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Science Labs 1, 2, 3, Aeroponics Bay, Stellar Cartography, Astrometrics, Sensor Array Alpha, Chief Science Officer's Office, Chief Science Officer's Quarters, Environmental Support Systems, Security Station 1 Beta

Additional Information

Location Deck Six
Description Deck Six has the Science Labs on it, where any science experiment that needs to be completed can be completed, under the watchful eye of the Chief Science Officer and his or her team. Experiments can range from warp field generation to microbe study. They are outfitted with the latest in science and technology.
This deck has the Aeroponics Bay, where food is grown on the ship, to supplement the replicators. Often, the cook will take fresh food from here when preparing a special dinner or for added flavor.
Stellar Cartography is designed in a style to allow for the viewing of stars, stellar phenomena and sensor readings that correspond with the space around the ship. It is essentially, a huge map room that is staffed by the science department.
Astrometrics is an enhanced version of the Stellar Cartography department, boasting an enhanced 3D viewscreen along with multiple stations for various scientific purposes. The USS Shanghai-A 's enhanced sensor systems feed into this room, providing real time imagery of anything that they wish to examine. They often work closely with Stellar Cartography.
The Chief Science Officer's Office and Quarters are also on this deck, so that he or she can be in the vicinity of the experiments, which can be volatile sometimes. It is a standard senior staff office, as well as his or her office.
This deck also has the Alpha Sensor Array in it, a must-have for the USS Shanghai-A. The sensors are the same that are on the Luna class, boasting an enhanced range, upgraded sensors, tactical array suite, targeting scanners, and much more. The array itself is fixed as a series of concentric arrow shaped arrays at the extreme fore part of the ship.
Environmental Support Systems are on this deck, as they are manned by the science department, with a security guard. This area is responsible for the environment aboard the ship, and as such is a sensitive area. Only those people on the command staff and science departments have access to it.
This deck also houses a security station on the deck that is consistently manned with two security officers to keep the ship safe and secure.