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Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Name Sun Mei Xiang

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Basic Information

Full Name Sun Mei Xiang
Call Sign Baihe (White Crane)
Date of Birth March 17, 2355
Age 36
Place of Birth Nanhai, China; Earth.
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Mei actively attempts to mimic her namesake, Lady Sun, of the Three Kingdoms. She is your traditional 'great beauty'. Her traditional looks, when brought out, are much like those of her people, if not the epitome. She is petite, small, but in shape. No longer a fighter pilot or marine, she has started to keep her hair longer, and generally styled.
Distinguishing Characteristics Most notably, Sun has a few scars. On her chest and breast, she has a series of four scars from knife stabs. She has a few small burnt marks on her arms and shoulders from various clashes over the years. Her eyes have a sparkle of blue in them, just a shimmer when the light hits them right, due to the nanobots she received to heal her eyes after being in space without protection for a short time.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mei emulates her ancestors, having a direct line back to the Three Kingdoms era Sun family, tracing a direct line back to the warlord Sun Ce. Highly knowledgeable about the Era, she strives to be liken too Sun Shang Xiang (for who she is named), the sister of Sun Ce who had an energy, determination, and even training like her brothers.

She believes in martial preparedness, and takes great pride in the practice of her cultures martial arts. As such, she adheres strictly to the morality originally attached to the arts (Humility, Loyalty, Politeness, Righteousness, and Trust in deed; Courage, Endurance, Patience, Perseverance, and Willpower in mind.)

She does, also, have a strange view on the world. She sees herself in a very archaic fashion, somehow instinctively submissive to those in authority (rather than traditional gender roles). She has a notably rebellious streak as well, proud and happy to act against the flow if the situation calls for it, possibly drawn from the same ideology.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Mei has a brilliant mind, delicately precise in many aspects. She has studied Tactics, Strategy, and Combat with an uncanny love since she was very young. As such, she has an incredibly vast knowledge of ancient, classic, old world, contemporary, and alien strategists and strategies.

- She has trained in martial arts since she was very young, and almost exclusively in her ancestral styles. Notably her mastery of Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Fujian White Crane, and Hung Gar styles overtakes the practice of some others. She is also very well trained, practiced, and committed to the use of a Jian (sword).

- Impressively trained reflexes, endurance, strength (relative to size) and mental faculties.

- An exquisite pilot, who refers to her ability to fly as her 'true kung fu'. She practices this, perhaps as much as anything, if not more - honing her abilities as best she can. She knows shuttles, fighters, and their operation and the engineering behind them.

- Morally, and ethically, Mei is a tremendously good person. Loyal, humble, and dedicated to her cause, whatever it may be. She finds friends easy, and when in a good mood, she definitely has a contagious type of good mood.

- Due to her extensive martial arts trainings, she is also a capable gymnast and acrobat.

- Though she seems tough at times, Mei is still limited by her less than impressive size. Her strength, though decent, could not be described as good. She is not built terribly sturdy, not able to take much damage, and in a word - frail. In a fight, she must rely on her reflexes, strategy, and training over strength.

- Mei takes everything personally. She feels that her actions are a reflection of herself. When she fails to do something well, she is at fault. If one of her wing mates is shot down, she takes it personally. She finds herself at odds with her own shortcomings more than most, and concentrates on them, perhaps, a bit too much.

- Though appearing proud, confident, and sure of herself, in some aspects the girl is not. She does not believe she is capable of being a real 'woman'. She doubts her looks, abilities in romance, and all such things. However, part of her, though a warrior and proud woman, desperately wants to be accepted as a woman, to be seen as (for lack of a better term) a princess.

- Sometimes, as a perfectionist in her respective arts, she tries to hard sometimes, and can become distant, withdrawn in her practice or studies.

- Emulates others perhaps a bit too much. She strives to be liken to her ancestors and various heroes throughout the ages. She sometimes forgets herself.

- Often appears to 'not think' before acting. Though not true, she does make decisions quick, and rarely changes her mind.
Ambitions - Mei hopes to become a fighter Ace, and though not nearly there, she believes one day she will be one.

- Mei wishes to become a noted strategist, and a respected commanding officer (even if just of a fighter wing).

