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Captain Mei Xiang Sun

Name Mei Xiang Sun

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Basic Information

Full Name Sun Mei Xiang (孙美翔)
Nickname Mago
Call Sign Baihe (White Crane)
Date of Birth March 17, 2355
Age 44
Place of Birth Nanhai, China; Earth.
Gender Female
Species Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 5"
Weight 121 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark Brown
Physical Description Mei is traditionally beautiful, at least by some Earth culture standards. She is not the tallest officer, but even at only five and a half feet tall she has a presence that is hard to deny. She is in excellent shape. A martial artist and marine, she keeps herself as close to peak performance as possible. She knows that strength will never be her strong point though and keeps herself lean and agile – and as such has a sort of dancers build, though perhaps with a bit more muscle definition that some. Her pale skin is marred in places by the telltale signs of combat experience, though unlike many she has opted to reduce scarring where possible. Her traditional features are only accentuated by her choice to maintain short hair. Generally styled neatly, it is that flair of the eccentric some days that most seem to remember. One thing is always true though, it is styled up and away from her eyes – something she cannot shake from her days as a fighter pilot. Her eyes are a dark brown pupil, with a shimmer of blue thanks to the nanobots used to restore her sight after being spaced.

Sun was originally part of the more military branches of Starfleet and tended to keep herself dressed according to uniform code for much of her career. However, since becoming a commander she has moved away from that. Instead, she tends to wear “Captain’s” variants whenever possible. Her preferred uniform is the Starfleet uniform vest variant. She will also wear open jackets. She does keep a flight jacket and marine corps jacket in rotation as well. Her desire to adjust her uniform somewhat has also made her less strict on others. She no longer wears her wedding ring, but instead tends to wear it on a necklace under her uniform.

At one point, Mei was once much more traditional in her off-duty wear but has since changed her style. Partially, this is due to being a single mother and not having the time to dress up quite as often, part of it is and admittance that she doesn’t have to wear her history openly to be herself. She tends to wear comfortable clothes and styles, and almost always has a slim black jacket on for excursions off duty.
Distinguishing Characteristics Mei has quite a few scars. She has many small discolorations on her skin from phaser and disrupter burns. The largest of these are usually hidden by clothing, though to the astute eye some can be seen on her lower right arm, and sometimes near her shoulder. On her chest she has remnants of the stabbing on Earth. On her right leg has a large scar from above the knee to halfway down her shin, where she had reconstruction after an attack by Orions early in her career. Her right arm likewise has some smaller scars. Her eyes have a sparkle of blue in them as well, from where her eyes were restored after being spaced.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mei has come a long way since her early career. While the core of her beliefs has stayed the same, she has grown a lot as a person. This shows the most in her command style – which has slowly but surely taken on more and more Starfleet ideas and become less militaristic. Her general tendencies towards quiet and contemplation have made her seem more distant as a commander to some, which is something she is actively trying to work to correct.

Sun does revere her ancestry and traditions more highly than some. She has a very clear admiration for great people of her peoples’ past. Part of this, and in part thanks to her family, is her drive to reach for her personal moral and ethical ideals. Mei tries to be the best person she can be. She believes in loyalty, compassion, patience, perseverance, and courage. She is open, kind, and often warm. She believes in martial preparedness and takes great pride in the practice of her martial arts. As such, she adheres rather strictly to the morality originally attached to the arts, many of which were only further drilled home by her careers in the Marines and Starfleet.

It is that desire to work within her traditions while moving forward that sometimes seems to guide her. Some of her ideas are even seen as archaic, even by her. She likes the traditions, though. Some have the misconception that she is traditional, wholly. But those traditions she holds dear are merely guidelines, and things she enjoys. She is not afraid to rebel to do what is right in her mind. She strives to always move forward, to grow, to be better, to find herself.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
- Academic First: Mei was not originally planning to join the Fleet. She was going to be a professor. While the Breen Attack on Earth changed that, she is an academic first and always will be. She is apt to research, and approaches problems based on her studies. She studied history, and is a qualified historian, though she hasn’t ever professionally practiced.
- Strategist: Mei has a brilliant mind, delicately precise in many aspects. She has studied Tactics, Strategy, and Combat with an uncanny love since she was very young. As such, she has an incredibly vast knowledge of ancient, classic, old world, contemporary, and alien strategists and strategies.
- Martial Artist: She has trained in martial arts since she was very young, and almost exclusively in her ancestral styles until she joined the fleet. Notably her mastery of Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan, Hung Gar, and Starfleet’s Self Defense styles overtakes the practice of some others. She has a fascination with archaic weapons as well, and practices more than she likely needs too.
- Fighter Ace: Mei is an exquisite pilot, who refers to her ability to fly as her 'true kung fu'. She practices this, perhaps as much as anything, if not more - honing her abilities as best she can. She knows shuttles, fighters, and their operation and the engineering behind them.
- Peak Performance: Impressively trained reflexes, endurance, strength (relative to size) and mental faculties. Due to her extensive martial arts trainings, she is also a capable gymnast and acrobat.
- Proven command record.

