Tour - Deck 11

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Deck 11 is home to the Primary Machine Shop, Primary Maintenance Support Center, Shuttlebay (upper level), Observation Area and Pilots Ready Room & Briefing Area.

Additional Information

Location Deck 11
Description The Shanghai's 11-13 decks are in a "through-shuttlebay" configuration which means that the shuttlebay actually encompasses three decks, all connected through a huge room. This allows for the large number of fighters and shuttles that the Shanghai carries.

Shuttlebay (upper level) - This deck begins the "through-shuttlebay" configuration previously discussed. As such, the shuttlebay's upper level is mainly used for returning fighters so that there is a regular flow of traffic that goes through it, although occasional mishaps occur. This flow of traffic is completely at the discretion of the Group Commander, who directs the usage of it in battles and fighter runs.

Primary Maintenance Support Center - This area houses the technicians that work on the shuttles and their commanding officers. This office-style space takes care of scheduling, parts ordering, and maintenance requests.

Primary Machine Shop - Much like an old Earth auto mechanic's shop, this is the main area for the fixing of shuttle parts, manufacturing of parts, and installation of these parts into the shuttles and fighters.

Pilots Ready Room & Briefing Area - When on duty and not in a fighter, this area is the "lounge" for the fighter and shuttle pilots. This area consists of a large commons area with offices for junior deck officers on the perimeter. It also holds a large briefing area and conference rooms for mass gatherings when information is relevant to everyone who flies a shuttle or fighter. Daily briefings are given to the pilots here.

Observation Area - Perfect for overseeing the entire fighter operations, this area allows the Group Commander, Wing Commander, and Squadron Leaders to observe the returning fighters. This is a regular tour stop, and has many amenities akin to a mini-lounge. Comfortable seating lines the room, along with panoramic views of the shuttlebay and it's drop through the next three decks. Often, the Group Commander will take any visitors waiting for them here.