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Senior Officer's Quarters, VIP Quarters, Diplomatic Suites, Officer's Mess, Chief Diplomatic Officer's Office

Additional Information

Location Deck Three
Description This deck is critical to the diplomatic functions that take place on the USS Shanghai-A. It houses diplomatic and VIP suites, three of each, along with rooms for attendants. They are slightly larger than the CO and XO's quarters. Each come with standard furnishings designed to increase the aesthetic appearance of the rooms without offending any species.
The Chief Diplomatic Officer's office is on this deck, an integral part of the diplomatic suite that is on the USS Shanghai-A . The Chief Diplomatic Officer is next to the diplomatic suites, in order to cater to visiting dignitaries.
This deck also has multiple senior officer's quarters, each with a desk in a lounge area, a private bedroom and washroom with sonic shower. They are, of course furnished to the occupant's particular tastes.
Deck Three also has the Officer's Mess, a private dining room furnished rather eloquently for the Officers of the ship. It is used by choice, as officers can go one deck below to the regular mess hall if they wish it. It is often used for state dinners and has a kitchen, as well as replicators.