face or anywhere else. She is also physically fit due to working out a lot.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jessica is a serious young woman who speaks her mind. She is very talkative and wears her heart on her sleeve. She is very self sufficient as a result of her belief that nobody can be relied on but yourself. She is also a great pilot. She has a hot temper, and is very stubborn. Jessica has a great smile but it is rarely seen these day
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Jessica is self sufficient and a very good pilot.

Weaknesses She has hot temper and is very stubborn.
Ambitions She hopes to be a Starfleet Captain like her father
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys reading romance novels and being with friends. Jessica likes working out.


Romantic Relationships N/A
Children N/A
Father Captain Sam Ryan (KIA)
Mother Rachael Ryan deceased
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A

Personal History

Personal History Jessica was born in San Francisco, Earth in 2362 as the only child to Starfleet Captain Sam Ryan and Rachael Ryan a teacher. Jessica spent most of childhood on starships with her father and mother. She had a happy if unsettled childhood as Jessica and her mother followed her father around space. When she was five her world fell apart when her mother died of a illness. With her father due to his duties unable to look after her Jessica spent the rest of her childhood and teenage years with her grandparents back on earth. She did good in school where she was focused on her goal to join Starfleet. To that end she applied to the Starfleet Academy where she passed the Academy entrance competition exams first time.

At the academy she did well in flight control and her path was set to be a great pilot. At the academy she fell in love with fellow cadet Dan Smith but their relationship ended after 3 years when Jess fell in with a bad crowd and helped cover up a practical joke gone wrong which caused a cadet to be badly injured. Although not directly involved in the joke when Dan found out he reported her part in the incidence , causing Jessica to get a warning and ending their relationship. Dan is now a Security officer on the USS Andoria. When she was at the academy she learned that her father had been killed on a mission and she was not told where or how her father had died. Jessica was hit hard by the news and her grades suffered as a result but she managed to graduate 15th from her class in flight control.

Jessica became a Ensign and a flight control officer on the USS Galaxy. She impressed on the ship and became the Galaxy’s Assistant Chief Flight Control Officer a job she loved but she wanted more so she transfer to the USS Shanghai as her Chief Flight Control Officer.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record Born 2361 San Francisco, Earth
2380 Applies for Starfleet Academy
2384 Graduates
2385 Applies for the USS Galaxy
2385 Becomes a flight control officer on the USS Galaxy
2385 Becomes Assistant Chief Flight Control officer on the USS Galaxy
2385 Requests Transfer to the USS Shanghai
2385 Becomes Chief Flight Control officer on the USS Shanghai
Language Proficiency Federation Standard