- She wishes someday to be referred to as Lady Sun. Though somewhat silly, she believes that bringing the name to her will honor both her ancestors who bore the name.

- She has a desire, like most, to some day find love; but never wants to lose her name.
Hobbies & Interests Mei is incredibly interested in classic Chinese literature, culture, and history. She spends much of her free time, delving deeply into her own past. She tries to stay connected to her own culture, but enjoys learning of others (especially of common ground). She often is quick to learn of other cultures.

She enjoys classic Chinese games such as Xiangqi or what is commonly known as Go. She also actively practices martial arts, and does do contests when possible. She enjoys dance, both traditional forms and more modern forms.

She enjoys music, but has no talent for it, as well as cooking, but again, no talent. She enjoys almost any physical activity, the more strenuous the better.


Romantic Relationships Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias
Children Sun Cai, temporally displaced daughter.
Father Sun Jiang Fu
Mother (Xu) Sun Xue Qiu
Brother(s) Sun Zhou, Sun Ru, Sun Bao, Sun Jun
Sister(s) (Sun) Fu Maes, (Sun) Fujita Cheng , Sun Lin, (Sun) Yamashita Yu
Other Family Large extended family in China, on Earth. In-Laws: Jules Maes, Fujita Yamato, Yamashita Daichi Nieces and Nephews: Fujita Nobu, Fujita Sho, Fujita Hiroko
Family Details Sun Jiang Fu, Mei's father, works for the Chinese Historical Society on Earth, generally doing museum work, but also occasionally teaching a class or giving a lecture. He was once a collegiate professor. He is 63 years old.

(Xu) Sun Xue Qiu, Mei's mother, is, and always has been, a traditional housewife, and happily so. She is 59 years old.

Sun Jun Da, Mei's oldest brother, works as a manager at a local restaurant. He is 41 years old.

(Sun) Fujita Cheng Min, Mei's oldest sister, is a housewife in Japan. She has three children, her son Nobu, her son Sho, and her daughter Hiroko. She is married to Fujita Yamato. She is 39 years old.

Fujita Yamato, Mei's brother in law, is a Lieutenant in Starfleet. He works in the branch offices in Japan, and has done some work with Stellar Cartography.

Sun Lin Xun, Mei's older sister, is a dancer, but is training to take over as a choreographer, working currently in Beijing. She is 38 years old.

Sun Ru Qing, Mei's older brother, is a decently successful small time director, and currently has no published works. He is 36 years old.

Sun Bao Guo, Mei's older brother, is a well established doctor. He currently operates a clinic in Nanhai. He is 35 years old.

(Sun) Fu Ling Maes, Mei's older sister, is married, living in Cambridge England, and is a housewife. She is 34 years old.

Jules Maes, Mei's brother in law, is now a tenured professor in Cambridge, though he works for the public school system. He is 38 years old.

Sun Zhou Yong, Mei's younger brother, currently working as a historical consultant at a local museum in Guangzhou. He is 29 years old.

(Sun) Yamashita Yu Ai, Mei's youngest sister, married young and is a housewife. She didn't get to go to college, and has become somewhat distant from her family. She is 23 years old. Currently living on Starbase 23.

Yamashita Daichi, Mei's Brother in Law, is a Lieutenant (JG) in Starfleet, serving as Officer in Charge of the Bristol a saber class ship assigned to Starbase 23.

Fujita Nobu, Mei's Nephew, currently in school, age 17.

Fujita Sho, Mei's Nephew, currently in school, twin to Hiroko, age 16.

Fujita Hiroko, Mei's Niece, currently in school, twin to Sho, age 16.

Personal History

Personal History March 17, 2355: Born in Nanhai, China. Given the name Mei Xiang, which mean Beautiful and To Soar respectively. She of course, was given her family name, Sun.

March 18, 2358: Begins taking martial arts classes with her father.

August 2360: Enrolled in public schools, and begins education.

April 2366: Leaves public schools for a while due to a bout of sickness.

May 2366: Returns to public school, once of clean health, and quickly catches back up.

March 2368: Teased about being a tomboy, gets in her first fight with another girl. Suspended for roughly 2 weeks.

February 2371: At 16, has her first romantic relationship with a boy named Huang Guo Zhi.

