Neither Past nor Future

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The Shanghai of 2389 and the Shanghai of 2399 are forced to work together after an old enemy appears to rewrite the fabric of the timelines - but which timeline is the real timeline, and what will happen when the tear is fixed?

Part of Season Six


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The Shanghai-A has rescued a large group of refugees from the collapsed timeline of 2389. While the crew works to integrate these officers and crew, things quickly begin to grow more complicated as a member of Temporal Investigations and a notorious investigative journalist arrive to look into what Shanghai has been doing. That doesn't change the mission at hand, though - reestablish a connection with Seppala Station and Golovin Colony, and repair the damage done in the 2390s.

Part of Season Six

Situation: Normal

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This is a mission for posts that do not directly relate to the mission, but represent day to day working lives of the characters and smaller missions of the Shanghai that don't have bearing on the main mission posts. Want your character to work on a routine survey of a moon in the Golovin System, or run a fighter patrol on the edge of protectorate space. Those sorts of things will go here.

Between the Pages

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This mission is for character-centric stories that do not play into either mini-missions or the primary story missions of the Shanghai. It can be used for backposts, romantic subplots, day-to-day off duty fun, or similar stories.

Part of Season Five

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The newly refitted USS Shanghai sits docked at SB5. Crew are coming aboard, getting to know each other, and learning their jobs as we speak.

Part of Season One


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When two of the Shanghai's crew are captured by a Species 8472, neither hell nor high water will stand in the way of the Shanghai getting her crew back. It's war!

Part of Season Two

Through Glass

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The Shanghai-A, with its new, Independent status moves off to the site of their last encounter which destroyed the original Shanghai and killed twenty nine members of their crew. The emotional hardships must be dealt with as they complete their mission given to them by Starfleet. Investigate and reproduce the disturbing shockwave that was reported on the collision of the old Shanghai into the Orion carrier. Is this mission really as benign as it seems, or is there something else afoot?

Part of Season Four

Shakedown Mark II

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The USS Shanghai arrives at Outpost Seppala, but a distress call from the USS Togo brings any hope for a quiet rest at the station to a halt.

Part of Season Five


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The USS Shanghai is escorting Commodore Parkilov's command and the Ryuu colonists to the Akilor System. The Shanghai will certainly have their hands full, fresh from their shakedown mission. The mission is clear: Protect the convoy and the colonists at all costs, a directive from the Federation President himself.

Part of Season One

Brightest Star

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Following the asssassination of President V'h'allmrool Demotillius J'cem, the Rhedoolian Confederation has undergone a partial collapse.

A polity composed of several systems at the edge of Federation and Romulan space, the RC is composed of two member races the Ch'intillia and Oomo-ria. When the Romulans had discovered the two races co-existing side by side rather peacefully, the Romulans installed a client regime based around the minority Oomo-ria group, who were deemed to be more acceptable than the Ch'intillia. After years of suffering under the minority Oomo-ria client government, the Ch'intillia rebelled and drove the ruling clique our of the Rhedoolian Confederation. Having installed himself at the head of an ethnically Ch'intillian government, President V'h'rellrool Gaiende K'tiem conducted pogroms against the remaining Oomo-ria over the ensuing decade. The end result was that they were driven out as refugees to neighbouring planets in the Romulan Empire. In 2345 V'h'allmrool Demotillius J'cem ousted K'tiem in a coup d'etat and installed himself as President. His rule led to an unprecedented degree of stability for the polity, but the seeds of discord were sown by the earlier flight of the Oomo-ria. Unwelcome in the Romulan Star Empire, and fuelled by the continued oppression of their fellow-beings in the RC, the Oomo-ria diaspora formed themselves in to the Rhedoolian Citizens' Front. The RCF proved more than a match, politically and militarily for the Romulan-back Rhedoolian Government Forces (RGF). By 2385, ground down by the advancing rebels, and adverse interstellar opinion, President V'h'allmrool Demotillius J'cem agreed to begin an on again, off again negotiation process with the RCF.

Following an unidentified attack on the Presidential Starship Jewel of Rhedool, the negotiations broke down as the majority Ch'intiliians, backed by extremists (driven by fears of a return to minority rule under the Oomo-ria) began a genocidal pogrom to eliminate all the Oomo-ria left in the Rhedoolian Confederation before driving the RCF out. The RCF used the opportunity of J'cem's death to gain more territory in the hopes of tipping the balance of power in the region.

In the midst of this are a number of Federation citizens working with NGO's to distribute foodstuffs and medicines to the already devastated polity. Some have gone missing, and others are isolated from any Federation or Starfleet assistance at the present time. ?The USS Diocletian was present in the RC when hostilities broke out, and no contact has been received from the Miranda-class vessel for several days.

Part of Season Two

Reaper of the Stars

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The Shanghai is in deep trouble. There is no Federation. No Dominion. No Romulan Star Empire. It is just the Borg Collective. The Borg have taken over the entire galaxy, save for a few small star systems and a few renegade ships. No one trusts anyone else, piracy among the survivors is rampant. There never was a Federation. Earth was assimilated by the Borg in 2102, Vulcan in 2105, Romulus in 2106. No one put up much of a fight. There was no warning, no time. The Shanghai is thrust into this boiling pot of deceit, treachery, war, and the ever-present looming threat of the Borg. No one can be contacted for help. The Shanghai, and its crew, are alone.