- Limited Strength: Though she seems tough at times, Mei is still limited by her less than impressive size. Her strength, though decent, could not be described as good. She is not built terribly sturdy, not able to take much damage, and in a word - frail. In a fight, she must rely on her reflexes, strategy, and training over strength.
- It is Me: Mei takes everything personally. She feels that her actions are a reflection of herself. When she fails to do something well, she is at fault. If one of her wing mates is shot down, she takes it personally. She finds herself at odds with her own shortcomings more than most, and concentrates on them, perhaps, a bit too much. This is particularly hard as a commanding officer. She does not have the disconnect many COs tend to display.
- Not a Scientist: While she is an academic, Mei is not a scientist. She has a basic understanding of many scientific concepts, but she needs to be walked through more complicated aspects. This applies to engineering and medical sciences as well.
- As a Mule: Mei is stubborn, and brash. She acts without thinking sometimes and has a tendency to get stuck in her ways without realizing it. It can be hard to get her to change direction once her mind is made up.
- Wearing Her Heart: Sun comes from a rather traditional family. She doesn’t generally show emotion openly, at least not how many do. Still, she wears her heart on her sleeve.
Ambitions - Mei has been lucky to achieve many of her ambitions. She is a fighter ace, she commands a vessel, and she has a small family of her own. Perhaps her main ambition is to keep going, to keep moving forward, to not mess those things up.
- Sun still wants to be a notable strategist.
- She’d also like to be published, a bit of lingering historian in her probably.
Hobbies & Interests Mei is incredibly interested in classic Chinese literature, culture, and history. She spends much of her free time, delving deeply into her own past. She tries to stay connected to her own culture but enjoys learning of others (especially of common ground). She often is quick to learn of other cultures. She enjoys classic Chinese games such as Xiangqi or what is commonly known as Go. She also actively practices martial arts and does do contests when possible. She enjoys dance, both traditional forms and more modern forms. She enjoys music, but has no talent for it, as well as cooking, but again, no talent. She enjoys almost any physical activity, the more strenuous the better.

Mei has also recently taken up a few additional hobbies, to try to expand herself a bit. She has been trying to learn to cook. She’s been toying with water colors. And, due to her partner’s injuries, she has tried to find a few more low-impact hobbies. Perhaps most accurately, she’s taken up looking for new hobbies.

She spends a lot of time with her family as well and can sometimes be found in her ready room reading up on whatever her children are studying, or one of Bao’s new screenplays, or any number of similar things.


Romantic Relationships Ersin Ryl (Killed in Action)
Children Sun Lizal Ayano (daughter) and Sun Lizal Xun (son) - her twins, born in late 2391.
Father Sun Jiang Fu
Mother (Xu) Sun Xue Qiu
Brother(s) Sun Zhou, Sun Ru, Sun Bao, Sun Jun
Sister(s) (Sun) Fu Maes, (Sun) Fujita Cheng , Sun Lin, (Sun) Yamashita Yu
Other Family Large extended family in China, on Earth. In-Laws: Jules Maes, Fujita Yamato, Yamashita Daichi Nieces and Nephews: Fujita Nobu, Sun Xinyi, Fujita Sho, Fujita Hiroko, "Rylie" Maes, Sun Ping.
Family Details Sun Mei Xiang enjoys a very large family for the Federation. One she did at one point consider a blessing and a curse but has since decided that the blessing far outweighs the curse. In many ways, she is family oriented, despite having a career that takes her across the galaxy from them.

