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Security Offices, Intelligence Offices, Brig, Armoury 1 Alpha, Chief Intelligence Officer's Office, Chief of Security and Tactical Officer's Office

Additional Information

Location Deck Five
Description Deck Five can be called the security hub of the ship. It has all of the security offices on the deck, along with the Armoury and Brig. This armoury is stocked with weapons both energy based and ballistic based, manned around the clock by armed guards. It has the Master-At-Arms's office directly integrated into the armoury. He or she is responsible for all the weapons on the ship, and often works on the upgrading and fixing of weapons as needed.
The Brig houses anyone who needs to be incarcerated for any length of time, staffed by security officers who are armed and control the forcefields. Indeed, it is the jail of the ship, and is on this deck to be better guarded by the security staff in case of a breach.
The Chief Security and Tactical's Officer's Office is attached to the Security Offices and provides a workstation for the Chief of Security and Tactical in any capacity they are needed on the ship.
The Chief Intelligence Officer's Office is also located on this deck, with all of the necessary encryptions they might need to keep their intelligence secure. This office is attached to the Intelligence Offices, a restricted space for the information specialists on board the USS Shanghai-A.