Tour - Deck 9

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Deck nine houses the Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Area, along with the Fighter Hangar Elevator Support Systems and Primary Shield Generators.

Additional Information

Location Deck 9
Description Torpedo Magazine and Manufacturing Area - Access to this area of the ship is restrcted to a few hand-selected people and the Command Staff. This area can be very volitile with the anti-matter that is stored here. It has its own shield emitters installed on this deck to protect the magazine. Currently, the Shanghai is capable of carrying over 1,000 torpedos of varying type. The Shanghai, an Akira-class has 15 torpedo launchers, the most of any current Federation Ship. This large area is a workhouse of production following tactical engagements.

Fighter Hangar Elevator Support System - This system is used to transport shuttles and fighters through the ship to maintenance areas without the use of transporters. Transporters are used only in extreme situations, as it takes huge amounts of power to move fighters, leaving only one other transporter operational when they are used for the transport of fighters.

Primary Shield Generators - Since the torpedo magazine is on this deck, it merits its own shielding, which are used as a second backup in case the main shield generators fail.