Her Father: Sun Jiang Fu, generally referred to as Sun Jiang, is a member of the Chinese Historical Society on Earth. He currently serves as a Curator and Archivist at the Nanhai Cultural History Museum. He was previously a Professor at the local college. He is a quiet man, almost never speaking in groups – but is unquestionably the patriarch of the Sun family. Despite his old age, and quiet nature, his children all tend to see him as the disciplinarian in the family. The grandchildren tend to disagree.

Her Mother: Sun Xue Qiu was born Xu Xue Qiu. She and Sun Jiang married early, and she has ever since been a traditional housewife. She is generous, open, friendly, and tends to dote on her children and grandchildren.

Her Brothers: Sun Jun Da is the oldest of the Sun siblings, eight years older than Mei. He is a restaurateur in Nanhai and seems to have settled happily into that role. His restaurant serves classical south China dishes with a fusion of elements brought in from around the Federation. Sun Ru Qing is three years older than Mei. He is a small stage director in Nanhai. He recently had a production converted to a holo-novel, but it did not perform well. Mei does have a copy aboard Shanghai, though. Sun Bao Guo is only two years older than Mei and is a doctor in Nanhai operating a surprisingly large private practice there. He specializes in primary care and loves it. He has been known to give Mei second opinions. Sun Zhou Yong is the youngest brother and is three years younger than Mei. He is a Historical Consultant at one of the Art Museums in Nanhai but tends to change jobs every couple of years. He looks up to Mei more than most of his siblings.

Her Sisters: Fujita Cheng Min, born Sun Cheng Min, is a housewife in Japan. She is the oldest sister, at about six years older than Mei. She is raising three children, though her youngest is currently studying aboard the Shanghai. She is less content than her mother and tends to take on extra responsibilities where able. Sun Lin Xun is a dancer and choreographer working in traditional and modern theater projects in Beijing. She is arguably closest to Mei out of their siblings. She is five years older than Mei. Fu Ling Maes was born Sun Fu Ling and only about a year before Mei. The two were always rivals, but Fu found partner and ended up moving to Cambridge. Afterwards, the two became closer – if still willing to throw barbs at one another from time to time. Fu is a housewife. Yamashita Ai Yu was born Sun Yu Ai and is the youngest of the Sun siblings. She was born nearly ten years after Mei and was always a bit distant from the rest of the family. She currently lives on Starbase 23 with her husband, and rarely sees the rest of the family.

Her Children: Mei has two children, twins, who were both born in 2391 shortly after their father was killed in action. The twins are Sun Lizal Ayano and Sun Lizal Xun. When written in Chinese characters, their Trill names tend to be shortened to Li.

Her In-Laws: Barias Lizal and Edoss Lizal are her deceased husband’s fathers. They are a restaurateur and sociologist respectively, and both live on Trill. They were close with Mei until their son was killed, and her decision to raise the children with her has soured their relationship; but they do care about their grandchildren. Sun Tai Feng was born Yuen Tai Feng. She married Sun Jun Da, and if honest Mei doesn’t remember a time she wasn’t around. Tai Feng helps with her husband’s restaurant, mostly handling the operations side to let him concentrate on the creative side. Lieutenant Commander Fujita Yamato is a Stellar Cartographer at the Starfleet Science Division Offices in Tokyo. He was a big supporter of the REI and talked Mei into proposing the Shanghai lead their group. Sun Nuan was born Chen Nuan and is married to Bao. She is a psychologist and operates an office out of her Husband’s office. Professor Jules Maes is a Professor of Anthropology, who has taught at Cambridge. He has taken up teaching at local community colleges to encourage others to look more into the field. Lieutenant Yamashita Daichi serves aboard the Bristol, a Saber Class vessel patrolling near Starbase 23. He is the Assistant Chief of Operations aboard the ship. He and Mei do not seem to get along, however.

