Tour - Deck 6

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Located on deck six, the Primary Computer Core Control, Cargo Bay 3, Marine Barracks, Marine Briefing Room and the Marine Armoury.

Additional Information

Location Deck 6
Description Primary Computer Core Control - The computer on the Shanghai is located here, on decks six through eight. The Primary Computer Core is made of Isolinear chips that store information and disseminate it throughout the ship. The Primary Computer Core Control is one of the most secure places on the ship, meriting a special task force comprised of Marines and Security personnel at all times. The Primary Computer Core is capable of millions of calculations per nanosecond.

Cargo Bay 3 - Every ship needs storage space, and the Shanghai is no exception. Cargo Bay 3 is normally used for spare parts and data cores.

Marine Barracks - The Marine Barracks houses all of the Marines that are stationed on the ship. It is a place that rarely sees a quiet moment, as 96 marines are stationed on the Shanghai.

Marine Briefing Room - For every away mission or specialised operation, the Marine Briefing Room is used to tell the Marines the mission specifics. Normally only used for low-level briefings, the Marine XO usualy takes charge of the briefings in the absence of the Marine CO.

Marine Armoury - Differing from the ships' armoury, the Marine Armoury has numerous heavy weapons not normally available. RPGs, phaser cannons and special grenades are found here, among other weapons. This has the standard security of any secure place on the ship, staffed by two enlisted marines at all times. Access is restricted to marine personnel on assignment and ships' security officers as designated by the Marine CO.