Tour - Deck 17

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Deck 17 is home to the Tertiary Maintenance Support Center, Emergency Power Generators 7-9, Secondary Systems Support and the Brig.

Additional Information

Location Deck 17
Description Tertiary Maintenance Support Center - Used for backup in case the main Support Centers are offline, this has the capability to give support to Engineering, Flight Control, Shuttlebay, or Stellar Cartography. In extreme circumstances, it can be used to augment the TIC and the bridge in their operations. This area is normally not used daily.

Emergency Power Generators 7-9 - In case the warp core were to go offline, these generators are used as backup to the Fusion Power Generators. They can give power to any area of this ship in case it is needed, but puts out significantly less power than the Fusion Power Generators. If used, these are normally only capable of putting out life support to critical decks.

Secondary Systems Support - This is the main area of the ship that supports the non-critical areas of the ship such as the replicators and holodecks. It acts as an engineering area for these systems.

Brig - Occasionally the troublemaker needs some time in isolation. This area is the "jail" of the ship, although it is not intended to be a punishment chamber, as much as an isolation area. Violent people are kept in here behind a forcefield to prevent them hurting themselves or ship members. This is also used to keep prisoners that may heve been caught aiding enemies of the state. Two security personnel are on duty here at all times, and there is room for more in case it is necessary.