Name Description
Vesta Class - USS Shanghai NCC-63384-A The Vesta class is one of the newest and most powerful in the fleet. Equipped with Slipstream Drive and a variety of weapons, the variant that is shown here is the "Long Range Tactical Strike Explorer". This is the current ship used by the crew of the Shanghai-A.
Aerowing Shuttle A shuttle originally designed for the Intrepid Class Light Explorer, and later adapted for support positions around the Fleet. Generally used for light independent operations where a shuttle may not be appropriate, but which a runabout is not needed.
Argo Transport The Argo Transport vessel is used for a variety of missions; Cargo, Personnel, and perhaps most notably the Argo All Terrain Vehicle.
Danube Runabout Starfleet's standard Runabout; very adaptable to any number of missions - almost a Starship in its own right.
Flyer Class The Flyer Class is based on the Delta Flyer built by the crew of the USS Voyager, now mass produced and placed on forward vessels, the Flyer class continues to prove its versatility.
Sacagewea Class Runabout The USS Shanghai-A has one Sacagewea class runabout. The specifications are included for your perusal.
Talon Scout Starfleet's mission scout, sometimes called the Venture Class, this vessel is very capable at scouting and scientific missions.
Captain's Yacht The Sovereign Style Captain's Yacht is in use by the USS Shanghai-A, though not normally found on Vesta Class vessels - used primarily as a Courier or Diplomatic Vessel.
Type 8 A common, light personnel shuttle.
Type 9 A sleek, small shuttle designed for medium range excursions.
Type 11 Starfleet's latest shuttlecraft, a long range, heavy shuttle capable of many varied missions.
Valkyrie Mark IV Starfleet's newest line of Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighters.
Akira Class - USS Shanghai NCC-63384 Summary for the USS Shanghai NCC-63384. Destroyed in the Battle of Akilor. No longer used as the ship for the crew of the Shanghai-A.