Season Five

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For Missions that began in 2017 and 2018.

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Included Missions


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Sun orders Shanghai into Protectorate space after a long range probe pulls an impossible reading.

Shakedown Mark II

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The USS Shanghai arrives at Outpost Seppala, but a distress call from the USS Togo brings any hope for a quiet rest at the station to a halt.

Of Persephone

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Shanghai and the Initiative return to the Golovin System after their disastrous first contact with the Protectorate. Forced to wait a few months for reinforcements, all the crew is set on repairs and helping build up the colony and station. After a flitter disappears, a discovery under the colony leads to questions about the nature of the planet they've come to know as home. Unexpected guests arrive suspiciously close to the discovery, raising questions about the security and future of the colony.


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First Contact with the Protectorate was disastrous, but a second chance is made possible as Seppala receives an invitation.

Between the Pages

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Stories not contained in the story.