Name Description
Vesta Class The USS Shanghai-A is a Vesta class explorer, one of the newest and most powerful ships in the fleet. The variant that is shown here is the "Long Range Tactical Explorer".
Argo Transport The Argo Transport vessel is used for a variety of missions; generally carrying Cargo, Personnel, and the Argo All Terrain Vehicle.
Danube Runabout Starfleet's standard Runabout; very adaptable to any number of missions - almost a Starship in its own right.
Sovereign Class Integrated Craft The Shanghai's Integrated craft is the USS Calanthe.

The Sovereign Class Integrated Craft is not normally found about Vesta Class ships. Shanghai was able to obtain a modified version and docking bay, however. The craft is used primarily as a Courier or Diplomatic Vessel.
Venture Class Scout Starfleet's mission scout, sometimes called the Talon Class, this vessel is capable of extended independent scouting and scientific missions.
Type 9 Shuttlecraft A sleek, small shuttle designed for medium range excursions.
Type 18 Shuttlepod The Shanghai carries eight Type 18 shuttlepods.

The Type 18 is a small, hardy shuttlepod developed by Starfleet to handle more hazardous excursions that still fell into the short range nature of shuttlepod mission.
Type 11 Heavy Shuttlecraft Starfleet's latest shuttlecraft, a long range, heavy shuttle capable of many varied missions.
McCall Class Escort Fighter The Shanghai carries two squadrons of ten McCall class fighters; Kirin squadron and Phoenix squadron.

The McCall Class Escort Fighter was designed to be part of the complement of large vessels that utilized a number of auxiliary craft. These fighters were designed to be small and easily stored in the main vessel, then flight escort when it was in.
Valkyrie Mark IV All Valkyrie Fighters aboard the USS Shanghai are part of Dragon Squadron.

Starfleet's newest line of Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighters, the Mark IV Valkyrie is updated with the latest technology and weaponry available to them. Generally, they are equipped in with the standard Superiority weaponry - but they are capable of attaching different kits to their hardpoints as needed by the mission.
Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias' Runabout Heavily modified Danube runabout owned by Commander Lylyl-Llytherraias.
Akira Class - USS Shanghai NCC-63384 Summary for the USS Shanghai NCC-63384. Destroyed in the Battle of Akilor. No longer used as the ship for the crew of the Shanghai-A.