Tour - Deck 18

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The true bowels of the ship, deck 18 houses Secondary Environmental Control, Waste Reclamation, Deuterium Storage, Anti-matter Storage Pods and the Secondary Shield Generators.

Additional Information

Location Deck 18
Description Secondary Environmental Control - In case the Primary Environmental Control is damaged on deck 16, this area is usually deserted. The ships' environment and life support systems can be directly controlled through this area of the ship. It merits a security guard at its entrance, although this duty post is usually considered as punishment because it is so out of the way and deserted. This can control all the ship's environmental systems, although critical areas of the ship, namely the TIC and bridge can override this area at any time for any reason.

Waste Reclamation - The garbage compactor of the ship, this area recycles any material that can be recycled and sends it back for use. If it cannot be reused, it is ejected into space.

Deuterium Storage - In large tanks, this is the fuel that powers the warp core. The Shanghai carries enough Deuterium to give it 50 years of continuous warp power at warp 5. The only use of deuterium is not warp core fuel, it can power other generators and is useful in trade situations as well. This area is about the size of a small cargo bay.

Anti-matter Storage Pods - This is the opposite fuel that is used to power the ship. The matter/anti matter reaction is so violent that little is needed. These are stored in small pods instead of tanks. It is a separate room at the other end of the ship, keeping the deuterium and the anti matter separated.

Secondary Shield Generators - These secondary shields specifically cover the warp core in conflicts and at warp, but are configured to extend across the entire ship if for any reason the primary shield generators were to fail.