Season One

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Missions that were started in 2009.

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Included Missions


Post Count: 112

The newly refitted USS Shanghai sits docked at SB5. Crew are coming aboard, getting to know each other, and learning their jobs as we speak.


Post Count: 180

The USS Shanghai is escorting Commodore Parkilov's command and the Ryuu colonists to the Akilor System. The Shanghai will certainly have their hands full, fresh from their shakedown mission. The mission is clear: Protect the convoy and the colonists at all costs, a directive from the Federation President himself.


Post Count: 138

The USS Shanghai moves to warp, out of the Akilor system, bound for the Cameryion System to respond to Starfleet Command's request to deal with pirates harassing the outpost in that sector. But, their orders are to engage their cloak and then sit and watch. Can the crew of the Shanghai hold it together while the residents of the outpost are clearly suffering at the hands of the pirates?

Imminent Horizons

Post Count: 68

The USS Shanghai and the USS Tripoli have been sent at emergency warp to the Epsilion Hydrae system, where a research convoy went missing under mysterious circumstances. But, why send a battle convoy with enough firepower to destroy a system to the resting place of the research ships? Something's not right...