Tour - Deck 8

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The Primary Computer Core continues on this deck, as well as the Flight Operations Armoury, Fighter Maintenance Hangar and Storage.

Additional Information

Location Deck 8
Description Primary Computer Core - The computer on the Shanghai is located here, on decks six through eight. The Primary Computer Core is made of Isolinear chips that store information and disseminate it throughout the ship. The Primary Computer Core Control is one of the most secure places on the ship, meriting a special task force comprised of Marines and Security personnel at all times. The Primary Computer Core is capable of millions of calculations per nanosecond.

Flight Operations Armoury - Flight operations can be a dangerous business sometimes. Every flight operations officer on high risk runs is outfitted here. It is a small armoury, housing just a few more weapons than a large weapons locker. One enlisted person from security is here at all times.

Fighter Maintence Hangar and Storage - The Shanghai's large complement of fighters is essential to its security, and sometimes those fighters have to be repaired. All spare parts are kept here, along with a few docks for maintenence. After every battle, this room is usually one of the busiest on the ship. Fighters are also built here, if they are damaged beyond repair or destroyed.