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Lieutenant JG Torg Retash

Name Torg Retash

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Basic Information

Age 33
Gender Male
Species Tellarite

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 185 lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Torg is tall for his people, but has the usual porcine features and long hair. Since joining Starfleet he fastidiously files his teeth to be more presentable in front of senior officers. He has several scars on his body from previous jobs, including a large radiation burn across his left arm and torso that was only partially regenerated.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Torg is a consummate conversationalist and enjoys a good argument over pretty much any issue. He often throws odd comments into conversations merely to see his 'opponent's reaction. Generally though he is gruff and not as interested in preserving the feelings of those around him as he is in getting the job done. He is emotional when challenged and known for having a bit of a short temper.
Strengths & Weaknesses Torg is an excellent engineer and orator, as well as a handy knife-fighter. He has spent much of his adult life honing his technical skills in one way or another. He can fix most things given time and plenty of space! He is quick to argue and has been known to rub people up the wrong way on more than one occasion.
Ambitions Torg's long term ambition is one day to feel redeemed for the lives he helped claim in his 'lost years' on board the Vo'Kosh.
Hobbies & Interests Torg is a collector of ornate melee weapons and personal communicators. He tries to find a new 'piece' at each new posting and as many in between as possible. His years before Starfleet led to a large collection of these interesting objects. The Nausicaan blade he bought his freedom with twice has an honoured place on his wall. Other than this Torg has little time for hobbies and spends much of his time trying to increase the efficiency of an engine part or construct some new phaser bank gismo.


Father Fren Retash
Mother Shlet Retash

Personal History

Personal History Torg was born on Aglash, a small mining colony world of Tellar Prime. His parents were both miners and his early life was one of hard toil and few luxuries. It was at this age that his parents taught him never to squander anything and as he grew he kept this principle close to his heart. In the mines and ships of the Tellarite Mining Consortium he worked hard earning money for his parents. Luckily his talent for fixing things gave him a way of avoiding the back breaking work as he grew. By his eighteenth birthday he was the engineer of the mining cargo runner Gatax. It was there that he suffered a severe 'accident'.

Whilst passing through the Delein system his ship was attacked by Nausicaan pirates and forced down onto a Class L planetoid. There Torg and the ships captain Shralak hid in pressure suits until the pirates tried to board the Gatax. As they did the two Tellarites fought for their lives, using whatever they could get their hands on to fight back. As they fought their way onto a Nausicaan ship Shralak was mortally wounded. Torg was barely able to get the ships airlock secured before he was overrun. Escaping with the body of his captain he was pursued by the other pirates and his vessel took damage before entering warp.

The Gatax arrived in Klingon space adrift and corrupted by radiation, but with a sound cargo. It was quickly descended on by Klingon 'salvage specialists' who found Torg in a coma due to radiation exposure. They ejected Shralak's corpse and kept the injured Torg prisoner, barely healing the radiation burns that covered his arm and body. Upon awakening Torg experienced severe amnesia, remembering only the vaguest wisps of past. The House of Targak press-ganged him into service aboard their bounty hunting vessel the Vo'Kosh.

What followed was a period of his life that Torg has come to be very ashamed of. He worked as a bounty hunter for 5 years. At first he knew not what or who he was and the Klingons molded him into a boarding fighter. Soon they, and Torg, realised he had skills beyond fighting, although he had become handy with the Nausicaan sword he still possessed. They began to trust him with repairing their vessel and began to treat him slightly better. Now his Gagh was live when it arrived in his room and they only beat him twice a week.

Slowly however Torg's memories returned, something he attributes to his growing exposure to engineering. It was his link to the past and the parents he knew nothing of. Slowly he began to be aware that he had a real past. And as this past returned to him he realised that his present was wrong, it went against his entire moral history. By this time the warriors of the House of Targak had him producing mines and breaching charges of different types. They did not know of his returning memories and did not suspect his rebellion when it came.

As the Vo'Kosh approached their latest quarry, a Bolian freighter, Torg decided to act. Over the last week he had placed devices all over the bird of prey and when the moment came for him to set the breach charge on the hull of the freighter he tied it's detonation to all of them. When the captain ordered it done he fired them, blasting a small precise hole in the Bolian hull. His Nausicaan sword slashed at the two unsuspecting klingons that awaited the blast and he fled onto the Bolian vessel. As the explosions ripped through the vital systems of the Vo'Kosh the freighter made its getaway, a reclaimed Federation citizen on board.

After he returned to his parents Torg felt great shame and dishonour for his actions. His parents could not understand his predicament, they were so entangled in their mining world. He bid them farewell, needing to travel the stars and find himself again. Even though his memories had returned he felt a liar, an impostor. His travels took him to Earth and there to Starfleet. For Torg the Headquarters in San Fransisco seemed the perfect place to earn redemption, he signed up and joined the Academy.

His Academy years passed quickly, keeping his head down and not trusting himself with others. He did well in his classes however, some better than others. He excelled in Engineering, but didn't want to stand out. Slowly he started to have friends again, to trust again and little by little he became happier. He graduated with honours, but more importantly friends. He took a posting on a Miranda class vessel and served for 2 years, receiving a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Eventually the Denmark returned to Earth for substantial maintenance and Torg looked for another assignment.

Personnel Data

Starfleet Records

Service Record 2352 - Birth on Aglash

2367 - Tellarite Mining Consortium - Worker Class 1

2370 - Tellarite Mining Consortium - Engineer Class 1 - Gatax - Cargo Vessel

2372 - Boarding Fighter/Sapper - Vo'Kosh - Klingon Bird of Prey

2377 - Federation Citizen - No Fixed Abode

2379 - Cadet - Starfleet Academy

2383 - Ensign - USS Denmark

2384 - Lieutenant Junior Grade - USS Denmark

2385 - Lieutenant Junior Grade - Starfleet Academy - awaiting reassignment
Language Proficiency Tellarite, Federation Standard, Klingon