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Deck 14 has the Upper Engineering Support Area, Fusion Power Generators 1-4, Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters, Stellar Cartography, Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control, Chief Science Officer's Office, Armoury and Firing Range.

Additional Information

Location Deck 14
Description Upper Engineering Support Area - This is the upper level of Engineering, much like a secondary engineering, if needed. All functions that could be taken care of in the main area can be taken care of here. It is accessible from the other decks by elevators, ladders, and the standard turbolift.

Fusion Power Generators 1-4 - When the warp core isn't enough, these generators are used for power to life support, replicators, critical systems and the Tactical Information Center. These are usually running in backup mode, ready to kick in if needed.

Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters - This deck has quarters for enlisted crewmembers. The enlisted members of the crew usually bunk in twos and fours, depending on their rank and seniority. Exceptions to these include the Chief of the Boat (the most senior enlisted member on the ship) and the Captain's Yeoman to name a few.

Stellar Cartography - Even though the Shanghai is not a science ship, this small area is used extensively, as the Tactical Information Center needs every available scrap of information it can get on an area of space. This information is critical to the well-being of the ship and its fighters, and can give the Shanghai a leg up in battles.

Lower Forward Torpedo Bay Control - This area of the ship is mostly automated by the computer, but there is the occasional jammed torpedo. To make sure the ship doesn't self-destruct from a bad torpedo, this area gives access to the Torpedo Bays if needed.

Chief Science Officer's Office - The Chief Science Officer works from here, next to Stellar Cartography, as this is his/her area of specialty. The Chief Science Officer's Office is small, but doesn't lack function. It has a small sitting room, replicator, table, and a desk with a computer on it. There is also a wall bank of computers, which monitor experiments and warn of science problems in space.

Armoury - The main armoury of the ship, this area is staffed by two to three security personnel at all times, including a marine support team. This is one of the most secure areas on the ship, meriting 24 hour surveillance and monitoring. All secured weapons on the ship are here, if they aren't in a locker or another armoury. This area has the capability to hold thousands of different weapons, including ammunition, grenades, launchers, guns, phasers, rifles, cannons, and artillery. This area is managed by the Master-at-Arms.

Firing Range - Directly next to the armoury, the firing range is a place for training and certification of the crew and its marines in the weapons of war. This firing range houses 12 stalls and ammunition for replenishment. There is also two larger areas of empty space for more intensive training exercises. For example, when the certification requires moving targets, these areas are used.