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Level 3: Task Force Executive Officer Unit of Merit Award (Quarterly)

Distributed Quarterly, this award recognizes the efforts put forth by a Executive Officer; as recognized by his fellow crewmembers, Task Group CO and - ultimately - Task Force CO.

Category: In character
Awarded: 1 time

Captain Mei Xiang Sun
Fri Sep 18th, 2009 @ 5:55pm
I would like to nominate Cdr. Sun for a few reasons, but the one outstanding reason why I personally believe Cdr. Sun deserves this award is simply, dedication. Not only has the simm been run better, but she left a job that she loved at the request to be the Executive Officer. Many parts of the ship's history, tour, and deck listing are complete because of her. Not only is her dedication to the site unparalleled, but it also shines toward the crew that we have. Her posts are always top quality, and in many cases, welcome posts are posted before me, as the Commanding Officer. Her personality brings crew members out of a shell that they may be in and draws them out to the entire crew. Despite the time constraints she has, there is always time for the Shanghai, something that was highlighted when I went on a week's LoA. She slipped into the role of the CO like a charm, and started posts with everyone on the ship. There is definitely a special person inside the character of Sun Mei Xiang, not to mention the character grappling with being the only human in the command structure, something that is hard at times. In the OF universe, where many posts are about battles, or about political intrigue, Sun keeps us all "down to earth" with her posts about her ancestors or whatever strikes her fancy. Without her, I daresay the Shanghai would not be half as good as she is now, and definitely in rougher waters than the smooth sailing she takes us through. Without any reservation at all, I fully and completely submit this nomination for Lt. Cdr. Sun Mei Xiang for the XO Merit Award for this quarter. We would be lost without her.

Awarded Fall 2009