Tour - Deck 15

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This deck houses Main Engineering with the Matter/Anti Matter Assembly Operations Center (M/ARA), Fusion Power Generators 4-6, Flight Operations Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters, Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, the Chief Tactical Officer's Office, and the Chief Engineer's Office and Station.

Additional Information

Location Deck 15
Description Main Engineering - Deep in the bowels of the ship, the engineering crew is kept busy day in and day out caring for the wellbeing of all parts of the Shanghai. This critical area is home to some of the brightest minds in the Federation and the galaxy. This area demands a lot for only a little reward, but is indispensable. The warp core is monitored from here, as well as ships systems. The Akira-class warp core forgoes the traditional vertical configuration and instead turns it sideways, leading to a challenge for the new crewmembers on the engineering team, as the Shangahi's warp field requires constant monitoring. In case of a catastrophic failure of the warp core, it is ejected backwards, leaving the ship through the stern instead of the keel. This place is usually the busiest on the ship overall.

Matter/Anti Matter Assembly Operations Center (M/ARA) - This operations center is responsible for the monitoring of the warp core. This station is one of the few on the ship that has a direct button for the ejection of the warp core, although the authentication process stays the same. Since the matter/anti matter reaction is so volatile, this console is staffed 24 hours a day. The Shanghai's warp core puts out a total of 4,000 teradynes per second.

Fusion Power Generators 4-6 - When the warp core isn't enough, these generators are used for power to life support, replicators, critical systems and the Tactical Information Center. These are usually running in backup mode, ready to kick in if needed.

Flight Operations Enlisted Personnel Living Quarters - This area of the ship is small, but bunks all of the pilots together in case of emergency or a scramble of shuttles. The Flight Operations Personnel pilot the ship, shuttles, and in rare cases, fighters.

Transporter Rooms 1-2 - The transporter is a means to move almost instantenousely from place to place by use of a complex and huge algorithm. The transporter disassembles and then reassembles the person or object at the destination. This highly complicated process forces an operations crewman to be in each room at all times, although every commissioned officer is cross-trained in the usage of transporters, and these junior enlisted members are frequently relieved in emergencies.

Chief Tactical Officer's Office - The Chief Tactical/Security Officer works out of this office, which is located next to the first and second transporter rooms. It has a replicator, a desk with computers, a wall bank of computers, and a small sitting room. All ship's systems can be monitored from here, and most, if not all information on the ship runs through here at some point or another. It is furnished to the CSTO's pleasing.

Chief Engineer's Office and Station - The CEO's office is directly off of the main engineering in case they need to jump in and help Engineering at all. It has a replicator, desk with computer and wall bank of computers. It monitors all ships' systems in case of failure or repair.