November 2372: Relationship with Huang ends badly.

August 2373: Enrolled in a College in Beijing, studying History.

August 2374: Approached by Starfleet, whom she turns down. Countinues studying History, but begins taking flight instruction.

March 2375: Gets her civilian pilots license.

July 2375: By this time, Mei has gotten an instructors permit for piloting.

October 2375: Approached again by Starfleet, whom again she turns down. States a specialization in Chinese History.

August 2376: Enters her final year of college.

May 2377: Graduates with a BA in History. She is approached by the Starfleet Marine Corp, and enlists later in the month.

November 2377: Enters basic training.

January 2378: Enters officer training.

May 2378: Enters the Marine Corp Flight School.

July 2378: Graduates Flight School with flying colors.

October 2378: Gains Instruction Permit, and becomes a Marine Corp Fighter Pilot Instructor on Earth.

June 2380: While escorting a squad of Cadets in a long range fighter drill near the Rigel system, the group is attacked by an Orion ship. Three of the four cadets are severely injured before help arrives, one is dead. Mei is badly wounded as well, and requests to leave instructing.

July 2380: Transfered to Starbase 23, where she serves as a fighter pilot.

January 2381: After a half a year, she is promoted to squad leader.

December 2382: Given the position of Fighter Wing Executive Officer onboard the Station.

April 2384: Transferred to Starfleet and Assigned to the Akira Class USS Shanghai, as Wing Commander. Rank reduced from Marine Captain to Fleet Lieutenant JG due to the transfer.

September 2384: Takes over as second officer aboard the Shanghai.

January 2385: Promoted to Lieutenant and takes over as Executive Officer aboard the Shanghai.

December 2385: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.

December 2385: While on Shore Leave, Sun is stabbed four times in the chest, from which she does recover after extensive medical treatment.

2387: Completes Starfleet advanced command courses.

2388: Commander Sun is Reassigned to the USS Dunedin on the Gorn Border.

2389: Returns to the USS Shanghai as CO.

2391: Promoted to Captain.
Medical History Multiple minor injuries over the course of a long career. Major injuries listed below.

| 2380; Major injuries sustained in an Orion Ambush near Rigel. Broken ribs, leg, dislocated shoulder.
| 2385; Stabbed four times in the chest on Shore Leave. Stab wounds, massive blood loss.
| 2388: Spaced during the destruction of the Shanghai. Burns, temporary blindness, and lung damage.

Personnel Data

Service Number LI-482-194-REN
Clearance Level 10 - CO
Duty Shift Alpha
Quarters Captain's Quarters, Deck Two

Starfleet Records

Education and Training Education
| Bachelor of Art in History, concentration East Asian History.
| Master of Art in Military History.

General Training
| Marine Corps Basic Training
| Marine Corps Officer Training
| Phaser Proficiency (Type 1, Type 2)
| Phaser Carbine specialist.
| Flight Training, Civilian Craft
| Flight Training, Starfleet Auxiliary
| Flight Training, Fighters
| Valkyrie Class specialist.
| Instructor Certification, Basic Flight.
| Instructor Certification, Fighters
Service Record 2377: Enters Basic Training, Starfleet Marine Corp.
2378: Enters Officer Training, Starfleet Marine Corp.
2378: Enters Marine Corp Flight School.
2378: Receives Instruction Permit from the SFMC.
2379: Promoted to 1st Lieutenant upon completion of Training.
2379-2380: Serves as a Marine Corp Flight Instructor
2380: Transferred to SB23 as a fighter pilot.
2381: Promoted to Squadron Leader.
2382: Promoted to Marine Captain and Fighter Wing XO.
2384: Transferred to USS Shanghai as Wing Commander.
2384: Promoted to and takes Second Officer position on board the Shanghai.
2385: Promoted to Lieutenant and takes Executive Officer position on board the Shanghai.
2385: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
2388: Reassigned the USS Dunedin as CO. Promoted to Commander.
2389: Returns to the USS Shanghai-A as Commanding Officer.
2391: Promoted to Captain.
Language Proficiency | Federation Standard, Native.
| Mandarin Chinese, Native.
| Yue (Cantonese), Fluent.
| Japanese, Basic.
| Orion, Basic.