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Bridge, Captain's Ready Room, Observation Lounge

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Location Deck One
Description The USS Shanghai-A's bridge is state of the art, with a liquid hydrogen cooled viewscreen with a response time of >.000001 milliseconds, comprising the fore center of the bridge. It measures 16 feet by 9 feet. Directly in front of the viewscreen to the starboard side is operational command console number one. This command console is for the bridge duty officer assigned to ops. It has an enhanced LCARS display that feeds real time operational data about the ship and its systems to the operator. Directly to the port side of the front viewscreen is helm control. This command console is for the bridge duty officer assigned to helm control. It features an enhanced LCARS display that feeds real time navigation data to the operator, including ship speed information, such as slipstream information. The Captain's Chair is situated directly in the aft middle of the bridge. It has an arm console that is capable of performing all of the ship's functions, whatever they may be. Specifically keyed to the Captain of the vessel and whomever he or she directs, it is perhaps the most secure console on the ship. The chair of the USS Shanghai-A is specifically reinforced to hold the weight and form of its Commanding Officer. Directly to port of the Captain's chair is an advisor chair that is normally taken by the counselor, or whomever the Captain chooses as a mission advisor. The chair directly to the starboard side of the Captain's chair is reserved for the Executive Officer. It has a console on the arm chair that is capable of performing all ship functions if necessary. It is directly tied to Engineering, displaying vital ship details at all times, unless otherwise modified by the user. Ship details that are included in this console include shields, weapons, warp drive, slipstream, deflectors and shield statuses as well as field modulation and any pending security alerts.
Directly into the other arm of both the Captain's and Executive Officer's chair is built a weapons storage locker. Only capable of holding two type-2 phasers each, they are there for any need directed by the Commanding Officers.
Directly to the aft of the Captain's chair is a raised platform that contains stations for tactical, science, security, medical and engineering. The tactical station, directly behind the Captain's chair and in the fore of the aft part of the bridge feeds real time data about any tactical situation, hazards, shields, weapons and slipstream information. It is solely dedicated to the tactical portion of the ship, however can be configured to include security at the operator's discretion. This is traditionally the Chief of Security's station. A weapons locker is built into the bottom of this console, as only security and command are allowed weapons on the bridge, unless otherwise authorized by the commanding officer. It holds four type-3 (phaser rifles) phasers, a carbine, and a compressed phaser rifle. All weapons on the bridge require biometric locks to be released in order for removal from the compartment.
Directly to the right of the tactical station is the security station. It features an enhanced LCARS system that the operator uses to control and monitor the ship's security systems. It can be seamlessly integrated with the tactical station if so desired. The primary function of this station is control and containment of situations that might arise that threaten the internal safety of the ship.
To the starboard aft, against the wall is the Engineering console for the USS Shanghai-A. It is outfitted with all functions necessary to ensure the smooth operation of the ship. This console features an enhanced LCARS display that is integrated into its core functions. Below this wall panel is an Engineering toolkit and a Medkit in case of emergencies.
The port side of the tactical station houses a science console that is outfitted with an enhanced LCARS display. This enables the bridge officer on duty from science to log, categorize and explain any stellar phenomena that might occur near the USS Shanghai-A. It has a direct link to Engineering to monitor the slipstream velocities, as well as the astrophysics lab and astrometrics. This station is normally only staffed in the Alpha and Beta shifts to decrease the need for cleared and authorized personnel on the bridge.
Directly to the aft and port side of the science station is a station integrated with the medical records of the ship, easily accessible by the bridge duty officers to enable emergency functions that keep the crew safe from biological, chemical, radiological, and other hazards. It has a tertiary computer buffer installed that keeps medical records and Career Service Vitae's (CSVs) on file in case the main computer goes offline.
There are four turbolifts that access the bridge, one each in the fore and aft port and starboard sections. The fore starboard turbolift is an emergency turbolift. It is covered in detail later. Off of the bridge to the aft starboard is an observation room where briefings are held for the senior staff. It is also used to welcome dignitaries and conduct official ship meetings. It has two full wall panels of LCARS displays, which includes view screens in case of briefings that need to be conducted. The vista out of the starboard side of the ship shows a clear, unobstructed view of space. It has a replicator for staff meetings and contains a conference table and chairs for the staff and their guests.
The Captain's Ready Room is to the fore port side of the ship, connected to the bridge. It is decorated and furnished to the Commanding Officer's tastes and preferences. In essence, it is a private study and office combination where diplomatic and administrative matters are taken care of. It contains a desk with a personal computer for the Commanding Officer. The desk faces the door, which has two chairs in front of it for the Commanding Officer's guests. The single paned wall window offers an unobstructed view of the port side of the ship, and it stretches the entire ready room across.
Directly on the opposite side of the bridge from the Ready Room is the emergency turbo lift mentioned previously. It connects to lifeboats for the entire bridge crew, in case an evacuation from the ship is deemed necessary.