Tour - Tactical Information Center, Deck A

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All tactical information is handled though the Tactical Information Center, or the TIC as it is commonly called. It comprises decks A through D.

Additional Information

Location Deck A
Description Tactical Information Center - The Tactical Information Center, or TIC as it is usually called, is a secure area of the ship that handles all communications, battle plans and information relating to the safety of the ship. It is staffed by officers and enlisted members 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A full complement of marines also reside here, giving unparalleled protection to this area of the ship. As with all secure areas, access is highly regulated and compartmentalized. It has a secure feed directly to the bridge.

The TIC has a holographic area in its center that can show battle plans and locations of ships. In any conflict, this area is the place that all information goes to first. Since the Shanghai is a flasgship and has a flag officer aboard (Commodore Chlan), it is the de facto ship in charge in any area unless relieved by another ranking flag officer. The Shanghai's TIC is as secure as the bridge. It can be considered the "forward operations command post" of the ship.