Season Two

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Missions that were started in 2010

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Included Missions

Reaper of the Stars

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The Shanghai is in deep trouble. There is no Federation. No Dominion. No Romulan Star Empire. It is just the Borg Collective. The Borg have taken over the entire galaxy, save for a few small star systems and a few renegade ships. No one trusts anyone else, piracy among the survivors is rampant. There never was a Federation. Earth was assimilated by the Borg in 2102, Vulcan in 2105, Romulus in 2106. No one put up much of a fight. There was no warning, no time. The Shanghai is thrust into this boiling pot of deceit, treachery, war, and the ever-present looming threat of the Borg. No one can be contacted for help. The Shanghai, and its crew, are alone.


Post Count: 106

When two of the Shanghai's crew are captured by a Species 8472, neither hell nor high water will stand in the way of the Shanghai getting her crew back. It's war!

Brightest Star

Post Count: 221

Following the asssassination of President V'h'allmrool Demotillius J'cem, the Rhedoolian Confederation has undergone a partial collapse.

A polity composed of several systems at the edge of Federation and Romulan space, the RC is composed of two member races the Ch'intillia and Oomo-ria. When the Romulans had discovered the two races co-existing side by side rather peacefully, the Romulans installed a client regime based around the minority Oomo-ria group, who were deemed to be more acceptable than the Ch'intillia. After years of suffering under the minority Oomo-ria client government, the Ch'intillia rebelled and drove the ruling clique our of the Rhedoolian Confederation. Having installed himself at the head of an ethnically Ch'intillian government, President V'h'rellrool Gaiende K'tiem conducted pogroms against the remaining Oomo-ria over the ensuing decade. The end result was that they were driven out as refugees to neighbouring planets in the Romulan Empire. In 2345 V'h'allmrool Demotillius J'cem ousted K'tiem in a coup d'etat and installed himself as President. His rule led to an unprecedented degree of stability for the polity, but the seeds of discord were sown by the earlier flight of the Oomo-ria. Unwelcome in the Romulan Star Empire, and fuelled by the continued oppression of their fellow-beings in the RC, the Oomo-ria diaspora formed themselves in to the Rhedoolian Citizens' Front. The RCF proved more than a match, politically and militarily for the Romulan-back Rhedoolian Government Forces (RGF). By 2385, ground down by the advancing rebels, and adverse interstellar opinion, President V'h'allmrool Demotillius J'cem agreed to begin an on again, off again negotiation process with the RCF.

Following an unidentified attack on the Presidential Starship Jewel of Rhedool, the negotiations broke down as the majority Ch'intiliians, backed by extremists (driven by fears of a return to minority rule under the Oomo-ria) began a genocidal pogrom to eliminate all the Oomo-ria left in the Rhedoolian Confederation before driving the RCF out. The RCF used the opportunity of J'cem's death to gain more territory in the hopes of tipping the balance of power in the region.

In the midst of this are a number of Federation citizens working with NGO's to distribute foodstuffs and medicines to the already devastated polity. Some have gone missing, and others are isolated from any Federation or Starfleet assistance at the present time. ?The USS Diocletian was present in the RC when hostilities broke out, and no contact has been received from the Miranda-class vessel for several days.

The Calm Before The Storm

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The Shanghai is to resupply before they head into Fluidic Space, the domain of Species 8472.

Operation: Shadow Drake

Post Count: 183

The Shanghai blasts away from Earth, under the computer's control. They have a few guests on board, the Federation President for one. All functions are locked down, nothing works. What's happening?

Rest and Relaxation

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The Shanghai is orbiting Risa for some well-deserved shoreleave!