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Commander Amoran Rai'ya

Name Amoran Rai'ya

Position Chief Security Officer

Second Position Second Officer

Rank Commander

Basic Information

Age 29
Gender Female
Species Human/Bajoran

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 138 lbs
Hair Color Dark Auburn
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Rai`ya is 29yrs old, has long dark-auburn hair, brown eyes and has slight Bajoran ridges at the bridge of her nose. She has a small coloured tattoo of a celtic pattern in the shape of a dragon with outstretched wings set on either side of her spine in the small of her back, with it`s head to the left and it`s tail to the right.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Rai`ya cares deeply and can be emotional but has become well practised at hiding this. She retains her childlike sense of fun somewhere underneath her established social `defence shields`but she is slow to trust.

Born with a happy disposition, Ry changed radically when her mother died just after her 12th birthday and since then she has taken on a lot of emotional baggage including considerable bitterness and cynicism. She resented her father`s emotional aloofness and has been hurt by her step-mother`s intervention between her and her younger siblings. Her physical strength and with a facade of tough, unreachable defences, she is a formidable adversary but the martial arts training in which she excels has taught her control and calm thought to keep the turmoil of her past at bay.
Strengths & Weaknesses Rai`ya, having been brought up on Bajor is accustomed to a civilisation that remembers there have been many reasons to learn to defend oneself and with her own personal history, she has studied and mastered several forms of martial arts skills & general combat training. Whilst she`s not a large person she`s surprisingly strong, agile and a formidable adversary in a physical confrontation. This is ideally suited to Security and has earned her meteroric rise to Chief of Dept with an impressive portfolio of successful missions and assignments that she attributes modestly to a lot of people underestimating what they imagine will be a pushover.

Her weaknesses include her deeper feelings and past hurts which can make her withdrawn, difficult to fathom and fairly solitary, yet there is an ironically sad side to her who, despite pushing the universe away instinctively, craves to be loved one day.
Ambitions Rai`ya had a lot of anger and resentment to release at first but as this helped her to progress she learned to like the feel of promotion, awards and praise. She would give a great deal to one day win her father`s respect, but doubts if he`ll ever notice. In the meantime, she accredits all her successes to her mother`s memory and wants to climb as far as she can to `make her proud`. She also wants to make a difference against crime for obvious reasons.

Hobbies & Interests Rai'ya is a Martial Arts student with a black belt in Jujitsu. She is keen on Hover-ball and keeps herself fit and strong by use of the Gym because she needs to be on top of her game to work in Security as many might imagine a woman officer to be a weak link and Rai would be devastated if she were to prove them right.

She also loves music from all centuries and types. She leaned to play several instruments as a child but does not practice as much as she should, preferring to have the computer play recorded music instead now.


Romantic Relationships None
Children None
Father Amoran Villa
Mother Amoran Amia (nee Ro'wain)
Brother(s) Amoran Rowan, Amoran Raman (deceased)
Sister(s) Amoran Relna
Other Family Maternal grandparents and two Terran uncles - all current or former Starfleet Step-siblings and a living step-mother, no details declared. No Bajoran close family.

Personal History

Personal History Rai`ya was born on board a Starship in 2353 to Amia Ro`wain, a Terran Starfleet Counsellor who fell in love with a Bajoran former Resistance Fighter, Amoran Villa, who she encountered on one of her ship`s missions. Their marriage allowed him to join her on board the USS Dreadnought and eventually they settled on Earth, in New Manchester on the western coast of what had once been the United States of America. With four children between 5mths and 8 yrs old, the couple then moved to Bajor in 2361.

Rai`ya was a sweet natured, happy child but she changed radically when her mother died just after her 12th birthday from a street attack by a would be mugger who beat her to death in front of her children. Rai`ya had tried to help her mother but had been begged by the desperate, dying woman to leave her and to get the smaller children away to safety instead. Rai`s reluctance to leave her mother and her best efforts to help meant that when she *did* try to herd her siblings away, one of her brothers ran in a panic into the path of an oncoming transport pod and was struck down. When he later died from his injuries, Rai`ya was guilt-stricken, blaming herself.

She became resentful and felt further betrayed by the lightness of the sentence that the community`s justice imposed on the attacker which many believed was due to the fact that he was the son of a local official. Rai`ya tried to apply for the care of her remaining two siblings as per her mother`s wishes but was denied due to her age and the whole family were sent to their estranged father who had ironically moved away to Earth. Amia had felt this was deliberate but Rai`ya never found out if that was true, however her father really didn`t have the room for the children of his first marriage, nor the time.

Resenting her father`s emotional distance and the disapproval of her step-mother, Ry enroled in the Starfleet Academy at the first opportunity as a means of escape. Even now, 16 yrs after her mother`s death, she can still be cynical and withdrawn. She tried to keep in touch with her siblings but was hurt to have never got replies to her vid-letters. Unbeknown to her these were intercepted by her step-mother who believed the troubled eldest of his children was a bad influence and cause of sorrow to her husband so she actively severed the links.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record On graduation from the Academy aged 22, Ensign Amoran was offered a posting on the USS Partheon in 2377, beginning as a Junior Security Officer and made her way up through the department, transferring to the USS Inspiration in `79. Working hard to achieve a promotion to Lt. (jg), she was appointed Assistant Chief of Security in 2380.

Her current application for Assistant Chief of Security on the USS Shanghai is a result of her desire and ambition to become part of the mixed community that exists on a Station, widening her experiences and adding the next level of challenge to the career that has occupied her whole life since she found herself alone and alienated at the age of 16 when she fled to join the Academy. She now considers Starfleet to be her only `family`.
Language Proficiency Federation Standard, Bajoran and an understanding of Cardassian