Her Nieces and Nephews: Fujita Nobu was born when Mei was nineteen. He is finishing college in Japan and the region and is a skilled Kendo practitioner. Sun Xinyi was also born when Mei was nineteen. He was born out of Ru Xing’s short-lived marriage. His mother didn’t want custody, and the boy grew up troubled. He’s put that troubled mind to art though and just completed studies the University of Seoul for their Fine Arts program and is working to become an artist. Fujita Sho and Fujita Hiroko are twins, both born when Mei was twenty. Sho is still a student in Nanhai. He has a love of history and may follow in his grandfather’s footsteps. Hiroko is much closer to her father, though. She has a knack for science and is a scientific consultant with Starfleet in Tokyo. Ryan Li “Rylie” Maes was born when Mei was twenty-four. She lives in Cambridge with her parents and is currently studying. She is a bit of a troublemaker. Sun Ping is the son of Bao and was born when Mei was thirty-one and is currently starting High School.

Her Late Husband: Ersin Ryl (who was Ersin Lizal before the joining) was an anthropologist that Mei met after the Synth Attack on Mars. The two hit it off quickly, starting with the Trill referring to her as Mago instead of Sun, a misreading of her name as he had studied Japanese, not Chinese, during his assignment on Earth. While the two were separated for a few years by the nature of their different jobs in the fleet, but spent time off together, and eventually decided to get married. They seemed a great match by most accounts, but unfortunately Commander Ersin Ryl was killed in action during a Klingon attack in 2391, shortly before his children were born. The Ryl symbiote survived and was transferred to another Trill – though, Mei doesn’t know who.

Personal History

Personal History Born in Guangzhou, China in the Nanhai area on March 17th, 2355, Sun was given a name oddly telling of her eventual skills. Mei, meaning beautiful, and Xiang, meaning To Soar, were chosen by her grandparents for her a day or two after her birth. She started both martial arts and school a bit early, in part due to her father’s fascination with both. She took to the former more than the latter at first. She was raised in a bilingual home, learning to speak and read both Federation Standard and Mandarin Chinese – with some Yue as well.

When she was eleven years old, in 2366, she somehow contracted a virulent disease normally only found on Trill. It was dangerous enough that she was withdrawn from school and spent almost two months in the hospital. After recovering, however, she returned to school and quickly caught back up. Again, her school career continued unabated, until 2368. Shortly after her thirteenth birthday she was suspended for two weeks after a fight with another girl at the school. Stories differ, but most accounts state that the girl was a bit of a bully and picked on Mei for her more tomboyish looks. Mei claimed it was only after being physically pushed.

At sixteen, Mei fell into her first romantic relationship with a young man named Huang Guo Zhi. He wasn’t the best person to have chosen, and the relationship would end badly after a year and a half or so. Afterwards, she concentrated on her studies with a determination that simply hadn’t been there before. It was all to bury herself and hide from the emotions and events, she thinks. In the end, that drive to study – even if born from something bad – led her to college. She applied to a college in Beijing, and in August of 2373 she began her studies there.

Mei began her studies in History about the same time as the Dominion War began. It made the time at college a strange one for her. Due to her scores on entrance exams, Starfleet was interested in her and she was approached a few times with offers to join Starfleet. She turned them down, however, one by one. She did notice the shuttles flying around the region at the time and watching the close formations of patrol shuttles she started realizing she was fascinated with them. So, on a sort of whim, she decided to begin taking Flight courses. She found she loved them and had a knack for flying. By 2375, she would receive her civilian pilots license.

Her direction changed with the Breen Attack on Earth. When Breen fighters struck the planet, their main target was San Francisco, but other major cities were attacked as well. This included Beijing. While Mei doesn’t speak about it often, she was walking home when she heard the sirens, but frankly didn’t have any idea what to do. She panicked and foolishly tried to get home. She found herself out in the streets when the attack started. An off-duty security officer happened to see her and ran from the shelter he had been in through the sounds of explosions and fighters overhead to pull her off the streets and to shelter. After the event, she was treated for minor injuries and spent a few weeks at home recovering.

She returned to Beijing when her college reopened. From there she finished her last year of college, still approached by Starfleet from time to time, and each time she still turned them down. She had her own plan in mind. In 2377, she graduated with a degree in history. Then, she finally relented and contacted the Marine Corps to enlist.

With flight experience and a degree, the Starfleet Flight Corps fast tracked the young woman to officer school. As soon as possible, they put her to the test in flight school. She wanted to be a fighter pilot, and she had the basic skills and training necessary to get a jump on other cadets. So, she was put into flight school. She had a talent and a drive the Corps believed in. She tackled both officer and flight school, and graduated Flight School with flying colors in 2378. She was a fighter pilot from that point on.

