Tour - Deck 16

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This deck has Lower Engineering, Deflector Control, Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter, Environmental Control and the Secondary Computer Core.

Additional Information

Location Deck 16
Description Lower Engineering - Spread across three decks, this area just serves as a continuation of the Engineering area. Most consoles that control myriad aspects of the ship, from its warp field to the transporter buffers are here, on the ground floor. Access to the top floors are available through a ladder system, elevators, and the turbolift if necessary.

Deflector Control - Also called the navigational deflector, the deflector dish controls the Shanghai's shields and allows for the protection of the ship. It is located directly across from the lower deck of engineering in case it is necessary to modify it for any reason. This is the first line of defense for the ship, and is indispensable at warp speeds, as even the smallest piece of debris can cause catastrophic damage to the ship. Long range sensor arrays are placed immediately around the deflector, as it can distort readings sometimes.

Main Tractor Beam Control and Emitter - This versatile piece of equipment allows the Shanghai to push or tow many objects, including other ships. It runs through the entire deck, allowing for either the fore or stern of the ship to use it.

Environmental Control - The ships' environment and life support systems are directly controlled through this area of the ship. It is located directly next to the secondary computer core and merits a security guard at its entrance. This can control all the ship's environmental systems, although critical areas of the ship, namely the TIC and bridge can override this area at any time for any reason.

Secondary Computer Core - Sometimes, the main computer needs to be repaired, or goes offline. This core then snaps into its place and can perform all the functions of the main computer core. Normally, portions of this core are hardline isolated from the ship and deactivated to prevent damage to original versions of the hardware and software that runs the Shanghai. This area is also guarded at all times, normally with a joint security and marine taskforce.