Tour - (Old Tour) Deck Seven

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Medical Wing, Chief Medical Officer's Office, Chief Medical Officer's Quarters, Surgery Suites 1, 2, 3, Holodecks 1 and 2, Sensor Array Beta

Additional Information

Location Deck Seven
Description The Chief Medical Officer's Office and Quarters are on this deck, integrated with the sickbay and medical wing of the USS Shanghai-A. It contains state of the art technology to help the sick and injured recover from whatever ails them. The ship also is equipped with three surgery suites that are used to tend those that are the most seriously injured.
This deck also contains two holodecks for recreation and fitness on the ship. Mainly used when the crew has down time, it can be configured with thousands of programs and settings for even the most unique of tastes. They can also be used for training and other purposes as needed.
The Beta Sensor Array is on this deck, a supplement to the Alpha Sensor Array a deck above it. It has the exact same capabilities and functions of the Alpha Array.