Tour - Deck 13

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Deck 13 has the Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters, Secondary Shuttle and Fighter Maintenance Hangar, and the Flight Deck Operations and Maintenance Area.

Additional Information

Location Deck 13
Description The Shanghai's 11-13 decks are in a "through-shuttlebay" configuration which means that the shuttlebay actually encompasses three decks, all connected through a huge room. This allows for the large number of fighters and shuttles that the Shanghai carries.

Secondary Shuttle and Fighter Maintenance Hangar - Most repairs made here are light and easy fixes, allowing for the fighters to return to the correct area as soon as possible.

Flight Deck Operations and Maintenance Area - This area serves as the "ground floor" for the shuttle bay, so to speak. All fighters are kept here and maintained if they are being prepped to go on runs. There is also a permanent berth for "Dragon One", the Group Commander's fighter here, just in case the fighter group is scrambled for action. "Dragon One" is always kept in tip-top shape and fueled, in keeping with the Starfleet philosophy that leaders should always lead - never follow.

Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters - This deck has a few enlisted quarters. The enlisted members of the crew usually bunk in twos and fours, depending on their rank and seniority. Exceptions to these include the Chief of the Boat (the most senior enlisted member on the ship) and the Captain's Yeoman to name a few.