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Captain's Quarters, Executive Officer's Quarters, Executive Officer's Office, Senior Staff Quarters, Torpedo Cannons Alpha, Beta

Additional Information

Location Deck Two
Description Deck two of the USS Shanghai-A has numerous administrative and executive functions. This deck houses the quarters for the Commanding and Executive Officers of the ship. Each room is almost identical to each other. It has a living room, along with a den and work area that houses a desk in the room off to the starboard side. Off to the port side contains living quarters, with a fully functional sonic shower, bathtub, king size bed, and a view out the starboard side of the ship. The CO and XO normally receive guests in their quarters, as well as having some of the largest quarters on the ship, as benefits their station.
The Executive Officer's Office is on this deck. Like the Captain's Ready Room, it has a desk, chairs and is furnished and decorated according to their tastes. It is a little bit smaller than the Captain's Ready Room, but still serves the same important purposes.
A few quarters for senior officers are on this deck as well, namely the Chief of Security and Tactical, with the Chief Flight Control Officer and Chief Operations Officer. The design is similar to the CO and Executive Officer's quarters, however, their desk is in the main room, although they have a separate sleeping area and washroom as well. they are furnished to the officer's tastes as well.
The Mark XII cannons are on this deck as well, their power sources drawn from a lower deck.