There was no need for her at the time, though. No immediate posting was available, so rather than take off some time and wait, Mei went back to train. Eventually, the instructors let her guide new recruits and when she showed an aptitude for instructing, she was placed in instructor’s school. For a couple of years, she served as instructor on Earth, eventually running drills for new recruits out of Cadet Cruise ships.

On June 30th, 2380, Mei was escorting a squad of Cadets from the USS Catherine II near the Rigel System. It was a simple long-range patrol route that had been flown countless times before by fighter cadets, more about keeping formation and general practices than anything else. On that flight she detected a small frigate coming in. Though she ordered the Cadets to fall back and return to the ship, it was too late. When the Orion frigate appeared, it immediately opened fire on the fighters. In the ensuing attack, all five fighters were disabled. One cadet was killed. Three were severely injured, as was Sun. The Orion ship was damaged enough by the small squad that it chose to attempt to flee the Catherine. Sun would spend some time recovering from the ordeal, both physically and mentally.

Afterwards, she transferred to Starbase 23 as a fighter pilot. She served with distinction, rising through the ranks rather quickly. Soon enough, she was a Squad Leader. Within a year and a half, she had been promoted to the Fighter Wing Executive Officer on the station. Then an officer let her know an Akira class ship was looking for CAG. Mei considered staying at the Starbase, but something changed her mind. So, she instead opted to apply for a transfer to the USS Shanghai.

In 2384, Sun was transferred to the Shanghai, and she was a Fighter group commander aboard a carrier, and in truth she didn’t think she could be much happier. She ended up as the Second Officer of the ship as well, given it was a carrier. When the ship’s Executive Officer left, she stepped into the role. She assumed it would be temporary, but after she began, she found she was doing well at the job itself. It wasn’t something she planned, but she did enjoy the role.

In late 2385, Sun was acting as night shift commander of the Shanghai while over Utopia Planitia. The Synth attack took the ship off guard, and while they were not able to assist swift enough to stop the destruction, they were one of the first ships able to arrive on site. She would later be promoted for her actions during the event, but she does not talk about it often. It was also in the aftermath of this event that she met her future husband, Ersin Ryl – a Trill Anthropologist.

In 2386, she was given the position of Executive Officer aboard the Shanghai. During this year, Mei was visiting Earth for shore-leave, while the Shanghai was being repaired. During that visit, Mei was approached by her former partner, Huang, who had been hired to help ambush the woman. Sun was stabbed four times in the chest during the attack, and luckily found quickly by a passerby, who alerted the authorities. While she did recover, it was not a smooth recovery – and the exact reason for the attack is still undiscovered. A few months later, in late 2386, the Akira Class Shanghai was destroyed during an Orion Ambush. The crew would survive, and a new Vesta Class vessel was rechristened Shanghai.

After a few years serving as Executive Officer of the Shanghai, the option for a command tour and her first taste of being a CO came to her. This coincided well with a planned refit of the Shanghai, and the retirement of the ships former CO. During much of 2387 and 2388, Sun completed her advanced command courses, and served as interim CO of the USS Dunedin while awaiting the Shanghai’s retrofit. After this was complete, she was selected as the Commanding Officer of the then new Rimward Exploration Initiative

After her selection, Ersin proposed to her and offered to come with her to Auriga-Perseus, even if he had to resign his commission to do so. The two would have a quick, private wedding before shipping out to the new mission. She and her crew would spend the next couple of years helping settle and develop Golovin Colony. The job was a challenging one, and the local species were unrelenting – but it was the Klingons that put an end to her service there.

In 2390, the Shanghai was recalled to the Raeyan Sector Block. Mei had discovered she was pregnant, and everything went from bad to worse. Ersin was killed shortly after Operation Gatecrasher, and Mei gave birth to twins in the days that followed. For a time, she didn’t know that she would survive the myriad of challenges, but she took some leave with her children and found time to recover, both mentally and physically. When she returned to duty, she took over as captain of the USS Astraeus, a Curiosity class vessel operating in the Beta Quadrant. For about four years she served with distinction, but it was a relatively safe deployment overall. She began to feel guilty about not being on the edge of space, and when a chance to start a new project with a new Shanghai came up, she jumped at the opportunity.
Medical History Multiple minor injuries over the course of a long career. Major injuries and conditions listed below.

| 2366; Contracts a strain of a Trill immuno-virus. Acute stage treated over two months. Continued treatment.