Part of Season Two


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The USS Shanghai moves to warp, out of the Akilor system, bound for the Cameryion System to respond to Starfleet Command's request to deal with pirates harassing the outpost in that sector. But, their orders are to engage their cloak and then sit and watch. Can the crew of the Shanghai hold it together while the residents of the outpost are clearly suffering at the hands of the pirates?

Part of Season One

The Calm Before The Storm

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The Shanghai is to resupply before they head into Fluidic Space, the domain of Species 8472.

Part of Season Two

Imminent Horizons

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The USS Shanghai and the USS Tripoli have been sent at emergency warp to the Epsilion Hydrae system, where a research convoy went missing under mysterious circumstances. But, why send a battle convoy with enough firepower to destroy a system to the resting place of the research ships? Something's not right...

Part of Season One


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The Shanghai, after defeating the Ryunn incursions gets a nice, well deserved break. Or do they? The Shanghai returns to Earth amid "Federation Appreciation Week" and is open to tours! Was this shoreleave or a nightmare the brass wanted for the crew?

Operation: Shadow Drake

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The Shanghai blasts away from Earth, under the computer's control. They have a few guests on board, the Federation President for one. All functions are locked down, nothing works. What's happening?

Part of Season Two


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The Shanghai moves away from Starbase Protector and heads toward mediating a dispute in a Federation border world. Along the way, there are some minor repairs, and they stay over in an uncharted system with a class L planet.

Part of Season Three

Of Persephone

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Shanghai and the Initiative return to the Golovin System after their disastrous first contact with the Protectorate. Forced to wait a few months for reinforcements, all the crew is set on repairs and helping build up the colony and station. After a flitter disappears, a discovery under the colony leads to questions about the nature of the planet they've come to know as home. Unexpected guests arrive suspiciously close to the discovery, raising questions about the security and future of the colony.

Part of Season Five


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First Contact with the Protectorate was disastrous, but a second chance is made possible as Seppala receives an invitation, but things rapidly spin out of control.

Part of Season Five

Points Of Light

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The Shanghai and Vauban have returned from Cyen, and are being checked and scrubbed for any lingering effects or nano-tech, giving the crews a much needed respite. Life on Golovin has begun to look more normal, and the crew can spend some time on their new world. When strange lights begin to appear on the outskirts of the colonies, science teams are puzzled. There aren't any clear readings, but the orbs seem to be nothing more than lights at first. It soon becomes clear that there is something more behind the phenomena.

Part of Season Five

The Time That is Given Us

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Shanghai is back in action. A group of Klingon warbirds with the Sovereignty of Kahless are searching for Golovin colony and destroying anything that stands in their way. Despite the danger, the time-shifted crew seems nervous about something else, something that is coming soon.

Part of Season Five

At the Hour of Sanctification

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New Anchorage has fallen. Though the battle was won, the damage to the system made it uninhabitable for the time being. Both Starfleet and Civilian personnel have been evacuated, and the anchor point to Auriga-Perseus was gone. Seppala reached out shortly after the battle. Shanghai has taken a beating, but there is no slowing down for the ship just yet. Something massive is waiting for them in the darkness of Void Space. And the Cyen say the Protectorate have a name for it.

Part of Season Five


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The crew of the Shanghai comes back together on their ship. It's been two years, and people have changed. We'll see some old faces and a lot of new ones, but the most important thing is that the Shanghai is back in service once more.

Part of Season Four

Rest and Relaxation

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The Shanghai is orbiting Risa for some well-deserved shoreleave!

Part of Season Two


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Coming Shortly.

Part of Season Three


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The Shanghai is docked at SB 412 while minor repairs are made, the Admiral completes paperwork, and the crew relaxes a bit between missions.

Part of Season Three

Return to Roots

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The Shanghai is dispatched to Akilor where the survivors of the Ryuu Colony are settling down. Most of the colony has taken off, the Ryuu are working with their neighbors to grow the colony. All seems well in paridise, but something lurks under the surface. Some of the Ryuu aren't doing too well, and everyone is talking about the colony, but only good things. Nothing seems out of place, but when the Orions show up and offer their help, Starfleet is alarmed and sends their one ship that has the most experience with Ryuu - the USS Shanghai.

Part of Season Three


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An ever-lasting monument to all of our sins.

Part of Season Three

Intermission: Riptide

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Part of the Shanghai's crew steps in for dinner and they don't really get what they ordered.

Part of Season Three

Heaven Will Not Stop The Winter

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After a catastrophic court-martial, the Shanghai crew is separated. Many specifically removed from Admiral Chlan's command, and sent to the far corners of the Quadrant. Those that remain, along with the Admiral, are assigned to deep defense, stationed near the core worlds of the Federation where the Admiralty could keep an eye on them. Given an old, outdated ship long overdue for a decommission, the crew faces near crippling boredom.

Part of Season Three


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The crew is reunited after the dealings with the Borg and gets a new ship.

Part of Season Three

Solid Light

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The Shanghai has a problem. Pure and simple, the holodeck emitters on every deck are malfunctioning. The computer has transformed the entire ship into a small, Ancient Wild West town. How will the crew get things repaired with the tools of the time? And what's this all about the beast in the north the townsfolk keep talking about?

Part of Season Five


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