Specifications - Type 11 Heavy Shuttlecraft

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Starfleet's latest shuttlecraft, a long range, heavy shuttle capable of many varied missions.


Class Type 11 Shuttle
Role Long Range, General Purpose Shuttle
Duration 30 Years
Time Between Refits 3 Years
Time Between Resupply 7 Days


Length 16 Meters
Width 9.8 Meters
Height 4.3 Meters
Decks 1


Officers 1-2
Enlisted Crew 2-8
Emergency Capacity 20


Cruise Speed 6
Maximum Speed 7
Emergency Speed 7.5 (For 12 Hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Standard Shielding
Weapon Systems Four (4) Type V Phaser Arrays
Two (2) Microtorpedo Launcher (fore and aft)
One (1) Aft Mounted Variable Purpose Emitter
Armament Thirty (30) Microtorpedoes