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Mess Hall, Officer's Quarters, Transporter Rooms 1 and 2, Security Station 1 Alpha, Lounge, Chief Counselor's Office, Counseling Offices

Additional Information

Location Deck Four
Description Deck Four houses the main mess hall, where everyone is welcome to eat and socialize. Normally, it is busiest at shift changes, although there is normally a decent crowd during regular hours. It has a full service kitchen that employs a bartender, waiters and waitresses, and cooks. It also has food replicators, if the daily cooking isn't to your liking. The Mess Hall is quite large and overlooks the fore part of the ship. It is used for formal receptions, as well as birthday parties and other events on the ship. It is a place where Commanders can talk to Petty Officers in an informal setting.
This deck has numerous officer quarters, which have a standard living area and a small bed and washroom for their use. They are single occupant quarters, with a select few quarters for those married on the ship and serving together.
The transporter rooms are used to transport goods and people to and from other ships, planets and areas of interest. It is staffed by an operations officer at all times, and is used extensively for guests as well as officers.
Security Station 1 Alpha is on this deck, a small room that is staffed by two armed security officers at all times. It is located as centrally as possible to deploy the security officers at a moment's notice. It has weapons lockers and is secured to command staff and security officers, as permitted.
The Chief Counselor's Office is on this deck, where he or she spends time with the crew in his or her office, or another counseling room. Designed for the comfort of the crew and passengers of the USS Shanghai-A , it has the latest facilities designed for the comfort and treatment of patients and their mental health.