Season Five

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For Missions that began in 2017 to 2019.

Group Post Count: 702

Included Missions

At the Hour of Sanctification

Post Count: 29

New Anchorage has fallen. Though the battle was won, the damage to the system made it uninhabitable for the time being. Both Starfleet and Civilian personnel have been evacuated, and the anchor point to Auriga-Perseus was gone. Seppala reached out shortly after the battle. Shanghai has taken a beating, but there is no slowing down for the ship just yet. Something massive is waiting for them in the darkness of Void Space. And the Cyen say the Protectorate have a name for it.

Shakedown Mark II

Post Count: 41

The USS Shanghai arrives at Outpost Seppala, but a distress call from the USS Togo brings any hope for a quiet rest at the station to a halt.

Of Persephone

Post Count: 74

Shanghai and the Initiative return to the Golovin System after their disastrous first contact with the Protectorate. Forced to wait a few months for reinforcements, all the crew is set on repairs and helping build up the colony and station. After a flitter disappears, a discovery under the colony leads to questions about the nature of the planet they've come to know as home. Unexpected guests arrive suspiciously close to the discovery, raising questions about the security and future of the colony.


Post Count: 75

First Contact with the Protectorate was disastrous, but a second chance is made possible as Seppala receives an invitation, but things rapidly spin out of control.

Points Of Light

Post Count: 139

The Shanghai and Vauban have returned from Cyen, and are being checked and scrubbed for any lingering effects or nano-tech, giving the crews a much needed respite. Life on Golovin has begun to look more normal, and the crew can spend some time on their new world. When strange lights begin to appear on the outskirts of the colonies, science teams are puzzled. There aren't any clear readings, but the orbs seem to be nothing more than lights at first. It soon becomes clear that there is something more behind the phenomena.

The Time That is Given Us

Post Count: 230

Shanghai is back in action. A group of Klingon warbirds with the Sovereignty of Kahless are searching for Golovin colony and destroying anything that stands in their way. Despite the danger, the time-shifted crew seems nervous about something else, something that is coming soon.

A Good Servant, But Bad Master

Post Count: 0

Solid Light

Post Count: 3

The Shanghai has a problem. Pure and simple, the holodeck emitters on every deck are malfunctioning. The computer has transformed the entire ship into a small, Ancient Wild West town. How will the crew get things repaired with the tools of the time? And what's this all about the beast in the north the townsfolk keep talking about?