Tour - Tactical Information Center, Decks B, C, and D

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All tactical information is handled though the Tactical Information Center, or the TIC as it is commonly called. It comprises decks A through D.

Additional Information

Location Decks, B, C, and D
Description - TIC Maintenance; Just below the TIC is a small engineering section and workshop, and the various tubes and walkways connecting all the integral parts of the TIC. From here, the TIC is kept in check, and up to parameters. Generally, a few select Engineers are assigned to work here on a need related basis - and are generally overseen by the Engineer's Mate or one of the Assistant Engineers.

- Auxiliary Tactical Control; On Deck C is a small Tactical center from which tactical commands can be made if need be. Generally speaking, a few Tactical personnel operate this area to control the Armament found on the Pod. Directly aft of the Auxiliary Tactical Control is the Pod Torpedo Control Room.

- Tactical Sensors; A vast array of Tactical Sensors are located in the Pod section. Most are shared amongst the ship but a few are generally dedicated for use by the TIC.
- Torpedo Manufacturing; The Pod is equipped with a torpedo manufacturing area, if for some reason torpedoes should need to be made.

- Emergency Life Support; If for some reason the ship loses life support, the Pod and TIC have their own operational Life Support generators designed to kick on in an emergency. These are located on Deck

- Emergency Shield Generators; Should the Akira lose shields for any reason, the Pod and TIC would be a blatant target. Two shield generators are designed to kick on immediately after the shields of the Akira fail.

- Temporary Quarters/Extended Duty Quarters; Scattered about the Pod levels are small quarters. These crew quarters are designed to serve as rest stations for crew who must work extended time in the TIC. These are small quarters, generally only holding a single bunk bed, a small table and chair, and a replicator. These are only available for small naps and the like, and generally only used when there is a constant stream of Shuttle Traffic, or too few TIC personnel to have three shifts.

- Pod Access; On Deck D (and up to deck A) is a single turbolift which requires Clearance to use. This turbolift, located to the Port side of the TIC, travels to the lower decks. An emergency ladder to and from the TIC can be accessed in Lower Engineering.