Departments & Positions

  • Command (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Command department is ultimately responsible for the ship and its crew, and those within the department are responsible for commanding the vessel and representing the interests of Starfleet.

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  • Golovin Colony (Auriga-Perseus)

    Characters assigned or living on the Colony on the planet under Seppala Station.

    • Colony Leadership

      Characters within the colony's leadership.

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    • Civilians

      Civilians living primarily in the Colony.

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  • The Consortium

    Members of the Consortium, a group of unscrupulous and ruthless 'merchants'.

  • Diplomatic Corps Detachment (USS Shanghai-A)

    Responsible for representing the Federation and its interest, members of the Diplomatic Corps are members of the civilian branch of the Federation.

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  • The Shanghai Underground (Hidden Manifest)

    The Shanghai Underground is a large alliance of Terran Rebellion Cells, base on Terra, and intent on restoring the Empire to its previous glory.

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  • Fourth Fleet Command (The 4th Fleet)

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  • Flight Control (USS Shanghai-A)

    Responsible for the navigation and flight control of a vessel and its auxiliary craft, the Flight Control department includes pilots trained in both starship and auxiliary craft piloting. Note that the Flight Control department does not include Fighter pilots.

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  • Starfleet In Auriga-Perseus (Auriga-Perseus)

    Ships in the Auriga-Perseus area, with the Rimward Expeditionary Initiative.

    • Seppala Outpost

      Personnel Files for the Seppala Station, a renovated R1 style outpost. This is an NPC station.

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    • Starfleet Crews

      NPC Characters aboard other Starfleet Vessels in the Operating Areas.

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  • Fourth Fleet Operations (The 4th Fleet)

    • USS Atlantis

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  • Intelligence (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Intelligence department is responsible for gathering and providing intelligence as it becomes possible during a mission; during covert missions, the intelligence department also takes a more active role, providing the necessary classified and other information.

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  • Strategic Operations (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Strategic Operations department acts as an advisory to the command staff, as well as a resource of knowledge and information concerning hostile races in the operational zone of the ship, as well as combat strategies and other such things.

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  • The Orion Syndicate (Auriga-Perseus)

    Members of the Orion Syndicate.

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  • Operations (USS Shanghai-A)

    The operations department is responsible for keeping ship systems functioning properly, rerouting power, bypassing relays, and doing whatever else is necessary to keep the ship operating at peak efficiency.

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  • Engineering (USS Shanghai-A)

    The engineering department has the enormous task of keeping the ship working; they are responsible for making repairs, fixing problems, and making sure that the ship is ready for anything.

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  • Logistics Support (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Logistics Support department is responsible for keeping the ships resources in order. They work closely with every other department, and keep the supplies of the ship moving. In addition, they assist with crew support by providing some amenity services to the crew.

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  • Security (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Security department is responsible for the safety of the crew. It provides protection on board the ship, on away missions, and provides law enforcement within the crew. They also maintain the ship's armory.

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  • Tactical (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Tactical department is responsible for the safety of the ship in regards to ship to ship combat. They maintain and operate the ship's armament, and may assist Security when needed.

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  • Science (USS Shanghai-A)

    From sensor readings to figuring out a way to enter the strange spacial anomaly, the science department is responsible for recording data, testing new ideas out, and making discoveries.

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  • Federation Space (Hidden Manifest)

    NPCs in Federation Space, but with a recurring role in the Shanghai stories.

    • Earth

      Persons living or working on Earth.

    • Starfleet Headquarters

      Personnel assigned to Starfleet Headquarters or any of its Subsections (such as Starfleet Security or Starfleet Intelligence).

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  • Counseling (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Counseling department is responsible for the mental health of the crew; this may be simple mental health checkup, dealing with mental health issues or emergencies, assistance with spiritual matters, or the general moral of the crew.

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  • Medical (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Medical department is responsible for the health of the crew, from running annual physicals to combating a strange plague that is afflicting the crew to emergency medical or surgical operations.

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  • Marine Corps Reconnaissance Detachment (USS Shanghai-A)

    The Marine Reconnaissance Platoons (from the Sixth Battalion, Twenty-Fourth Marines) provide the Shanghai with a bit of additional tactical ability within its exploration. While they can provide additional support to Security, their primary responsibility is to assist with explorations off ship, providing protection to away teams and helping cover ground during any planetary excursion.

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  • 464th Expeditionary Aerospace Wing Detachment (USS Shanghai-A)

    The best pilots in Starfleet, they are responsible for piloting the starfighters in ship-to-ship battles, as well as providing escort for shuttles, and runabouts.

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  • Civilian Affairs (USS Shanghai-A)

    Civilians play an important role in Starfleet. Many civilian specialists across a number of fields work on occasion with Starfleet personnel as a Mission Specialist. In other cases, extra ship and station duties, such as running the ship's lounge, are outsourced to a civilian contract. Shanghai is a large vessel and does have civilians and crew families aboard, so there are many options for Civilians aboard the ship to serve alongside the Starfleet crew.

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  • Legacy (Other)

    Legacy characters. Not currently primary characters.

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  • Mission Specific NPCs (Hidden Manifest)

    NPCs that are important to a specific mission, but may not be recurring characters.

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  • OOC (Other)

    A Department for OOC roles, such as crew members on extended leave.

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  • Out of Character

    Out of Character Positions.

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