Tour - Deck 12

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This deck has the Shuttlebay (Fore and Aft Access) and the Primary Systems Support Compartments.

Additional Information

Location Deck 12
Description The Shanghai's 11-13 decks are in a "through-shuttlebay" configuration which means that the shuttlebay actually encompasses three decks, all connected through a huge room. This allows for the large number of fighters and shuttles that the Shanghai carries.

Shuttlebay (Fore and Aft Access) - Deck 12 is almost exclusively shuttlebay, allowing for the through configuration. It has openings at the fore and aft of the ship, which allows fighters to exit the front of the ship, straight at oncoming targets and return at the rear of the ship, allowing damaged fighters to be protected by the bulk of the ship. Unique to the Akira-class, this configuration is the only one of its kind found on warships. Normally, the "through-shuttlebay" is only found on carriers.

Primary Systems Support Compartments - This area is the "air traffic controllers" of the shuttlebay, supporting the runs that the fighters and shuttles make.