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The History of the USS Shanghai (上海)

The Shanghai is named for the City of Shanghai, in China on Earth. The City of Shanghai long served as one of the principal ports of the nation of China, throughout many dynasties, and in the late 20th century the city became one of the world's major commerce hubs. The city was a testament to the strength of its nation, and later a united Earth.

The original USS Shanghai, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser, hull was laid in 2380 with construction being completed in early 2383, with a shakedown cruise performed by the Starfleet Corps of Engineers under Lieutenant Commander L. S. Mitchell. The shakedown was cut short when there was need of a ship, and the ship was sent to the 9th Fleet. There, despite some apprehension, Shanghai was placed under the command of Commander Relau Chlan, a free Ryuu who had been helping Starfleet with matters involving his species and their refugees in the region.

Under Commander Chlan, the Shanghai was tasked with helping settle the free Ryuu on Akilor and securing the sector. For this, the ships career was well marked. It was a welcome sight on the border for some time. As the ship faced its trials, its crew gained a bit of a reputation. They were came into conflict with a myriad of dangers on the border, though mostly against regional powers and criminal elements.

Eventually, Commander Chlan would rise through the ranks to become Admiral Chlan, serving over the fleet and handing day to day operations of the Shanghai over to Commander Sun. However, in this time the crew had made enemies, and so an ambitious Syndicate commander laid a trap for the ship. In an Ambush over Akilor, the USS Shanghai was destroyed, and much of its crew captured or lost.

Afterward, the Shanghai was reborn as a new Vesta Class ship, and launched to recover any of her lost crew. This would take time though, and unfortunately many of the crew were found to be killed in the Ambush. But those that were found had a new one, one with many quirks of its own. The ship set to securing Akilor once again, before some light exploring in the region. However, when the ship was set for it post Shakedown refit, Admiral Chlan opted to retire, and the ship was sent in for major refits in preparation for its newest mission - the Rimward Exploration Initiative.

The Shanghai was refitted heavily to fit its role as the lead ship in the REI. It would be a mother ship, a carrier once again, but this time carrying more than just fighters. It would carry a small fleet of shuttles and runabouts to extend its already impressive scientific capabilities. Under the command of Sun Mei Xiang, the ships long time executive officer and officer in charge, the ship set out towards the Rim to explore. Here, it carried out exploration and colonization duties until a brief civil war amongst the Klingon's spilled over into Federation Space. Shanghai was called to action there, and eventually damaged beyond repair during an Operation to regain control of Federation space.

As the Federation changed, the Shanghai name was absent from 2392 to 2397. In 2397 a new Galaxy Class vessel was designed with one goal in mind - to provide a mobile staging platform for support of the various far flung colonies on the edge of Federation space, who had long felt abandoned by Starfleet due to the many conflicts in the region and beyond. Now, the Shanghai-A has returned to the rim of explored space, assisting colonies and showing the region that the Federation has not abandoned them or its mandate.