Tour - Deck 10

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Deck 10 has Transporter Rooms 3 and 4, along with the Shuttle and Fine Shop, Primary Maintenance Support Center, Fighter Preperation Pre-Flight Bay and Emergency Shield Generators 3-4.

Additional Information

Location Deck 10
Description Transporter Rooms 3 and 4 - The transporter is a means to move almost instantenousely from place to place by use of a complex and huge algorithm. The transporter disassembles and then reassembles the person or object at the destination. This highly complicated process forces an operations crewman to be in each room at all times, although every commissioned officer is cross-trained in the usage of transporters, and these junior enlisted members are frequently relieved in emergencies.

Shuttle and Fine Shop - This area is a small maintenance garage that is used to fine tune small parts used in the shuttles. When the parts in the shuttle break, they are moved here for repair.

Primary Maintenance Support Center - Every ship that has fighters and shuttles has this area. On deck 10, this is the workplace of the people who have to fix the damage to the fighters and shuttles as long as the damage is not large and extensive. This small shop will take care of engines and similar parts needed for shuttles and fighters.

Fighter Preparation Pre-Flight Bay - The fighters and their pilots are prepped here, prior to their launch. Technically, all fighters are required to complete this check, although this rule is routinely ignored in emergency situations in favor of time and immediate need.