Tour - Bridge, Deck 1, Observation Lounge, Briefing Room, Captain's Ready Room

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Comprising the nerve center of the ship, the bridge is designed to give every person stationed there the best tools on the ship to do their job.

Additional Information

Location Deck 1
Description - The Bridge; As with all Starships, the Bridge of an Akira class ship oversees all department activities, with the notable exception of Flight Operations which is overseen from the TIC (though the two are in constant contact). The Bridge is restricted in its access to those with security clearance Beta-Two, or those deemed necessary by the Commanding Officer. Due to its importance, the bridge officers are generally required to carry a type two phasers.

The bridge is centered around the Captain's Chair, which is at the center of the bridge, raised to the same 'top' level as the officers behind him. The captain's chair is equipped with two multi-role consoles at the end of either arm rest. Located on a slightly recessed 'mid' level, and to the Captain's immediate right and left are the Executive Officer and Advisor chairs, each having a pair of multi-role consoles akin to the Captain's. Immediately fore of the Captain's Chair, in the lower level of the bridge is the Flight Control Officer's station and console which directly faces the view screen.

Against the Aft wall, directly behind the Captain, is the Master Systems Display which is flanked by two engineering consoles. Directly port of the MSD is the Access to the Captain's Ready Room. Directly starboard is access to the Conference Room and Observation Lounge. Against the port wall, from Captain's Chair and a bit aft is the Operations console, which has a clear view of both the MSD and view screen. This console is comprised of two large consoles, which keep track of all the operations activities aboard the ship. Against the starboard wall, from the Captain's Chair and a bit aft is the Security and Tactical consoles. Directly behind the Captain's Chair is a multi-role console that generally serves as Strategic Operations or Flight Operations, or spends much of its time working as a liaison between the bridge and TIC.

Located on the mid level, directly fore of the Security/Tactical and Operations stations sit the Science 1 and Science 2 stations, though due to the missions generally undertaken by an Akira class ship, the Science stations are often seen serving double duty as anything from additional Flight Control or Intelligence.

- Captain's Ready Room; The Captain's Ready room is a place of private reflection and generally serves double duty as the Captain's Office. The room is outfitted with a desk and private computer console for the Captain. It has a small sitting room located to the left of the entrance, raised a bit above the Captains desk and work space. The sitting area also contains a Replicator, and is furnished to the Captain's pleasing. The Captain's ready room has an abundance of windows, allowing for a good view out to the port side of his vessel.

-Description of the Ready Room; Directly ahead of the door is Relau's desk, with a small lounge style sofa resting against the left wall of the way you came in. There are a few chairs around the desk. The replicator is to the right. There are small stands with Ryuun mementos scattered around. Paintings dominate the left wall, while a panoramic view of space is seen through the window behind my desk. To the right of the door you entered, on the wall is a large portrait of the Shanghai flying through a nebula, taken early in our voyages. There is a golden model of the Shanghai on the left hand corner of the desk, on the right, the standard laptop computer and there is a bronzed statue of an Earth eagle in front of it. To the far left there is a tapestry on the wall, one of the United Federation of Planets. The carpet is white, the walls are standard grey. PADDs litter the desk. Relau's chair is obviously heavy duty. There is a Ryuun sword hanging on the wall to the right of the replicator on the right wall, the blade is long and flares at the end. There are etchings on the blade that are augmented by a stability field, causing them to glow orange. The sword itself is pretty massive and large.

- Briefing Room; Situated to the port of the Observation Lounge and to the starboard of the Captain's Ready Room, the Briefing Room is connected to the Observation Lounge by a small antechamber, which also holds the access to the bridge. The briefing room was placed on Akira Class in addition to the Observation Lounge to give a dedicated 'war room'. The briefing room has a small table built into the floor, with enough seats to seat the senior staff. Each seat has a dedicated console, and the table itself houses a holo-emitter. On the Exterior wall is also a large screen, should any information not conducive to a hologram.

- Observation Lounge; To the starboard of the Briefing Room and Lounge antechamber, is the Observation Lounge. This room is considerably more comfortable than the Briefing Room and is often used for less official council, and for missions relating less to the combat generally associated with the Akira. The observation lounge is also used by bridge crew on breaks, as a place to rest and have a bite to eat, without having to truly leave the bridge. The Observation Lounge is equipped with one long table, a set of windows viewing starboard and aft of the ship, as well as two replicators, and wall mounted computer console and screen.