Specifications - Flyer Class

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The Flyer Class is based on the Delta Flyer built by the crew of the USS Voyager, now mass produced and placed on forward vessels, the Flyer class continues to prove its versatility.


Class Heavy Shuttle
Role General Purpose Heavy Shuttle
Duration 15 Years
Time Between Refits 2 Years
Time Between Resupply 8 Days


Decks 1


Officers 1
Enlisted Crew 2-4
Emergency Capacity 10


Cruise Speed Warp 6
Maximum Speed Warp 7.2
Emergency Speed Warp 8.2 (6 Hours)

Weapons & Defensive Systems

Shields Immersive, Multi-adaptive Shielding
Weapon Systems Six (6) Type V Phaser Arrays
Two (2) Type V Pulsed Phaser Weapons
One (1) Torpedo Launcher or Photonic Missile Launcher
Armament Five (5) Photon or Quantum Torpedoes
Ten (10) Photonic Missiles