Specifications - Valkyrie Mark IV

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Starfleet's newest line of Valkyrie Space Superiority Fighters.


Class Valkyrie
Role Space Superiority Fighter
Duration 15 Years
Time Between Refits 1 Years
Time Between Resupply 1 Day


Length 20.2 Meters
Width 5.4 Meters
Height 13.7 Meters
Decks 1


Officers 2
Emergency Capacity 2


Cruise Speed 2
Maximum Speed 4
Emergency Speed 7 (For 12 Minutes)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Fighter, Standard Shielding
Weapon Systems Four (4) Type VI Phaser Emitters
Two (2) Type VI Pulsed Phaser Weapons
Two (2) Microtorpedo Launchers
Four (4) Torpedo Hardpoints
Armament Forty (40) Microtorpedos (20 in each launcher magazine)
Four (4) Photon or Quantum Torpedoes