Lingering effects - reduced immune system response.

| 2380; Major injuries sustained in an Orion Ambush near Rigel. Broken ribs, leg, dislocated shoulder.

Lingering effects - Mental trauma. Physical scarring.

| 2385; Stabbed four times in the chest on Shore Leave. Stab wounds, massive blood loss, punctured lung.

Lingering effects - Artificial lower heart valves. Mental trauma. Physical scarring.

| 2388: Spaced during the destruction of the Shanghai. Burns, temporary blindness, and lung damage.

Lingering effects - Sensitivity to sudden bright light. Slightly diminished lung capacity.

Personnel Data

Service Number LI-482-194-REN
Clearance Level 10 - CO
Duty Shift Alpha
Quarters Captain's Quarters, Deck Two

Starfleet Records

Education and Training Education
| Bachelor of Art in History, concentration East Asian History.
| Master of Art in Military History.

General Training
| Starfleet Basic Training
| Starfleet Officer Training
| Starfleet Command Training
| Starfleet Advanced Command Training
| Phaser Proficiency (Type 1, 2, and 3)
| Phaser Carbine specialist.
| Flight Training, Civilian Craft
| Flight Training, Starfleet Auxiliary
| Flight Training, Fighters
| Valkyrie Class specialist.
| Instructor Certification, Basic Flight.
| Instructor Certification, Fighters
| Instructor Certification, Martial Arts and Self Defense
Service Record 2377: Enters Basic Training, Starfleet Combat Flight Corps
2378: Enters Officer Training, Starfleet Combat Flight Corps
2378: Receives Instruction Permit from the SCFC.
2379: Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade upon completion of Training.
2379: Serves as a Combat Flight Instructor.
2380: Transferred to SB23 as a fighter pilot.
2381: Promoted to Squadron Leader.
2382: Promoted to Lieutenant and Fighter Wing XO.
2384: Transferred to the USS Shanghai (Akira) as Wing Commander and Second Officer.
2385: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and takes over as Acting Executive Officer position on board the Shanghai.
2385: Shanghai is part of the Evacuation Fleet during the Attack on Mars, and though caught off guard like so many, she is one of the first ships to respond, despite the damage to her spaceframe.
2386: USS Shanghai (Akira) is destroyed in a battle against the Orions.
2387: Advanced Command School.
2388: Rimward Exploration Initiative, Starfleet Detachment Commanding Officer
2389: Promoted to Commander, and Commanding Officer of the USS Shanghai (Vesta)
2389: Rimward Exploration Initiative is stranded by the conflict in the Raeyan Sector Block. [Classified]
2390: The Shanghai is recalled to the Raeyan Sector Block
2391: Shanghai (Vesta) is severely damaged/destroyed during Operation: Gatecrasher
2392: Reassigned to Deep Space Six as Strategic Operations Officer
2393: Promoted to Captain and takes command of the USS Astraeus (Curiosity)
2397: Transferred to the USS Shanghai-A as Commanding Officer
Language Proficiency | Federation Standard, Native.
| Mandarin Chinese, Native.
| Yue (Cantonese), Fluent.
| Japanese, Basic.
| Trill, Basic.
Commendations It is worth noting that Sun does not display her medals or ribbons openly, nor does she talk about them often, or like it when others bring them up.

|Fighter Corps Commendation - for distinguished service.
|Fighter Corps Combat Instructor Ribbon - for her tour as a Combat Flight Instructor.
|Fighter Corps Marksmanship Ribbon - for marksmanship level proficiency with a phaser carbine.
|Purple Heart with clusters. - for injuries sustained in 2380, 2385, 2386, and 2388.
|Starfleet Aerospace Medal, with clusters - for distinguished service as a pilot on Starbase 23 and the Shanghai.
|Starfleet Commendation with clusters - for distinguished service aboard the Shanghai.
|Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon with clusters - for multiple extended tours.
|Distinguished Flying Cross - for valorous action in 2380.
|Grankite Order of Tactics - For the development of tactics used in Operation: Gatecrasher.
Reprimands |Uniform Code Infractions - issued by various officers.
|Classified Complaint - issued by Jonathan Franz, Ship's Counselor, after a Classified Mission.